15 Worst Washing Machine Brands to Avoid That Pick From Users Review

Technological sophistication is indeed very helpful for humans to complete various household matters, including laundry. However, these washing machine brands to avoid may mess up your day.

These worst washing machines will experience various problems during use, such as the machine does not clean well, the washer dryer combo does not run smoothly, and all other issues.

Therefore, before buying, you must have enough information. Make sure you only choose the most reliable washing machine brand to take home.

Remember to ensure that the laundry appliance is working.

However, knowledge about the best product alone is not enough to be a provision before buying. You also have to know the list of brands to avoid.

So, are you looking for washing machines? Never trust the sales! Read this review till the end to avoid regretting anything after buying.

1. Whirlpool Top Load WTW5000DW

top  brand washing machines to avoid

Whirlpool is one of the most reliable top load washing machine choices, even classified as premium. Most of the products are of good quality, like their other equipment, including the laundry appliance.

However, this Top Load WTW5000DW model seems different. Many consumer complaints appear, thus making the rating plummeted.

One problem is loud noise while doing the washing process. In addition, the water filling in the machine is also less than optimal.

Also, the performance of the cleaning machine is something that makes consumers feel at a loss. They claimed that the clothes they washed were not clean, and the soap stains were still there.

It did not stop there; Consumers felt something wrong with the machine’s performance because the clothes wrinkled more easily.

Thus, users have to work hard to tidy up their clothes after washing.

2. Whirlpool Model WTW8700EC

 front load washer and dryer washing machine brand to avoid

As a brand with premium products, Whirlpool already has a good reputation in the home appliance world. Unfortunately, one of their products, the Model WTW8700EC, actually ruined everything.

Many consumers complain of problems during use. One of their mainstay features, remote control, and WiFi-connected applications, often do not work.

Even though it is sophisticated, this smart washing machine often loses connection so that it becomes dysfunctional.

It prevents the user from completing the laundry.

This machine makes a snoring sound during washing. Plus, the time to wash is very long, but the results are less clean even though you have used enough laundry detergent.

Whirlpool Model WTW8700EC also leaves stains on clothes and makes them crease easily due to poor water filling capacity.

Users admit that the Whirlpool Model WTW8700EC design is indeed beautiful, but it is not with efficiency and performance.

3. Danby Model DWM045WDB

washing machine least reliable washer and dryer brand to avoid

Choosing the Danby brand is not a bad thing because of its good brand reputation. But the problem is if you buy the DWM045WDB Model.

According to user reviews, the Danby Model DWM045WDB is a trap. They suggest not to buy this product as it will just be a waste of money.

Its design looks attractive but not worth the quality. The body of this washing machine is too weak for a large load.

If forced, then this tool will lose efficiency and be easily damaged. It will slow down the washing process.

Instead of finishing it soon, the user must do it repeatedly with a small number of clothes. Consumers also say that this machine is too rough, sometimes even water comes out of the container.

It makes the floor wet and adds to the work. In addition, there is no see-through glass for us to see what is going on inside the washing machine.

Overall, consumers place the Danby Model DWM045WDB on the list of washing machine brands to avoid.

4. Deco Model DC 4400 CV

what is the least washer and dryer washing machine brand to avoid

The DC4400CV Deco washing machine has an overall cool appearance. However, this product gets a lot of complaints from its users.

First, the washing process suddenly stops working in the middle.

In addition, sometimes the screen on the washing machine suddenly turns off. Even when lit it shows some symbols that are difficult to understand.

Another problem is related to response to commands. There is no ‘bip’ sound after you press the button that you do not know if it has been pressed.

Of the many shortcomings, people list Deco Model DC4400CV as one of the washing machine brands to avoid.

If you have already bought it, then be careful using it and do not expect much.

5. Summit Model SPWD2201SS

front load washer and dryer washing machine brand to avoid

This brand has a reputation as a producer of washing machines that are energy efficient and durable. Unfortunately, it does not apply to the Summit model SPWD2201SS.

Consumers judge that this Summit model washing machine is not functioning properly. This product is on the list of brands to avoid.

Many complaints arise from users of this product. According to them, the way the Summit Model SPWD2201SS works is not worth the price they paid to buy it.

For the usual washing process, this machine takes a long time. Sometimes even the dryer unit does not work as expected.

