Solving Indesit Washing Machine Problems (Easy Solutions)

If you are a proud owner of an Indesit washing machine, you know how convenient and reliable these machines can be. However, like any other appliance, Indesit washing machines can also face their fair share of problems. From leaks and loud noises to malfunctions in the control panel, Indesit washing machine problems can be frustrating to deal with.

Despite these challenges, Indesit washing machines have remained among the most popular washer brands over the past few decades and a favourite of many households worldwide.

In this article, you’ll find solutions to help get your machine working properly again.

Common Indesit washing machine problems

Common problems reported with Indesit washing machines include the Indesit washer won’t spin, Indesit washing machine is noisy, Indesit washer leaking problems, The drum won’t turn, Indesit washer is moving, Indesit washing machine door stuck, Indesit washer smells, Indesit washer isn’t filling with water, Indesit washing machine stops during a cycle, and Detergent or conditioner remains in the tray.

All these are common signs that something is up with your machine. It could be a fault within the machine itself or due to user error.

Indesit washer won’t spin

Indesit Washing Machine Problems: Indesit washer won't spin

When an Indesit washing machine doesn’t spin, it can be due to different causes. These can include problems with the balance sensors and motor malfunctions. Something as simple as a too-large load forces the washer out of sync. 

Whatever the cause might be, it’s essential to take some time to identify and address the issue before doing any repairs.

  • First, it’s important to check for any potential blockages or issues within the machine. The Indesit models have an integrated filter on their back door panels. It catches lint and other debris from the laundry before it goes into the drum. If this filter is clogged up, it could cause spinning problems. So, clean this regularly and ensure no lint or dirt build-up could be causing a problem.
  • Motor problems can also lead to spinning issues with your Indesit washer. There may be something wrong if you hear a rattling or grinding noise when trying to spin. Either worn bearings or malfunction in higher-capacity models need professional repair.
  • Sometimes simply having too much laundry in your machine can also create problems. Check the laundry load size against what is recommended for your model. Adjust the load if necessary.

Indesit washing machine is noisy

The most common source of noise with an Indesit washer is failed bearings. It can cause a loud grinding sound. A more severe issue could be something stuck in the drum. So, turn the machine off and check for clothes and other items (buttons or coins).

Another potential cause is a blocked filter or defective drain pump. Both can produce strange noises if not serviced properly. To ensure optimal performance, check on filters and pumps as often recommended by the manufacturer.

An incorrect installation process which results in uneven positioning of a machine, can also cause some noise.

Indesit washer leaking problems

Indesit washer leaking problems

If you find that your Indesit washing machine is leaking, there can be many possible causes: 

  • The most common cause of water leakage is a faulty water supply hose. Ensure the hoses are connected to the inlet valve and check to see if they are in good condition. If any hoses have cracked, it’s best to replace them.
  • Another possibility that could lead to a leaky washer is faulty drum seals or gaskets. Over time, these seals can crack or wear out, causing water to leak into your machine’s interior components.
  • You’ll need to call for a professional if this is the case. Replacing drum seals requires specialized tools and experience.
  • A broken water pump or faulty water level sensor can cause a leaking washer. These parts regulate the amount of water coming in from your tap. The machine will experience overflowing spillage during cycles if the parts do not work.
  • An unleveled unit may sag on one side. It will allow wash water and foam spillage and lead to possible flooding over time. You can try adjusting the feet of your machine with a leveller device. 
  • Loose clamps can also be prone to leaking. The wash water may seep through small gaps formed over time at such loose clamp points. Fastening any hose securely will help protect against leaking problems over time.

The drum won’t turn

If the drum refuses to turn, it indicates some issues, including a faulty motor, worn brushes, or a problem with the belt that connects the motor and drum. It’s important not to ignore this issue, as it could lead to further hardware damage down the line.

First, check to see if enough power is getting to your machine. Make sure that all cables are connected. Check also if any associated fuses have blown. If everything looks in order, you will need to open up the back panel of your washing machine. 

You may be able to spot signs of damage on significant components like the drive belt or motor itself. It would signify that a replacement part needs to be ordered and installed.

Indesit washer is moving

If your Indesit washer moves during its cycle, it could be due to failing shock absorbers. It will not contain the vibrations caused by the drum spinning. The machine will vibrate and move around while in use. 

Shock absorbers are integral to keeping your Indesit washer still during its cycle. So, if you notice any signs of your washer movement, you should replace the shocks immediately.

Ensure that your floor beneath the washer is level before replacing worn-out shocks. If the floor is not level, then this could be causing unnecessary vibrations.

Do not forget to check that all screws are securely fastened on the sides of the washing machine. Ensure no bolts have loosened over time due to vibrations.

Indesit washing machine door stuck

If you’re facing Indesit washing machine problems, such as a stuck door, the most common cause could be that the door lock won’t release. It occurs when the locking mechanism becomes faulty, preventing it from releasing. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to solve this issue.

