The Best Tips for Building an Elegant Country Kitchen

Elegant Country Kitchen – There are many different styles of kitchen you can choose from, and if you’re lucky enough to be able to start from scratch with your own ideas rather than simply updating something you already have, the choices are even better – you can essentially have anything you want. 

One kitchen style that is always popular (and is often considered timeless) is the country kitchen. This elegant look is instantly recognizable making it simple to add elements to, but that doesn’t mean you can rush ahead and just pick anything that looks countrified. In reality, you do need to take the time to design the country kitchen style in just the right way so that it flows well and is usable as well as looks fantastic. With that in mind, here are some great tips for building an elegant country kitchen. 

Use Patterns 

Stripes pattern for Elegant Country Kitchen

Something that is often missing from more contemporary design schemes is any kind of pattern. Whether it’s because people aren’t quite sure how to use them properly or because they just don’t fit with the modern design elements in place, it’s a shame that they are not around a little more. 

When it comes to a proper country kitchen, patterns aren’t just possible, they’re encouraged. You can choose any kind of pattern you want, and it should fit the theme quite happily – you can mix animal motifs with stripes and dots, or you can throw florals in with checks, or anything else that appeals. 

One thing to bear in mind when it comes to using patterns is color. Ideally, you’ll need some kind of glue that holds everything together, and that should be the color you’ve chosen for your kitchen. Whether it’s green, blue, white, or anything else, that should always form the basis of your pattern, but other than that, the choice is entirely yours, so have some fun with it. 

Choose Stone Flooring 

Stone flooring for Elegant Country Kitchen

Although all country kitchens will be slightly different depending on the style preferences of the designer and the property owner (and that’s one of the beautiful things about this particular kitchen style – it is very customizable), there is one thing that they will all have in common: a stone floor. 

It’s true that you can use vinyl or even wood or laminate in a country kitchen design, but it will usually draw the eye away from the look you’re going for as it just doesn’t gel with the theme. A stone floor, however, is not only hard-wearing but it is timeless, and it works perfectly in a country kitchen. Take a look at the fantastic flooring options at to help you choose the right floor for you.  

Add Vintage Details 

Even if you have modern appliances and accessories, you’ll want your elegant country kitchen to look much more vintage because that’s what the style dictates. However, it can be hard to ensure your country kitchen doesn’t look like simply a modern representation (which is fine, but perhaps not what you’re going for with your design). In order to stop this from happening, you’ll need to add some truly vintage details into the room. 

The best thing to do is to look at county fairs and flea markets or visit antique stores. You’ll be able to spot small items that would work well in your kitchen, or even larger ones such as a kitchen table and chairs, for example. Pre-owned items are a great way to add some charm and uniqueness to your kitchen, and the country style lends itself well to this idea. 

Buying antiques can be a costly thing to do (although you can certainly find some lovely bargains too), so it might be worthwhile buying a little at a time – it could even become a fun new hobby. 

Make a Feature of Displaying Things

Elegant Country Kitchen

As we’ve mentioned, one of the best things about a country kitchen is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and it should look as though it is used. Although you might instinctively try to declutter and hide all your crockery and cutlery, this isn’t necessary – in fact, the opposite is true, and a lot of the charm of a real country kitchen comes from the fact that it isn’t ordered, and neat. If you prefer things to be in their place and out of sight, this style might not be for you. 

Of course, your country kitchen should still have some storage; you can’t just leave things on the tables and counters and say it’s part of the style. However, you should choose storage that shows all your items, like open shelving and dressers (ideally vintage ones with plenty of history). If you really don’t want everything out in the open, you could opt for cabinets with glass fronts. You’ll still be able to see it all, but it will also be tucked neatly away. You can also include hanging rails for pots and pans to give you more space on your countertops while allowing you to stick to the country kitchen aesthetic. 

Make It Cozy

People like spending time in a country kitchen, so make it easy for them by adding some cozy seating, if you have the space. You’ll have rustic tables and matching (or even mismatching) chairs, but you can also add armchairs or a couch in the corner if possible. Your friends and family will be able to hand out in the kitchen much more, and since this will be the true heart of the home, it makes sense that they do. 

Again, these seating options don’t have to be brand new, and they don’t have to be pristine, but they should stick with the color choices you’ve already made. In terms of your elegant country kitchen.

Don’t Cover the Windows

If you think of an elegant country kitchen and its windows, your mind might go to café curtains or perhaps shutters. These can work, but they can also be a little too much if you already have plenty going on in your kitchen. 

Very often, the best thing to do to create elegance is to not cover the windows at all. By leaving them bare, you can make the most of your view and enjoy as much natural light in your country kitchen as possible. 

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