Besides, some users complain that this machine leaves stains on clothes. They consider this washer and dryer to be the worst on the market.

6. Electrolux Model- EFLW317TIW

This brand is indeed a trend among lovers of household appliances. Electrolux model EFLW317TIW is a laundry appliance product with a medium washing capacity.

The design that looks a little big at first glance makes many people believe in its quality. However, the performance is not good.

Consumers have to pay a costly price, which is almost 500 dollars. It is not worth the given result which is less than expected.

Therefore, most people assume that buying Electrolux Model EFLW317TIW is just a waste of money. On Amazon.com, 21% of all user reviews of this washing machine give one star.

A review is the disappointments about product performance and customer service that does not meet the standards.

Thus, Electrolux Model EFLW317TIW is on the list of washing machine brands to avoid.

7. LG WT7200CW 5.0 Cu. | Washing Machine Brand to Avoid


There are many reasons why the LG WT7200CW 5.0 Cu. Becomes on the list of brands to avoid. This appliance has been in an extreme and horrendous case.

A user records a video while using the LG WT7200CW 5.0 Cu.

This machine vibrates violently to the point of jumping. In the video, the washing machine was spinning in a semicircle.

Because of the shock, the recorder could not unplug the cable. It has raised concerns from the public regarding its safety, performance, and quality.

This case even made the users suggest withdrawing this product from circulation. LG WT7200CW 5.0 Cu itself is a product that undergoes a manufacturing process in China.

Reviewers on the Amazon.com page have called this product a joke because of its woefully inadequate quality.

Moreover, while complaining to customer service, reviewers claim that customer service never fixes the problem.

8. Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400

The Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400 washing machine has a very disappointing quality for its users. It is due to washing capacity.

This washing machine cannot fit a single laundry basket because it is only half the size of a standard laundry appliance.

Its washing ability also received a poor rating. Compared to other products, the Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400 leaves 20% more stains.

In addition, the drying unit still leaves 31% moisture. Thus, consumers perceive the performance of this product is not a solution to their laundry problems.

Washing towels is also another problem. Instead of being clean and slick, it will roll into a dry ball outside but still wet inside.

Washing clothes with this washing machine takes quite a long time, which is a total of three hours. This product is not suitable for users who have a solid activity.

The smell of burning plastic during the drying process adds to the negative list of the Equator Super Combo Washer-Dryer EZ 4400 and makes it part of the list of washing machine brands to avoid.

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9. Indesit Moon SIXL146 | Washing Machine Brand to Avoid

The next washing machine in the list of washing machine brands to avoid is the Indesit Moon SIXL146. This product gets a lot of complaints because it does not have a glass door on the front to see clothes.

For some consumers, glass doors are prominent to ensure that the washing process goes well. Its absence will make it difficult for users to overcome if there is a problem.

Consumers’ disappointment with this washing machine also lies in the design, which is considered less creative.

Customers looking for aesthetics will not find it in this product.

The Indesit Moon SIXL146 washing machine often has problems, such as laundry detergent accumulates on the door seal or problems in water distribution.

Many consumers consider this washing machine like an old-fashioned washing machine.

There are several supporting features, but consumers do not think it has a significant impact on helping the laundry process.

Some reviews say it is better to think before deciding to buy an Indesit Moon SIXL146 washing machine.

10. The Costway 15-inch 1.4 CFT Smart Portable Top Load Washing Machine (120 volts)

washing machine brands to avoid uk

Despite having a smart washing machine label, this laundry appliance has drawbacks. It lacks some important features.

The Costway 15-inch 1.4 CFT received complaints from consumers because it did not have a feature to turn off the engine automatically.

Therefore, the user must continue to take care of it to immediately turn off the machine after the washing process is complete.

It is certainly not practical for consumers who have busy schedules.

However, this portable washing machine has several advantages. The size is small enough at 15 inches, making it easy for consumers to move it anywhere.

It certainly makes it easier for users to put it at home.

The Costway 15-inch 1.4 CFT Smart Portable Top Load Washing Machine (120 volts) is ideal for homes that do not have a lot of space.

The concept is indeed suitable for modern residences that emphasize space efficiency. In addition, consumers assess this washing machine is not wasteful of electricity.

