30+ Grow Room Design Ideas | Professional Grow Room Setup

Grow Room Design – Most people will agree that a Grow Room design will be the most critical factor in starting the cultivation.

Therefore, Grow Room planning is crucial because it is an ecosystem, not only a building. It would be best if you considered the local climate, environment controlled, and the plants.

So, we have made this for you to show what makes a good Grow Room, tips for creating better, step-by-step setup Grow Room and light fixtures recommendations.

Let’s see the uncover of Grow Room Design and tips here.

What Makes A Good Grow Room Design?

In making a grow room, it is important to design the entire setup room first. You must know the size and measure the space you have. Further, making a blueprint will have you maximize the use of the room space. Moreover, by doing that, you can find out how much electricity you need.

And, most grow rooms have a technology approach to create a plant production goal in a controlled environment. However, a good Grow Room design will determine your business in the future. It will affect the business plan, the methodology of growth, plan security, and technology used.

Grow Room Design: Tips for Creating Better

When you plan or create something, doing the pre-research is a must. As well as the grow room, you must take a look at these tips. Grow room is an expensive plan where you should pay more attention to the details. Let’s see everything that can make a great Grow Room design. After that, you can choose whether to make a big or small Grow Room design.

1. Determine Your Business Plan

grow room design

When deciding to make a Grow Room, the first thing you should do is determine how it gives you revenue. A target market is essential. Then, Your position, in this case, can determine your direction.

You can be a mass consumer market or trying to establish your position as a craft tiller waiter. From growing, harvesting to marketing and sales, it is very important to know how every part of your business works.

2. Choose The Right Growth Methodology

warehouse grow room design

The design and growth methodology have a great connection. You should make the Grow Room for the growth method. The method like living soil and aeroponic will affect the aims. Growth methods influence most growth room design decisions, so it is important to make early decisions.

3. Planning How to Protect The Plants

small grow room design

The indoor growth method also has many obstacles. You should take care and pay attention to the mold or insect. The chances of losing crops because of it are always possible. Many indoor planters are also failed to protect the crop from external spores and other potentially harmful factors. At the same time, you must plan to prevent and resolve employee theft.

4. Prioritize The Environmental Controls

grow room hvac design

Choosing the proper environmental control and horticulture software is the critical decision here. You will face low profit and quality products when you can not control the humidity, temperature, light, or even the ventilation.

Further, controlling the growth condition would be difficult, especially when using many types of equipment. So, to make it efficient, the system control needs to integrate and automate environmental management, and reporting is essential.

5. Facility Resizing for Expansion

commercial grow room design indoor

A growing room’s square feet have a significant effect on design choice. Surprisingly, these choices impact the overall cost. Climate control also depends on how big the growth scale you have. Moreover, in a large-scale grow room, investing in a central cooling system can significantly reduce costs.

Designing for larger installation space can generally reduce the cost per square foot of design work. Initially, you may need to invest more, but expansion typically increases profitability given the early stages of planning.

6. Choosing The Lighting: LEDs or Traditional

hydroponic grow room design

Lighting can determine your profit as well. You must be smart about this to get a maximum profit. LEDs lights step up further for reasons rather than HPS ones. Furthermore, your LED lighting can reduce the cost of electricity.

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7. Measure The Cost of Labor & Expendables

large grow room design

Deciding on an early methodology can sound good to you. Using pots and cocoa are great at a low cost. However, it still costs more. The root needs to be chopped down and disposed of.

Careful consideration of the cost of the entire process can save you a lot of time, effort, and cost later.

8. Choose Growing Style: Vertical or Single-Layer

grow room design ideas

How will your grow room look based on the growing style you apply in the square foot. It could be like a multi-layer system, utilizing roll-top benches or leveraging a roll-top bench to maximize canopy space. However, it is important to consider carefully even during the design stage of this growth room.

The most important thing is you should maximize the space. Ideally, the grower should see every plant every day. Automatic sensors help reduce labor and save time. Still, they can only be replaced by seeing the garden with your eyes.

Grow Room Setup Step-by-step

After determining the best design for your Grow Room, it is time to set it up. Some aspects of design still manage to give impact in this stage. The place, equipment like electricity, water, or even disaster will come up to the surface. Let’s see some setup ideas below.

1. Choose Grow Room Location

grow room setup design

The first thing is finding the best space. In determining the space, you will need to know some other things. It is like how many plants you would plant on, types of growing used, lighting, and electricity.

Therefore, this step and well-prepared plan will save the cost.

2. A Clear Grow Room Area

8x8 grow room design

The next step is you should clear the area around. It will depend on where the area is. You can build a Grow Room indoor in the basement and create a room there. Then, make sure everything is clear because you need to install equipment afterward.

3. Cover Grow Room

grow room design pictures

You can now start to cover the wall, ceiling, and floor. Using reflective material such as mylar or flat white paint will be good. The material will help the plants to grow. So, they will be able to catch more light with the help of reflective material.

4. Provide Constant Air Circulation

grow room design program

After the reflective material, the plants also need fresh air. You must keep the plants get constant air circulation and fresh air to grow healthy. An oscillating fan will help you to spread the air around the room. On the other hand, inline fans work to bring fresh air and take out the heat.

5. Provide Close Water Source To Grow Room

cfl grow room design

A close water source is important because the plants need it very much. Using a water hose from the source or pump is a great move. If you want to water plants using a hose, it is still good. But, to avoid damaging plant branches, it is better to use a flexible hose adapter for even watering.

