Commercial HVAC vs Residential HVAC | Understanding the Difference

Summer has arrived. Experts predict that this year is going to be one of the hottest in generations. The reason the temperature is expected to soar is because of global warming. Around the world countries that are normally temperate like those that comprise the United Kingdom are experiencing unprecedented heatwaves. The United States is experiencing extremely hot weather, too.

If you are worried about the heat and think that you need an HVAC unit, you need to choose between a commercial and residential one. This post will help you to do that:

Nature of Property

Obviously, the first thing you need to think about when it comes to choosing between a commercial and residential HVAC unit is the type of building or property that you own. The experts from Orzech Heating and Cooling explain on their website that commercial and residential unit are both highly effective. However, commercial units are better for much larger, commercial buildings. Residential ones tend to be smaller and are therefore more suited to domestic properties. Of course, if you live in a very large house then a commercial unit might come in handy. However, your house would have to be very big in order to justify owning a commercial unit. In truth, the best way to decide is to get in touch with a professional aircon installation company and ask them to explain the different types to you so that you can then make an educated decision relative to your choice of unit.

Larger Units

As noted in the previous section, the main difference between commercial and residential units is that the former tends to be much larger, and rightly so, as commercial buildings tend to be spread out over several floors and comprise hundreds of different rooms. Very large units are needed for these kinds of buildings so that the inhabitants be they office workers or clients stay cool. With temperatures rising, it is essential to protect the people you are responsible for looking after. Failing to keep those who work in your office cool could lead to them developing heat stroke or a similar condition to it. Heat stroke can be very bad for people’s health and can actually cause them to have to go to hospital. If your negligence and refusal to install an aircon unit caused their heat stroke, you could be sued.

Cost Differences

Residential and commercial units differ massively in cost with the former being significantly less expensive than the latter. The size of the units involved obviously plays a very large role in this. Commercial units are more expensive because they are bigger and more time-consuming to install. To install commercial units companies usually have to spend weeks working away. This is because they have to build ducts into the walls and ceiling cavities and feed these ducts into multiple different rooms. Huge ventilation systems also have to be attached to ensure that the used air can escape from the building.

The differences between commercial and residential HVAC units are negligible other than size. Both serve the same function. Think carefully about what you need for your building so you don’t overspend (or underspend).

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