11. The Costway 14-inch 1.6 CFT Portable Top Load Washing Machine Mini Compact Washer Dryer

Like The Costway series that we discussed earlier, this washing machine is also on the list of washing machine brands to avoid because of its incomplete features.

There is no automatic shut-off feature in this product. Therefore, this machine is not suitable for busy people. You cannot leave it before the laundry process is complete.

But the advantage, This Portable Top Load Washing Machine Mini Compact Washer Dryer has a size that is not too big that it is easy to move.

This washing machine is very suitable for households that have a minimalist home because it is space-efficient.

The results of the laundry are also quite satisfying, considering that this washing machine is quite affordable. Thus, it is economically perfect for young people.

12. Speed Queen AWNA62SN305AW01

The Speed​​Queen AWNA62SN305AW01 reaches a very low rating in laboratory tests regarding the cleanliness of clothes after washing.

Many consumers complain because the selling price is high but not comparable to the resulting performance.

Among other Speed Queen washing machines, this model has a bad reputation for removing the dirt from the washed clothes.

Some reviews from consumers also say that this product is not durable because it often breaks down shortly after purchase.

They suggest avoiding buying this model of a washing machine rather than being disappointed later on. Consumers say that the performance is far below expectation.

Some reviews say it is better to save your money for something useful than buying a Speed​​Queen AWNA62SN305AW01 washing machine.

But despite the bad reviews, the products of Speed ​​Queen generally have good durability. Despite its poor spin cycle performance, it will take years to finally damage.

13. Maytag MVWB750YW | Washing Machine Brand to Avoid


If consumers usually complain about wastewater washing machines, this does not apply to the Maytag MVWB750YW washing machine.

On the other hand, this appliance requires too little water,

Otherwise, it does not give good results. Due to lack of water, the results of washing clothes on the Maytag MVWB750YW are very unsatisfactory.

Worse, this washing machine gets a lot of negative reviews because it often damages clothes. They were disappointed by Maytag MVWB750YW’s harsh treatment of their clothes.

Therefore, some consumers warn against washing delicate clothes with the Maytag MVWB750YW washing machine.

More than washing machine brands to avoid, they call the Maytag MVWB750YW the worst laundry appliance they have ever used.

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14. Samsung Top Loaders | Washing Machine Brand to Avoid

It is one of the top load washing machine brands to avoid. Although the company has a good reputation in the electronics world, this product has received many bad reviews from consumers.

Consumers rate this product as less than optimal in terms of cleaning clothes stains. In addition, the Samsung Top Loaders washing machine is also very water-intensive.

Consumer Reports state that this washing machine consumes about 199 liters of water in one wash. Not to mention, users also face problems with dryers that are often damaged.

It is so bad that consumers say it is better to go to the laundry in heavy rain than using this washing machine. Some say the Samsung Top Loaders are the worst washing machines ever.

However, you do not need to rush to judge that this product is useless. In terms of sound, some tests reveal that this product becomes the best washing machine brand.

Samsung is among the top five quietest washing machine products without the noise that generally appears in other laundry appliances.

Well, at least this can be a consideration.

15. Samsung Front Loaders | Washing Machine Brand to Avoid

The Samsung Front Loaders WF42H5000AW is a made-in-China washing machine made in China that has received many negative reviews.

Hence, the number of problems that arise makes the rating low.

The thing that makes it on the list of washing machine brands to avoid is heavy shaking. Users feel disturbed and frightened by their movements during the washing process.

Although not too noisy, the Samsung Front Loaders WF42H5000AW vibrated as if it was about to explode when washing.

Hence, they think that this will affect the period of use.

In fact, on Amazon’s site, this front load washer gets 1 star because many consumers complain that the machine breaks down after only one year of use.

Worse, Samsung does not or even refuses warranty claims for their products. It makes consumers feel disadvantaged and very disappointed.

Based on the data, the Samsung Front Loaders WF42H5000AW washing machine received 71% negative reviews on the Amazon site.

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We have reviewed 15 washing machine brands to avoid. Therefore, try to choose products that are trusted and have good quality.

Instead of what we discussed above, some recommended brands that you can choose from are Frigidaire, Panda, and GE washing machine.

Brands like LG and Electrolux also have some trusted products. It is just that the series we discussed above do have standards that are not following modern society.

After reading this review about washing machine brands to avoid, I hope you get a reliable product without any mistake. Do not forget to look for lots of references and insights.

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