How to Clean Tempered Glass? Ultimate Guide

How to Clean Tempered Glass – Tempered glass is widely used in glass windows, doors, and even for shower enclosures. Their strength makes them the top pick of many homeowners. However, to get the best out of your tempered glass, you should keep it clean.

cleaning tempered glass windows

That’s because clean glass gives the modern feel and looks aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it is also known as toughened glass because of its added strength and durability.

Anyhow, as it has a smooth and shiny surface, some dust particles, dirt, or grime can ruin its looks. So, it’s best to keep it clean for optimum looks and performance.  

So, here the question arises, “how to clean tempered glass”? Well, it’s not that tough. A simple DIY solution can help you clean tempered glass without any hassle. Here is all you need to know about cleaning tempered glass with ease.

What Is Tempered Glass?

how to keep tempered glass clean

Compared to standard glass, tempered glass offers added strength, durability, and protection. This is because it goes through some extra processing during its manufacturing process. As a result, you get a tough glass that’s almost four times stronger and more durable than standard glass.

Anyhow, as it has a smooth and shiny surface, some dust particles, dirt, or grime can ruin its looks. So, it’s best to keep it clean for optimum looks and performance.  

Need To Clean the Tempered Glass

cleaner for tempered glass

Before we jump any further, let’s find out why it is necessary to clean the tempered glass. Below mentioned are a few solid reasons.

1. Dirt and Grime Looks Bad

On top of practicality and strength, homeowners opt for tempered glass windows and doors for added looks. Adding glass to your home décor increases your property’s financial worth. Therefore, dirt and grime can ruin the whole unique appeal if such glass items aren’t kept clean. That’s why it is recommended to keep glass doors, windows, and table tops clean.

2. Timely Cleaning Prolongs the Life Span

Dust particles, grime, and mold can also affect tempered glass items‘ efficiency and overall appearance. For example, if not kept clean, a tempered glass shower door may require a replacement sooner than expected. That’s because grime and mold become tough to get rid of if it’s not cleaned in time. 

Therefore, keeping it clean would prolong its life span. The same goes for glass table tops, doors, and windows. If they are kept clean, they will surely last for some good time.

3. Helps Preserve the Shine & Looks

The brand new shine and looks are something tough to maintain. However, with regular cleaning, you can preserve those looks with ease. In the case of toughened glass, the formula is simple. Keep it nice and clean, and it will compliment your bathroom décor like nothing.

4. Prevents any Future Damage

Shower doors are known for their unique appearance. However, uncleaned glass shower enclosures can be a hassle to maintain. Dirt, grime, and mold can harm their looks. Moreover, hardware and soap can also affect the efficiency of tempered glass.

Effective Way to Clean the Tempered Glass

Though there are many ways to clean tempered glass. However, we will share only the most effective method. So, let’s discuss what it takes to clean tempered glass.

Step 1. Prepare a DIY Solution

A DIY solution can easily clean tempered glass. However, for the optimum cleanliness, only a dishwasher or soap is recommended. Other homemade solutions may not work the best, so it’s better to avoid them. Anyhow, mix some dishwashers in water and prepare a solution. Ensure that you mix enough water so that the whole solution is diluted enough.

Step 2. Place the Solution in a Spray Bottle

Once the mixture is ready, simply place it inside a spray bottle. This bottle will help you equally spread the mixture on all dusty parts of the glass.

Step 3. Apply the Solution and Let It Do Its Job

spray mixture on the tempered glass

Now, spray the mixture on the tempered glass. Once sprayed, let it spread all across the glass. Give it a few seconds to spread completely. The dishwasher and water mixture will break down dirt, grime and smudges in a few seconds.

Step 4. Use a Clean Microfiber Cloth to Wipe Away the Applied Solution

Take a clean microfiber cloth and wipe away the applied mixture. Don’t apply any unnecessary pressure, be gentle. The microfiber cloth will wipe away all the dirt, grime, and mold from the glass, leaving a shiny, glossy, and clean surface.

What Not To Use For Cleaning Tempered Glass?

Probably the most common concern homeowners usually have in their minds. Yes, there are certain chemicals and substances that should be avoided at any cost. Basically, tempered glass has a protective coating on top of its surface.

Harsh chemicals can damage this coating resulting in decreased efficiency and overall performance. Therefore, alcohol, vinegar, and regular glass cleaners should be avoided. In case you want to use a glass cleaner, go with the one that’s specifically designed for tempered glass. The rest of the cleaning process would be pretty much the same.

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Final Thoughts

So, that’s all you need to know about, ‘how to clean tempered glass”. Initially, it seems like a tough job. However, it’s quite easy and a simple process to follow. Your daily used kitchen item, i.e., the dishwasher, is all you need for the most part.

Homeowners who are extra conscious can always go with a dedicated glass cleaner. But ensure that it’s for tempered glass. Regular glass cleaners may not give that shiny and clean look. Furthermore, alcohol and vinegar should be avoided.

Cleaning tempered glass is a DIY task, but that doesn’t mean any chemical or solution would work. Anyhow, it is best to keep your glass items, such as glass doors, shower enclosures, and windows, nice and clean.

They enhance the looks of your house and also increase its worth. Furthermore, it also preserves their original shine and looks. It also helps you improve your bathroom hygiene, which is something not to overlook. So, homeowners should never compromise on their maintenance. Moreover, always buy tempered glass from a trustworthy glass manufacturer for premium quality and peace of mind.

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