Glass Shower Door Options – Framed Or Frameless?

Glass Shower Door Options – Long gone are the days when you could least customize your bathroom? Now you can easily customize every bit of your bathing space to enhance its look at maximum. For instance, installing a custom glass shower enclosure is a great idea.

A custom shower looks modern and makes your bathroom more practical. You can even further customize your glass shower door. For example, you can go with either a framed shower door or a frameless shower door design.

Both these design options have their benefits and downsides. Let us find out which design option is the best.

Framed shower Doors – Are They Any Good?

shower door glass options

When we talk about custom glass shower doors, usually, it’s a framed shower door that comes into the majority’s mind. That’s because it’s quite common, practical, and modern. A framed shower door is basically a glass shower enclosure supported by a dedicated frame. Basically, it’s the added frame that keeps all its components intact.

Benefits of Framed Shower Doors

Here are some of the benefits of installing a framed shower enclosure:

1. Added Stability

shower door glass thickness options

The frame is meant to provide additional support and stability to the framed shower door. Therefore the added stability makes the shower enclosure less likely to break. Basically, it’s additional support that minimizes the risk of shattering.

2. Room for Customization

That’s another area where the framed shower doors really shine. You can customize various aspects of your framed shower enclosure. For example, you can choose to go with textured glass or maybe tinted glass. So, you have enough room here to customize the shower enclosure.

3. Easy Installation

easy installation framed shower glass door

The insulation process of a framed shower glass door is quite straightforward. Furthermore, it can be installed in nearly any type of bathroom regardless of its size. In short, there isn’t anything complicated relating to its installation.

4. Relatively Expensive

Though, custom glass shower doors are considered an expensive upgrade. However, the scenario is somewhat different if we compare framed glass doors to frameless ones. The framed glass shower enclosure costs less.
That’s because it requires less additional modification. Moreover, its installation process is also not that complicated. Lastly, it doesn’t require thick glass for installation as its frame offers that additional support.

Frameless Shower Doors – What So Different?

Now, let’s talk about the frameless shower doors. Here are some of their benefits:

1. A Modern Look

Frameless Shower Doors ideas

Custom shower doors themselves look great. However, a design with no additional frame support looks even cleaner and more modern. The absence of a frame and its thickness gives it a stand-out look. So, a frameless shower door is a clear winner here in terms of looks and styling.

2. Easier To Transform

Just like framed shower doors, you can customize the frameless design in nearly any way. However, in this case, you can completely transform the looks of your shower enclosure. That’s because the absence of any frame would complement even some of the minor changes.

The changes and modifications are more noticeable and look more appealing in the case of frameless shower doors. Again, it’s that frameless design approach that steals the show. Choosing a frosted pattern or a gray tint would look very different. So, we can conclude that it’s easy to transform the overall look of your bathroom with a frameless design.

3. Simple to Maintain

Cleaning the glass shower enclosure wasn’t an issue. With a frameless shower door, things get even simpler. The absence of any frame makes it even easier to clean it. On top of it, there aren’t any hidden corners in its design where mold or grime could hide.

Basically, the frameless design aids in the cleaning aspect. So, if you want a modern yet super easy-to-clean shower enclosure, go with the frameless design option.

4. Makes the Bathroom Look Bigger Than Actual

With no metal or aluminum frame, the frameless shower enclosure gives a transparent, sleek, and clean look. Though it may require some time and skill for its installation, the final output makes your bathroom feel bigger than its actual size. So, for compact bathrooms, that’s an added bonus.

Framed or Frameless Glass Shower Door – Glass Shower Door Options

There is a significant cost difference between both these fancy design options for shower enclosures. In reality, frameless shower doors tend to be more expensive than framed ones. That’s because the frameless design isn’t that simple to install.
Furthermore, thick glass is used to ensure good strength, which also costs more. On the other hand, the framed glass shower door doesn’t require thick glass, nor is its time-consuming and complicated installation process.
Some common factors that would impact the overall installation cost are:

  • The type and quality of glass chosen
  • The dimensions of the bathroom
  • Any additional customization.

Anyhow, in both cases, it is recommended to buy your chosen glass type from a reputable glass manufacturer.


So, that was a comparison between framed vs frameless glass shower doors. Both custom glass shower door options are a modern and practical approach to utilizing the showering space in the bathroom. It’s a bit of cost differences that mainly differentiate these two.

On top of it, they both add a unique, modern, and premium feel to your bathroom. So, whichever option you go with, don’t forget to buy the desired glass type from a renowned glass supplier.

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