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Modern Farmhouse Kitchen – Modern farmhouse ideas come in a long way to appear in this era. It comes from the shabby chic look that used vintage furniture and is more feminine. It all changed with some additional accessories and more touch, such as country, industrial, and a lot of white paint.

 Interestingly, a modern farmhouse is something with a mix of any vintage style and some modern elements. Since it was introduced to the mass, the modern farmhouse has gained much attention. This style will make your kitchen warmer, and you can add more decorative things into the kitchen. So, let’s see here some ideas of a great modern farmhouse kitchen.

What is modern farmhouse style

The term “modern farmhouse” might be a usual term that refers to the new building with the farmhouse style. But nowadays, the term has changed into a decor element. You can add the modern farmhouse decor such as a little bit of touch of country, industrial, or dominated with white.

 We can conclude that a modern farmhouse would combine contemporary design and aesthetic touch to create a fresh living style. Further, modern farmhouses also have a warmth and simple character. The material used might be natural things such as wood. The color used also can dominate with white and brighter colors.

Modern farmhouse kitchen decor

In creating a modern farmhouse kitchen, you must put the ingredients together. The decor will be like a combination of modern features, rustic style, and industrial things. When you mix it right, the warm and cozy feeling will come to your house.

1. Set a vintage kitchen shelf

I realize that modern farmhouse has a traditional and natural touch. You can create it by having a vintage kitchen shelf. The shelf can be the wood that is a sign of vintage.

2. Use the metal material

In making a modern kitchen decor, you can mix the wood with some metal stuff. You can start by having a modern stove, oven, and a new fridge. Then, if the kitchen has a hood, use metal material on it.

3. Wooden floor

Wood Flooring Farmhouse Kitchen

Wood is one of the important elements in modern farmhouse decor. If you have an open floor kitchen, the wood floor will look good. The view will flow flawlessly throughout the kitchen.

4. Set out the pendant lighting

The pendant lighting will be a necessary style in a modern farmhouse. If You paint the kitchen white, the bold color of the pendant will help. It will shine up another tone in your kitchen.

Modern farmhouse kitchen colors

Modern farmhouse kitchens are a popular style now. The warm and welcoming tone in the kitchen is the highlights of the style. To create it, you need some touches in the kitchen; one of them is color. By bringing the right color, the kitchen will set a great area than other rooms.

1. Gray and navy blue

Navy Blue Farmhouse Kitchen

These two colors can be perfect if you use it on the cabinets. With the combination, it can lead to the modern farmhouse. Your kitchen cabinets will be interesting and can hide a kitchen with minimum architectural features.

2. White or gray

It is normal to find if white uses in the farmhouse style. But you still can use it and make a great touch in the backsplash. For a perfect tone, you can use tile backsplash with gray or white color.

3. Bronze


The color can be found in the fixture you used for the kitchen. You can mix the fixtures and match them to create a better customer view. A metal faucet can be the focal point as long you match it with backsplash and countertops.

4. Pastel Color


If white is too mainstream for modern farmhouses, you can choose pastel colors to paint your kitchen wall. With many choices, it can ease you to match it with the furniture and other fixtures. If you would like to paint the wall, you can choose the color after choosing cabinets, tiles, and countertops.

5. Muted pastel color

This kind of color brings some joy if you apply it to a certain area, for example, on the ceiling. Your ceiling needs some colors, too, as long as to keep some tone in the kitchen. With a muted pastel on the ceiling, it will be perfect with neutral wall color.

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Modern farmhouse kitchen ideas

The farmhouse is a style that has material rustics and is charming on its own. With the touch of modernity, it might become exclusive. But, you will not find it here; you can find some mutual sources for a charming, warm, and welcoming modern farmhouse kitchen.

Big Bright Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Big Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Crisp Architects

As you can see that dark colors dominate the kitchen, yet it is still bright. Many open windows are the reason to let sunlight come. The dark wooden flooring and dark lighting always shine with the sun’s help and white wall color.

Brown and White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Brown Stool Farmhouse Kitchen Island
JCD Custom Home Design

The kitchen has an open concept kitchen and is only dominated by brown and white color. With the stools, it shows that the kitchen is cozy and rich. The welcoming tone warmly set the kitchen. The pendant and colored beam on the ceiling are other eye-catching items in this kitchen.

