15 Least Reliable Refrigerator Brands to Avoid Before You Regret It

Refrigerator Brands to Avoid – In this modern era, having no fridge in the house is a hassle. But despite its necessity, never choose it arbitrarily as there are some refrigerator brands to avoid you should know.

Most of these products to discuss in the review are on the list of refrigerator brands to avoid. It is because of low quality or less effective performance. 

In addition, price is also a consideration. However, most people may be confused in choosing as all sales must give tempting reviews. 

Therefore, you need to read this review before buying. So that you will get only the best refrigerator brands.

1. The SMEG Retro Fridge

refrigerator brands avoid first

This vintage design is indeed suitable for those who have a high aesthetic taste. 

But unfortunately, this product only achieved 20% customer satisfaction. It is based on a survey conducted from 2017 to 2020,

In addition, many people think that this is an expensive appliance. The purchase price alone reaches approximately $4000; but with less supportive features.

Further, the laboratory tests have found that SMEG has no temperature stabilizer. It will mae it unstable. Even if it is in damage or issues, you have to spend a lot on service fees. 

However, despite its poor refrigerator ratings, SMEG can be a good choice for decoration. It has an artistic design that will look dominant in various corners of the house. 

With a vintage design that displays a classic feel. This product gives an elegant look to your home. The SMEG Retro Style uses cutting-edge technology with vibrant colors.

Its seductive beautiful shapes may be fit with those who do not care about the list of refrigerator brands to avoid

You can also get different options of sizes for every need.

2. Samsung French Door Refrigerator

avoid refrigerator brand some list

In terms of electronics, Samsung is indeed one of the leading brands. They have won public trust. Its products are always of high quality. Thus it has support of the latest technology.

However, being on the list of the top 10 refrigerator brands does not prevent problems. Samsung French door refrigerator was in trouble with the law. It is because of several malfunctions.

This brand has no significant problems in quality or performance. But spare parts that are difficult to find are obstacles that make it one of those refrigerator brands to avoid.

The purchase price is also high with maintenance that is also quite draining the pocket. But many also think that it is comparable to its advanced features.

However, most of the products have gone through lab tests and involve high technology. Compressors have resistance, but sometimes some other parts experience problems.

3. GE Refrigerator Brand – Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

top refrigerator brands to avoid

It is one of the best among the refrigerator brands list. But, many negative reviews about GE, especially the French door product. 

Most consumers consider it less recommended for long-term use.

Based on Consumer Affair.com, most users complain about the compressor problem. It issily damaged. 

Many other parts are fragile. So that it can decrease in function before the warranty period expires.

In addition, the cafe’s design has also received a lot of criticism. GE usually provides a five-year warranty; but in fact, many products fail in the first year.

When in use, this smart refrigerator also has some problems. The problems are the damaged touch screen, leaking freon system, and broken evaporator fan.

Even if you demand a repair out of warranty, it can take a long time to get it fixed. 

Meanwhile, the high maintenance cost is another problem; that makes it one of the refrigerator brands to avoid.

People complain about the costly proprietary water filter. 

If you want to buy GE products, the side-by-side design will be better. Because, it has more positive reviews than others.

4. LG Side by Side Counter Depth Refrigerators

top 10 refrigerator brands to avoid first

Counter-depth refrigerators have recently become a topic of discussion. It is because their design does not take up space. 

The concept is to maximize aisle spots. And, to make the storage space large without disturbing your mobility in the kitchen.

But even though LG has a big name, most people include it in the list of refrigerator brands to avoid. The reason is that consumers claim the product has a defect in the cooling system.

As a result, many consumers complain that the food in it spoils quickly. 

It is presumably due to the compressor’s poor performance. It cause the fridge does not cool the food properly.

In addition, LG Side By Side Counter Depth Refrigerators has performance decrease. It will have low performance after several years of use. 

It is different from their presentation, which said the product could last up to 20 years. Many users claim that LG does not take good care of damaged products. They also find it quite expensive to purchase, service, and maintain.

5. LG Large-Capacity Side By Side Refrigerator

avoid brand refrigerator that make problem

In terms of electronics, LG is always giving surprises through the latest technology. Unfortunately, some refrigerator products have brought it to the list of refrigerator brands to avoid.

