15 Horrifying Dishwasher Brands to Avoid to Save Your Money

Dishwasher Brands to Avoid – The fact that you are reading this article indicates how easy it is to meet dishwasher brands to avoid when buying on today’s market.

A kitchen appliance that is broken, or can’t get your dishes clean, can be a source of stress for homeowners.

Repairing or replacing your dishwasher costs too much and you’ll have to spend time cleaning dishes by hand while it’s in the shop.

Therefore, it is necessary to get away from the bad Dishwasher brand. For your reference, you can check the following list to find out which dishwashers to avoid.

1. Frigidaire Dishwasher Brands

dishwasher brands to avoid uk

Even though Frigidaire is a top notch brand on the market, it also has a lot of dissatisfied users. Most of them are disappointed with the brand’s customer service.

A big list of Frigidaire users has complained about its terrible after-sale customer support on a range of consumer forums.

This lack of responsiveness may result in frustration and a large repair cost on your end. Then, one of the dishwasher brands to avoid that received the most negative response from its customers is the Frigidaire FGIP2468UF.

Here are some of the drawbacks of this model that you should take into consideration.

●       It doesn’t dry dishes well on normal settings. Therefore, the gate of the Frigidaire FGIP2468UF is fragile. As a result, many users reported that the spring came out after a few months.

●      Some people don’t like the plastic interior of this dishwasher. We think Frigidaire is a bit uncertain about this product, because they only provide a 1-year standard warranty for both parts and labor.

2. Viking – Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

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It’s no secret that Vikings is a leading consumer electronics brand, especially in the United States. The fridge and freezer are high quality, but the dishwasher is not.

The overall experiences of many homeowners who are using its dishwasher are not good. Many are disappointed with the purchase. Why?

In fact, the dishwasher does not work well because it is made with cheap parts even though it has a high price tag. Viking dishwashers have many leaking issues. However, Viking does not seem to be making any changes to fix the problem.

Compared to other dishwasher brands to avoid in this list, Viking customer support and repair service is slightly better.

However, it does not change the fact that the Viking dishwasher is flawed from the beginning.

They can respond correctly when you inform them of any issues with their dishwasher and send you a replacement if necessary. However, the new product tends to end up the same way as the previous one.

3. JennAir – Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

Brand Frigidaire dishwashers to avoid

It is pretty hard to tell that this dishwasher brand is either good or bad since some customers say that it works perfectly while others do not.

However, given that there are a lot of fake reviews on the internet nowadays, it is reasonable to doubt that these positive reviews are real.

Aside from the questionable online reviews, here are the other reasons why buying JennAir dishwashers is quite a gamble.

Since only a JennAir Certified Installer can fix the dishwasher; It can be a lot of trouble for a product that may break down. Thus, JennAir only offers a 1-year limited warranty for their dishwashers, meaning that they are less reliable. The dishwashers are very expensive and doesn’t have enough features to justify its price.

4. LG Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

worst dishwashers brand LG to avoid

While they have a lot of recommended TVs and smartphones, LG dishwashers are something you should avoid at all costs.

It is safe to say that LG tries too much on developing their dishwashers since many of the models come with highly completed electrical systems.

With these systems, LG’s dishwashers may be able to offer a variety of smart features, but the higher tech seems to make them less durable and reliable.

Here are the other good reasons to avoid this brand. First, luxury settings make LG dishwashers break quickly. Besides extensive daily use, you will need to choose dishwasher brands other than LG. However, it is not suitable for everyone due to durability and complex settings.

Luckily, LG still has something more to offer compared to other dishwasher brands to avoid in this list.

While most of their models incorporate a basic 1-year warranty, the company also allows you to lengthen it with 5-years on the rack and control board. If wanted, you can also extend the warranty to 10 years on the stainless steel tub, motor and door lining. After the warranty period, you have to pay extra to use the LG repair service.

5. Samsung – Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

dishwasher brand manufacturers to avoid

Unlike its other home appliance products, Samsung dishwashers are particularly disappointing as many users reported them for their poor reliability and performance.

As you probably know, Samsung has the reputation for its durability n the home appliance industry. However, you should not expect the same when it comes to its dishwashers.

Samsung actually offers various features for the product. There are 5 wash cycles, 15 place settings capacity, simple touch digital controls, and many more. However, the Samsung Built-in dishwasher receives the lowest rating from its consumers.