L-shaped Brown Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Marble Countertops Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
BBA Architects LP

A nice view if you style the kitchen like this. Maybe white is mainstream, but if you mix it with another soft color like soft blue on the island, it will be a perfect combination. The stools give a friendly tone, and the lighting above the island takes the modern view.

Large Single Wall Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Single Wall Modern Kitchen
Blackband Design

You can make this an inspiration if you have a single wall kitchen and want a farmhouse style. The wooden material is the sign of a farmhouse. With some touch of modern furniture and great lighting, it will bring a warm and joyful feeling.

Cottage Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Cottage Kitchen
Geppetto’s Workshop Inc.

You will feel this traditional with flooring chosen and a simple mini island in the kitchen. An interesting thing here is the backsplash that gives a live tone. With a big fridge and oven, it still reminds you that you live in the present day.

Modern farmhouse kitchen lighting

Modern farmhouse is a mix of vintage and stylish; you must find the right fixture to create those mixed feelings. Lighting is essential in the kitchen. Besides helping at night, the lighting fixture chosen must also help to lighten the kitchen’s tone.

LED Pendant Lighting

LED Farmhouse Pendant Lighting
Pearson Design Group

If you have a large and open concept kitchen, the pendant will be a good choice. The kitchen is already vintage and welcoming. Then, with the touch of the LED, the kitchen showed the modern side.

Glass Shade Pendant Lighting

Modern Farmhouse Lighting
A Kitchen That Works LLC

A lighting accent is important in the kitchen. As you want to create a similar vibe between wooden and lighting, this glass shade lighting is one option. The fixture and colors are warm. It is great to make the upper part as a focal point.

LED Drum Pendant Lighting

Drum Shape Lighting Modern Kitchen
Cornerstone Architects

Choosing the right modern farmhouse lighting fixture in the big kitchen is not easy. But you can use this LED Drum pendant lighting to accompany the big area of the kitchen. The ‘drum’ itself is big enough to lighten up the kitchen. Then, the color and style suit with a modern farmhouse kitchen.

Square Shade Pendant Lighting

Square Cage Pendant Lighting Farmhouse Kitchen
Walker Warner Architects

Pendant lighting with shade always catches the attention if you set it on the modern farmhouse kitchen. You can choose the shade type and this one, square shade, is a good option. The square shade can flow well with wooden items and a cozy living kitchen.

Mini Pendant Lighting with Cage

Mini lighting farmhouse kitchen
erik kitchen design

You can use this style of pendant lighting to make a vintage style and modern at the same time. The bulb size is small, and you need another light fixture to help you see better. But, the accent and cage here make the feeling better.

Modern farmhouse kitchen island

A kitchen with an island is always interesting. The island can be an additional space for cooking, washing, or even an eating area. So, the island can be the kitchen heart where the family can use it every time.

Kitchen Island in Natural Charm Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Natural Farmhouse Kitchen Island

In this natural theme kitchen, an island is one of the important areas. The owner can use it as an eating area or even have a chit chat with family there. You can also host the guest there. The wooden touch in the lower part matches well with the floor.

Mini Island in Modern farmhouse kitchen

Modern Mini kitchen island
Sandra Bird Designs, Inc.

This small island in the modern farmhouse kitchen is a good additional feature. The model and material used are showing you some modern and cozy feeling. You can make the island as the area for putting fruits or flowers to live up the kitchen mood.

Black Countertops Kitchen Island

Black Farmhouse Kitchen Island
Crisp Architects

The island is giving another feeling in the kitchen. The countertops suit with furniture around, and the lower parts show a great feeling. The rich tone and modern of the kitchen shine from the lower part of the island.

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White modern farmhouse kitchen

White is a neutral color, and most homeowners use white to paint their kitchen. Modern farmhouses are also familiar with white. You can find white cabinets or even islands in the kitchen. But here several ideas to create a beautiful white modern farmhouse kitchen.

White Village Modern Farmhouse kitchen

White Farmhouse Kitchen
Grove Mountain Properties

In this medium size kitchen, you can find a simple yet warming feeling. The white and wooden floors are a great combination. You can add a brick theme on the backsplash that still has the white touch.