One of them is the LG Large Capacity Side By Side Refrigerator. It presents advanced technology, complete with features that support the needs of modern society.

Many consumers complain of various problems during use. One of the most dominant is a problem with the cooling system. It can affects the quality of the food in it.

The low quality of service from LG is also one of the considerations for consumers; so that they include it in refrigerator brands to avoid. 

Besides, the consumers admitted that they did not get the right solution for the complaints submitted.

Although not all LG products have negative reviews, most have compressor problems. It is what causes the performance is not optimal.

However, this product displays a lot of luxury for the user. The design is quite elegant and sleek but has plenty of storage space.

6. KitchenAid 27 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator

who makes the best refrigerator

If you care about durability, KitchenAid products will be one of the refrigerator brands to buy. But if you cannot stand intense damage and frequent interruptions; then this product might not be for you.

As with other KitchenAid products, the common problem is the not well-installed door. Thus it affects the cooling circulation inside. 

No wonder the temperature often fluctuates due to various issues. Some models also have bent shapes and are not following the standard. It make assumption like they were not through testing. It makes many consumers file complaints.

7. KitchenAid 29.5 cu. ft. Side By Side Refrigerator

criterion refrigerator appliances reviews brand to avoid

When it comes to quality, all KitchenAid products have almost the same standards. As with other models, you may also experience defective parts problems that interfere with performance.

It is not surprising that many discontent petitions have emerged. Some of which have even reached the realm of law. 

Some parts that are often problematic are the door. It also has problem with water leakage, and water dispenser problems. However, other parts may also have issues.

Among the many complaints, the most disturbing one is the strange sound. The sound comes when product is in use for some time. 

It will appear approximately after six months.

Although the fridge is durable in general, you may find some rusty parts after a year. Therefore, do not forget to frequently check it before it is too late.

8. KitchenAid Built-In Side By Side Refrigerator


Although not all, KitchenAid 27 does have some products that reap some negative reviews. Also, the built-in side-by-side model is on the list of refrigerator brands to avoid.

As with other built-in products, owners may experience difficulties in maintenance and service. It is because they are inside other furniture. 

You may not even notice a problem until it’s too late.

But do not assume that all built-ins are the same. Different refrigerator brands may have another standard of qualities. 

At least the adjustable design helps you to place it as you wish.

Regarding performance, most people consider it less than adequate for daily needs. The misalignment of doors is a common problem that often arises. Thus, another is interferes with the cooling process.

The problem of the not-tight door in the freezer compartment will be fatal. It can damage your appliance slowly. 

It will be worse with the damages to the water filter and other parts.

But despite all the weaknesses, KitchenAid has a reputation as the owner of durable products. Generally, it will completely break down after a few years of use.

9. Viking 5 Series Quiet Cool Fridge – Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

are whirlpool refrigerators good

On several websites, the Viking 5 Series Quiet Cool Fridge gets negative reviews. The negative comes because of many problems. Some parts do not work well during use.

Some of the things that are the subject of consumer complaints are the performance of the ice maker. It is not good enough and does not give results as expected.

In addition, water leaks are also another problem. It also found very annoying for users. Puddles often appear on the floor around the fridge. Thus endangering the mobility of people nearby.

Many people also complain that the design is less ergonomic and makes it difficult to use. However, this product is quite expensive.

With the specifications, many people assume that other products are much better in price and features. Consumer reviews also mention poor customer service.

10. Frigidaire (FGHB2866PF – French Door Refrigerator)


Frigidaire is one of the most reliable refrigerator brands to buy. But apparently, several things make their latest model reap a lot of complaints.

FGHB2866PF – French Door refrigerator series has many issues. They are such as from misalignment doors to problems in the cooling process. 

In addition, the handle is also not strong enough to break easily.

As is known, the refrigerator door design must be optimum. Because it determines the air circulation. If it is not tight or has problems, it will affect the cooling process.

Another issue that is the most subject of customer complaints is the problem with the ice maker. The cost of service and maintenance is also quite expensive; making it gains less consumer sympathy.

Apart from the various issues, this smart refrigerator has complete features. It has such as quick freeze, enough storage space. 

It is also quite beautiful without neglecting aesthetics and space efficiency.