The major concern of the users is the low-quality standards. While the other reasons to think twice before buying this dishwasher are as follows.

●       Most people find that the product starts to break down after about two months of use. The dishwasher has this issue where it displays error codes through the digital screens. And, it breaks down after just two months of usage.

●       After that, their customer support officer rarely provide you with a good response. Thus, the replacing or repairing services are exhausting as well.

●       Last but not least, it has a leaking issue, average build quality, and does not drain properly.

Meanwhile, like other dishwasher brands to avoid in this list, Samsung only offers a 1-year standard warranty too.

You can choose for extending the guarantee by paying some fees that vary from one model to another.

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6. Kitchen Aid – Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

budget dishwasher brands to avoid

KitchenAid KDTE334GPS particularly receives negative reviews from homeowners since it has poor cleaning performance.

Some users even reported that they need to rewash their dishes a few times since this model cannot cleanse properly.

Other good reasons that make it one of the dishwasher brands to avoid are indicated below.

●       This model is energy efficient, yet this is useless as you need to run it multiple times to get the job done right

●       While the washing performance is awful, the drying feature of KitchenAid KDTE334GPS is no better since it does not meet users’ expectation

Although Kitchen Aid is one of the dishwasher brands to avoid, you can still count on other models from this manufacturer that has a high consumer satisfaction rating.

7. Fisher & Paykel

built in dishwasher brands to avoid

Another one of the worst-rated dishwashers is Fisher & Paykel. It’s known as a luxury brand. Thus, their dishwashers are indeed costly.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, you’ll be able to afford one of their dishwashers. The cost of installing them is not the only cost you have to consider.

Some users also run into pricey faults and breakdowns within their first year of installing Fisher & Paykel dishwashers.

This must be an annoying fact since it is a luxury brand and you do not pay cheap to get it installed in your kitchen.

The following are the reasons to reconsider buying Fisher & Paykel.

●       The dishwasher is extremely pricey, but it does not meet the expectation of some users

●       Some customers reported breakdowns within a year

Fortunately, the warranty for Fisher & Paykel dishwashers is a little better compared to others. Its 2-year standard warranty can be extended for free during frequently offered promos.

Their customer service is not bad as well although it does not change the fact that the product quality is somehow unreliable.

8. Hot Point – Dishwasher Brands to Avoid

When checking dishwasher consumer reports, you may find Hot Point as one of the brands to get a good score on some of its models.

As the lower-cost price leader in the industry, Hot Point dishwashers still offer better performance than some of the respected names on this list.

However, you may need to stay away from HDF330PGRWW and HDF310PGRWW since these models have the following reasons to avoid.

First, you should avoid the brand because of terrible overall quality since it only received a 3 out 5 product reliability and user satisfaction rating. Further, it is about the feature. Hot Point dishwashers do not have features like delay start, adjustable upper rack, and automatic cleaned filter. Lastly, its models are somewhat noisy during operation and the drying has poor quality.

9. Electrolux Dishwasher

This brand might be the safest choice among other dishwasher options previously. But, it turns out that many users complain about some of its models.

Considering the higher price of Electrolux dishwashers, you may expect that it comes with top-level performances.

However, their models are struggling to please the consumers instead.

How noisy and the least energy-sufficient their models become the major criticism. The other reasons why they become one of the dishwasher brands to avoid are as follows.

●       Actually, it consumes more energy when using Electrolux dishwashers. Users should expect an increase in electricity bills.

●       The dishwasher is pricey but its controls stop functioning no more than a year

Then, how about the Electrolux dishwasher’s warranty and customer service? Unluckily, they are not that wonderful as well. While some products allow you to register to gain a 2-year warranty; you should expect a 1-year standard warranty for most models.

On the other hand, considering that a lot of people have bought Electrolux dishwasher replacement parts; it is safe to say that the maker’s repair service is not worthy.

10. Insignia

You probably do not know about this brand as it is not a famous maker in the industry. However, its dishwasher is one of the top-selling products that make it worth reviewing.

Insignia dishwashers come with a gorgeous outside appearance. And, their price tag will not break the bank.

However, there are some bad news here. A few people complained that some issues arise within a few weeks after installation. You should pay for these consideration before buy Insignia dishwashers.