White Modern Farmhouse Galley Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Galley Kitchen
Libby Raab Architecture

This style is a great example of a big galley kitchen. You can use a white cabinet and combine it with metal fixtures. Metal and white colors are always great choices. Don’t forget to try painting your ceiling white too.

Small U-shaped White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

u-shaped modern farmhouse kitchen
La Pietra Tile & Stone

Besides the metal, you can combine the white wall with any colors, such as green. The green cabinets can create a calm and natural feeling in the kitchen. You will like to stay in the kitchen because of the color.

Modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash

When working in the kitchen, you can get a splash on the back of the stove or sink. It will make your kitchen dirty. It is great if you had a backsplash on the wall to prevent the splash. Here are some ideas of backsplash that you can use for your modern farmhouse kitchen.

Limestone backsplash

Limestone farmhouse kitchen backsplash
Studio M Kitchen & Bath

When the stove is near the wall, you will need this backsplash. The color can hide the splash from the food cooking. Then, with this type, it will be easy to clean. The most important is the backsplash suits the modern farmhouse style.

Stone slab backsplash

Stone Modern Farmhouse Kitchen backsplash
James McCalligan Architect

For a clean and shiny look, this backsplash can help it. You can find backsplash support in the farmhouse style. Then, the backsplash can still create a modern tone.

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Blue motif backsplash

Motif farmhouse kitchen backsplash
SH interiors

You must fill the wall with a light for the area near the sink and have a theme or motif on it. This blue backsplash can help the kitchen to make a natural and fresh feeling. Then, you can still have white and dark colors applied in the kitchen with the backsplash.

Blue Tile Backsplash

tile modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash
Zobel and Co. Kitchens

It is always the best way to show that we have a vintage style with tile in the kitchen. You can keep the kitchen bright with the blue color on the backsplash. Then, you can combine with wood for other fixtures.

Small modern farmhouse kitchen

In the small area, you can still make a modern farmhouse look kitchen. You can use simple fixtures and the right color to create a better view. Then, you can still enjoy cooking in the small modern farmhouse kitchen.

Country Galley Kitchen

small blue modern farmhouse kitchen
Abita Studio Architecture + Design

This kitchen is a cute example of a small modern farmhouse kitchen. The kitchen only has two sides of a small space wall, and the owner uses it to set the sink and stove. The right color and fixture here show the modern farmhouse style.

White Cottage Kitchen

cottage small modern farmhouse kitchen
Advance Design Studio, Ltd.

In the corner area of the house, you can have this impressive kitchen. Even dominated by white, you can add another color element on the floor and cabinet holders. Then, use some classical fixtures such as on the faucet to strengthen the farmhouse feel.

One side Modern Farmhouse kitchen

Kitchen Shelf small Modern farmhouse kitchen
Magnolia Homes

If you have an unspacious kitchen and want to set some decorations, you can add some shelves. Just like this kitchen, it is nice to have wooden shelves and white brick walls. Then, for a vintage touch, add some signs on the wall.

Modern kitchen with farmhouse sink

In creating the farmhouse style, you can use several fixtures to show it. The sink is one of the ways. It can be easy for you with sink use because the farmhouse sink is unique and great stuff. Let’s see some great farmhouse sinks that suit into modern farmhouse kitchen idea.

Small bowl Farmhouse Sink

vintage modern farmhouse kitchen sink
Robert Thomas Homes

If you don’t want a big sink, these ideas can be your choice. The small sink that is used still can accommodate when washing. Then, you can set the sink on the island. This sink is a farmhouse style.

White farmhouse sink

Kitchen & Bath Details

This sink is commonly used in the farmhouse style. About modern terms, the sink is still stunning to use. If your kitchen color is white, it will be perfect. Then, you can combine with another color in the backsplash or the furniture use.

Double bowl Farmhouse sink


For those who want to separate the dishes, you can use this sink. It is still stunning and great with color and material use. With an all-white kitchen, the sink suits perfectly.

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By this time, you have already known that many elements of modern farmhouse kitchens. Modern farmhouse kitchens are made from color, furniture, fixtures in the kitchen. By choosing the right color and fixtures, you will be able to create a great kitchen. We need to remember that the kitchen must still show a warm and welcoming feeling. However, it is nice to have a dream kitchen.

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