11. Whirlpool 25 Cu. ft. Double French Door Series


Overall, the product does have advanced features. However, Whirlpool 25 Cu. ft. Double French Door Series is among refrigerator brands to avoid. Why? It is because the design does not support customer comfort.

The door shelves are less able to accommodate a lot of food ingredients. Even though this section is necessary for drinks, eggs, and other items. It is difficult for users.

Plus, many have complained about the handles and drawers being not very sturdy. It is fatal because it will be easier to break with high usage.

Whirlpool 25 Cu. ft. The Double French Door Series is also prone to damage to the ice maker. The storage system inside is also not well-organized. It can affect the quality of the food.

If you use it for more than a year, an annoying sound will appear. Consumers also complain about customer service that is not in their favor.

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12. Whirlpool 26 cu. ft. Double French Door Series


Like the model we discussed earlier; the Whirlpool 26 cu. ft. Double French Door Series also has advanced features. 

However, for several reasons, it is included in the list of refrigerator brands to avoid.

Consumers consider it to be low in quality. Even though it has a beautiful design and features. Many parts are easily damaged and do not meet ergonomic values.

The cooling system and unstable temperature are also the complaints. It gives rising to many negative reviews. It affects the condition of food and electricity bills.

Despite all the complaints, Whirlpool is a well-known brand. Because it produces many quality electronic products. 

But maybe you need to think again when choosing a refrigerator.

13. Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Series – Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

Compared to other series, Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is more expensive. The uniqueness of this product is the location of the freezer compartment at the bottom.

This Whirlpool Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Series received negative reviews due to poor quality. 

The reason, there are many issues in use.

Consumers complain that the icemaker often fails to do its job. This damage usually arises due to water supply problems. Thus, it has an impact on other parts.

The rest, the shortcomings of this series are almost the same as the two products that we discussed earlier. 

Plus, the price is quite costly, considering the many deficiencies that arise.

Moreover, placing the freezer compartment at the bottom is less effective. It will not fit with in terms of energy saving. In addition, many people complain of various problems. The problem can be both in the short and long term.

This product has a reset button that you can use if there are problems that arise. But not everything can be over by pressing it.

14. Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX) – Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

When looking for cheap fridge products with high quality, many people rely on Beko. Otherwise, many consumers include the Fridge series – GN1416220CX in the list of refrigerator brands to avoid.

This product is indeed very suitable for consumers with a minimal budget. At a low price, you can get a refrigerator with sophisticated features.

However, some consumers report. The product has defects that make it unsustainable. It is not durable enough for intense long-term use.

Another obstacle that arises during use is temperature fluctuations. So that it often changes suddenly. In addition to having an impact on stored food, this can also affect bills.

Reviews circulating on the internet also mention some problem. Beko (Fridge – GN1416220CX) often makes strange sounds from the ice maker. It is disturbing for some consumers.

Another complaint that arose was related to the low level of customer service. 

However, even though it is on the list of refrigerator brands to avoid; you can still trust other products.

15. Bosch (800 series refrigerator) – Refrigerator Brands to Avoid

Bosch is one of the leading brands in the electronics world. Many well-known products have been circulating in the market. And, they have become the trust of consumers. 

Unfortunately, most consumers view that it is not in the 800 series refrigerator. In various reviews, consumers note that this product has many weaknesses. Its performance is not perfect. 

One of the most fatal is the frequent occurrence of water leaks. It makes the product included in the list of refrigerator brands to avoid.

Most consumers note that this product can only last a maximum of 1 year. 

The components inside are easily damaged. It makes them feel expensive, both in purchase and maintenance.

Plus, during the period of use, problems often occur in the icemakers. Consumers also complain about the humidity setting, which affects cooling.

Interior design that is too narrow is another problem. That is why it included in the worst refrigerator brands list. 

They think that this product does not meet the standard of function and ergonomics.

However, it does not mean that this brand does not have advantages at all. Bosch has the most cutting-edge household compared to other brands. 

You should never worry even although it is on the list of refrigerator brands to avoid. If it is not a fridge, at least you can still choose others.

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That is a review of refrigerator brands to avoid. There are many reasons why the products above are on the list. 

After reading the explanation above, you can certainly understand some issues. you know that choosing an electronic product is not easy and must be considered. 

Do not just consider the low price; please also think about how effective it is to use. Never choose any refrigerator brands to avoid!

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