Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool and Comfy While Sleeping

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep – it is vital for our overall health and well-being. But on those hot and sticky summer nights whether at home or on holiday, staying cool and comfortable in bed can be a real challenge. The heat tends to disrupt our sleep, leaving us restless at night and drained the following day. It is important to learn some effective strategies for beating the heat and staying cool while you sleep.

1. Choose the Right Bedding Materials

One place to start is by selecting the right bedding materials to keep you cool on hot summer nights. Natural materials are best at this, especially ones which are breathable and help to wick away moisture: bamboo and linen, for example. These fabrics both allow air to circulate, which helps to prevent heat from getting trapped and raising your body temperature.

You’ll be able to regulate better, meaning your sleep will be less disrupted. Avoid synthetic materials, as they can trap heat and cause general discomfort. Your summer bedding should be lightweight and comfortable, a far cry from the thick and fleecy materials you might choose in the winter.

2. Invest in Cooling Sleep Accessories

There are several cooling sleep accessories available that can help you stay cool throughout the night. Consider investing in a cooling mattress topper or a gel-infused memory foam pillow, which provide additional airflow and heat dissipation.

Specific cooling pillows and pillowcases made from innovative materials like bamboo or special moisture-wicking fabrics can also offer relief by absorbing excess heat. Your head tends to retain the most heat, so focusing on your pillow can be really helpful at cooling you down.

3. Dress Light and Breathable

What you wear to bed can significantly impact your comfort level. Opt for lightweight and breathable sleepwear made from natural fabrics. Loose-fitting linen pyjamas are a great option – anything tight will only cause you to feel hotter. Opt for shorts and vests to help promote better airflow around your body, keeping you cool and preventing excessive sweating.

4. Take Cool Showers Before Bed

Taking a cool shower or bath before bedtime can aid in lowering your body temperature. The water temperature should be cooler than the general temperature of your home – but not so cold as to shock your body. This can also serve as part of a relaxing bedtime routine, getting you straight into sleep mode: taking time out for you before bed is really important.

5. Hydration and Cooling Foods

One of the key parts of thriving during hot weather spells is staying hydrated – this means plenty of water and juice. Try to avoid caffeine when it’s too hot to sleep, as this will keep you awake and won’t help bring your body temperature down. Opt for cooling foods in the lead up to bedtime: ice cream, watermelon, cucumber, mint and avocado are some great examples of snacks you can have at night. They all naturally lower your temperature, helping you sleep when it’s hot. Avoid heavy meals, as again this leads to discomfort.

6. Create a Relaxing Bedtime Routine

A relaxing bedtime routine is key year round, especially on hot nights when you’re struggling to drift off. Have a go at yoga, meditation or deep breathing before bed to relax you and get you in the mood for a good night’s sleep.

You can also try a sleep mask, which will block out summer’s excess light and promote a restful sleep. Stop scrolling so much in bed; we’re all guilty of it, but the heat and light from electronic devices will only cause you to struggle even more.

7. Embrace Smart Bedding Solutions

There is an abundance of smart technology for temperature control both in the bedroom and around the home; look for mattresses and pillows that use cooling technologies such as gel and air. Bamboo pillows often make use of this cooling tech, making them a great choice if you’re a hot sleeper.

You can invest in a fan or air conditioning system which can be easily controlled using smart devices – these devices can also help to track your sleep, which is often helpful for optimising your own personal sleep pattern. 

8. Beating the Heat

Lightweight bedding and sleepwear, alongside hydration and a relaxing bedtime routine, are the key ways you can beat the heat on long summer nights. Try different cooling methods and find one which works for you – this is the best way to ensure every night’s sleep is a good one! Sleep is so important for leading a healthy and happy life, so don’t let the weather interfere with that.

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