We don’t think the Insignia dishwashers can cleanse the sticky stains. And, it has terrible performance in getting rid of color in general. Furthermore, the customer support is not helpful at all. Further, the product’s utensil holders are not suitable for most plates.

11. Danby

When it comes to dishwasher brands to avoid, this is you something you should do. You should not forget to add some of the models from Danby to the list.

This manufacturer mostly offers affordable dishwashers. So, there is no need to get your hope high.

There is a fact that makes it disappointed. The trade-off between price and quality is still not of the users’ liking.

The reason is that, first of all, the majority of Danby dishwashers had problems before they were installed. Many clients reported poor customer support, leakage problems and useless cleaning. The dishwasher’s hoses were then uncomfortable and often poured water on the floor. Besides, it’s hard to find Danby’s dishwasher parts on the market if you need them.

12. Bosch Dishwasher

bosch 300 series dishwasher brand to avoid

Some people may consider Bosch as one of the best dishwasher brands on the market. It is because of its famous 800 series which are extremely reliable.

Its customer service is well-mannered no matter which model you buy as well.

Moreover, Bosch also offers such great guarantees. It includes 5-year electronic warranty with coverage of different machine parts, a 2-year limited warranty, and a 1-year standard warranty.

However, you cannot deny that some models of the Bosch dishwashers are terrible. Particularly, it comes to the Benchmark and 500 series products.

You might stay away from these dishwasher models because of the reasons. More than a third of users returned these models for a service within a year of usage. These models are breakdown and faulty very easily.

Besides, it is still good to buy dishwasher from the brands. You can still consider buying one from this manufacturer since some models are good. Just make sure to choose the right product and series.

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13. Magic Chef


It may be your first time to read the name of this brand. But, Magic Chef is one of the top-selling dishwasher manufacturers in the market.

If you need a new dishwasher that will not break the bank, this brand offers something inexpensive. However, you should deal with an average performance for your budget

Nevertheless, if your budget is decent and you do not like to put your hard-earned money on something cheap and defective; stay away from this brand.

Why? First, digital models usually display an error code. Second, the magic cooking washing machine offers moderate overall performance and has longevity and leak issues. Finally, building a washing machine for magical dishes is a bit uncomfortable.

14. Amana Dishwasher Brand

People who buy Amana’s dishwashers usually fall in love with her beautiful appearance, which also comes with the necessary functional characteristics. For example, when a lot of dishwashers only come with two racks, Amana offers three of them to let you wash more dishes.

However, you may need to avoid Amana ADB1500ADS and Amana ADB1400AGW for the following reasons.

●      First, it is related to the rating from user. The Amana dishwasher models received lower satisfaction ratings from their users.

●     After that, while the models had good washing capacity, their washing cycles were terrible. Finally, some users of these Amanas dishwashers complain. It seems that the models can’t do the dishes properly.

15. SPT Dishwasher


Check some dishwasher reviews and you will find a few great models from SPT.

This brand is popular for its affordable home appliance products. So that, it seems a good option for a low budget.

Despite being extremely affordable, consumers are displeased with the performance of the SPT dishwashers. If frequent maintenance and repair is not your problem, this dishwasher is probably a great bet for you considering its low price.

However, you should be ready to experience something more. The following are common issues of SPT dishwashers if this will be your final choice.

The SPT dishwasher has a thin door and a not-great build quality. After that, leaking issues are something familiar in most models of SPT dishwashers. Many users did not like the interior design of the phone, and they said it was an unreliable choice.

In addition, the maker’s customer service is no better than the other in this list. Hence, it is understandable to put SPT as one of the dishwasher brands to avoid.

So, are you afraid to buy dishwasher? You probably start to wonder if there is any reliable brand in the market today. Don’ worry, we prepare some good news ever here.

One of the most reliable dishwasher brands is Whirpool. The reason why is this name has the best consumer satisfaction rating for most of the models.

Whirlpool is popular for its dedicated customer support team. Thus, it offers a 5-year limited warranty. It is much better than the other dishwasher brands on this list.

If you need another option, there are also GE and Thermador dishwashers to take into account aside from Whirlpool.

Above all, considering many dishwasher brands to avoid in the market. You should be careful while buying a particular model since they have low-quality products too.

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Dishwashers are an important part of everyday life. It’s a big commitment, so that must be understood as well. However, it must be chosen well so that the benefits outweigh the acquisition costs.

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