Make sure to disconnect the power supply to your washing machine. Empty it of any remaining water for a safe repair. Check for apparent obstructions within the lock mechanism, such as coins or cloth. If this does not help, you may need to remove the access panel and check inside for more complex issues such as:

  • Dirt or debris jamming up gears
  • Wiring or other parts cause them not to work correctly.

If necessary, consult an engineer and get them to replace broken parts.

Indesit washer smells

Do you experience an unpleasant odor when using your Indesit washer? This can be due to a build-up of bacteria and hygienic issues. It results from not thoroughly cleaning and drying the machine after use.

Washing machines can become damp, causing mildew to breed and form bacteria. So, ensuring that your washing machine is kept clean and free of dirt or stains is crucial.

To help clear any smells that have already built up, set the temperature of your wash to at least 90 degrees. Wash a lightly soiled load without any clothing items inside with liquid detergent.

A blockage in the water intake pipe could also contribute to an unclean smell in your machine. Make sure there is no debris build-up blocking water from entering the fabric softener dispenser or drum.

Indesit washer isn’t filling with water

If you’re experiencing Indesit washing machine problems, like your washer not filling with water, one of the potential culprits could be a clogged or defective water inlet valve. This valve is located inside the machine and controls the flow of water into and out of the machine.

If there’s a blockage in the valve or an issue with its seal, it won’t be able to take in any water, and you will need to replace it.

You may also need to check your city’s water pressure. The washer can’t work if it is too low (below 20-21 PSI). It can be a common issue if you live in an older building complex. 

The same applies if you have recently changed your sink faucets. They should have a minimum water pressure of 32 PSI for best results.

Next, check all hoses connected to the washer and make sure they are free from kinks and blockages. They must be tightened at both ends. 

Pay attention also to any sensor alerts on the washer’s control panel. They may tell you something specific about which issue needs fixing immediately.

Indesit washing machine stops during a cycle

When a washing machine stops during a cycle, it can be unpleasant. 

In many cases, it is caused by some malfunction. It could be faulty carbon brushes, thermostats, or even overheating mechanisms. Additionally, drainage problems and door switch failures may also be at fault.

You’ll need to perform basic troubleshooting to determine why it stops. To begin with, check the water inlet for any obstructions or blockages.

Next, inspect the heater and thermostats for any signs of damage or wear and tear. Additionally, test if the load distribution is uneven. It could prevent the proper circulation of water within the barrel.

Detergent or conditioner remains in the tray

The common cause of powder remaining in the tray is using too much detergent. Overloading can lead to a poor lather and cause small pieces of soap to become stuck in the drawer. Make sure to measure out only enough for each load.

Weak water pressure can also affect the performance of your washing machine. It leads to too much soap being dispensed and staying in the tray. Check if there is adequate water pressure available from your taps. Or, try running other appliances on hot water until adequate levels are reached.

Improper behavior of detergent powder may also be the problem. It is responsible for undissolved particles appearing after a wash cycle. 

Additionally, some types of laundry powders require higher temperatures to dissolve properly. If this is applicable, make sure to test an appropriate temperature setting.

Understanding Error Codes and Light Flashing

If you’re encountering Indesit washing machine problems, it’s important to know that error codes can be a useful guide, but they can also be misleading. The codes can help you identify the source of the problem within the machine.

Your Indesit washing machine may display error codes in one of two ways – a letter followed by two numbers on a digital display or a series of flashing lights.

Check out this video guide for troubleshooting your Indesit washing machine’s error codes.

Frequently asked questions

How to Reset my Indesit Washing Machine?

When troubleshooting an Indesit washing machine, sometimes the machine needs to reset. Here are the steps you need to take to reset an Indesit washing machine.
1. Unplug the washing machine and set it aside.
2. Use the ON/OFF button to start up your washer.
3. Set the timer control on the washer to “0.”
4. Reconnect the appliance.
5. Turn on the machine’s power supply.
6. Now, the lights on the screen would flash.
7. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the washer off.
8. Choose the right program.
9. Use the ON/OFF button to turn the machine back on.

Why are my wash results poor? 

Make sure you choose the right program and add the amount of detergent to get the best wash.
Be careful not to put too much in your Indesit washing machine. If you do, the machine won’t be able to dissolve the detergent as well, and the clothes won’t come out clean.
Try rewashing the clothes on the right setting, using enough detergent.
Ensure that heavily soiled items aren’t being washed with the quick wash option. You may also find that items with a lot of dirt need a pre-wash cycle before the main wash to get the best results.

Why is my Indesit washing machine taking too long?

Modern washing machines are made to use less water. It means the machine cleans the clothes better, leading to longer wash cycles.
It’s also possible that the machine’s load detection system has found an unbalanced load. If this happens, the machine will try to fix the problem by redistributing the load during the wash cycle.


A variety of different things can cause Indesit washing machines problems. It is important to assess the problem before concluding the cause. Many issues can be quickly and easily fixed.

However, if all other solutions do not work, calling a professional to help may be necessary.

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