6. Smooth Surface Grow Room

closed loop grow room design

It is preferred to have smooth flooring and concrete that have a drain system. You also can use another flooring cover to keep moisture. Furthermore, a broad, smooth, and flat floor is an advantage when there is dirt. It will be easier to clean from water spills, dirt fall or even leaves downs.

7. Grow Rooms Lights Installation

indoor plants grow room design with lighting

Before getting the light, you need to install the hook first. This step is used to make sure the size of the light and ceiling is fit enough. Further, it is better to use hooks, chains, or light holders. Some of the lights will weigh more than 30 pounds.

8. Bring Grow Room Tools

best grow room design

For indoor planting, it is important to have tools near the room. Before placing the plants in, you need to check the temperature and humidity in the room by using a hygrometer and thermometer.

However, ensuring the right plant’s environment can help to support the plant’s life.

9. Setup Lamps And Ballasts In the Grow Room

10x10 grow room design

After the hook, it is time to set the lamps and ballasts for the Grow Room. It would be best if you were careful while installing to avoid damage and fire that would happen. So, read the directions in the manual books carefully. Checking temperature and humidity are essential to know it is in the right plants’ range.

10. Installing The Growing System

sealed grow room design

Installing the growing system is the last step. You can use systems such as soil containers or hydroponics Grow Room design. Readjusting the lights, fans, and water system is needed to set everything in the right place. However, keep your eyes on humidity and temperature problems that might occur there.

Grow Room Equipment

After you set the Grow Room, you need the equipment inside the room. The equipment will make and help you to control the environment inside. You might don’t need all the equipment below, but the more equipment, the more you will get a better result. 

Lamp & Reflector


A lamp is a vital piece of equipment you must install in the Grow Room. The plants will like more lights. There are various types of lights, but HPS lamps will work the best in every planting phase. 

Next, the reflector that should come with the light. The reflector helps to direct lamps to the plants. So, every light that points to the wall or ceiling will back towards the plants. It will be cost-effective if you buy the lighting set.

If you’re looking to maintain plants outside of the grow room, then grounds maintenance leicester can come in handy! Whilst you’re spending your valuable time tending to your grow room, you can be confident knowing that a team of professionals will be tending to the rest of your plants.

Ballast for Lighting Grow Room


To limit the energy used by the lamp, you need a ballast. Ballast comes in vary, and a dimmed ballast is a recommendation. Sometimes, the ballast is in a package with a lamp and reflector. Buying it on set will save more money.

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Grow Room Hygrometer


A Hygrometer is equipment that will help you to know how humid the Grow Room is. It will be in analog or digital form, but it doesn’t make much difference. Therefore, you might need a memory feature from the hygrometer. We can suggest you have this even in the small room. 

Air Extractor and Intake Grow Room Equipment


The lamps will emit heat, and you need an item to get it rid of; you need this extractor. Further, an air extractor can create under pressure conditions. It will help to avoid the smell from the room getting out. 

On the other hand, air intake tools help your plants to get fresh air from outside. When you install the air intake, make sure it fits well. If it is not, the air will go outwards. 

A Controller with thermostat Features

The controller is used to adjust the air extractor. When the light is on, it means there is more air that needs to be extracted. Then, the controller helps you run the extractor and knows how much it needs to run on. 

Grow Room Thermometer


You need to check the temperature in the Grow Room gradually, so you need this thermometer. Whatever type of thermometer is not a problem, even in analog or digital. But, most digital thermometers include memory that will help you track the temperature for long-term trends. 

Further, you could need a thermometer that is installed outside. It can help you to keep check outside temperature at night without bothering the inside environment.

Can or Pump for Watering Plants

The manual watering using a can is fine, so is a pump. But, the size of the Grow Room area determines which side you will use. If you use hydroponics operations, you must need a pump that is connected to all plants. However, if it is a small size room, it is better to use a watering can.

The Best Grow Lights Choices

You must know that one of the essential factors of creating a growing room is the lighting setup. With lighting, you have to make several important decisions, such as the type of lights, how many lights, and how to raise them. Then, it is to think much about it even though your room can interact well with the light.


MR16 led bulbs are a type of energy-efficient lighting that can be used in a variety of settings, including homes, businesses, and outdoor areas. MR16 refers to the bulb shape, which has a diameter of 16 millimeters, while LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, which is the technology used in the bulb. 

2. EnviroGro 4-Tube Light Grow Room Fixtures

This light fixture is the perfect setting for cloning or starting the plant stage of a plant. You will get four fluorescent bulbs with a reflective hood. Further, it is also possible if you want to customize lighting for matching with the system surrounding. Then, the fixture has 18.800 lumens rated that will not be in much heat for the plants.

3. Hydrofarm Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent Grow Lights


It is known as pretty lightweight lighting with a complete fixture. You will get all fluorescent kits such as bulbs and reflectors to maximize lighting. Then, with a light feature, it will not be hard to hang.

Because of its lightweight, the fixture is an efficient energy saver. However, it would be best to use this lighting fixture in the flowering phase because of the low spectrum output.

4. Apollo Horticulture Compact Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb


Another excellent budget-friendly lighting fixture that you should get. The lights can be the solution for any plant. But don’t use this for a flowering phase; it won’t work the best.

The light is energy efficient because it emits only a little heat. Great choice if you want to cut the budget. On the other hand, this fixture doesn’t include a hood. So, it would help if you bought it separately.

5. Spectrum King LED Series Lighting for Grow Room

A superb LED fixture with several advantages and features there. Even though it is not cheap, you can maximize the budget with a high-quality item. It produces a full spectrum with durable housing. So, washing the housing is necessary when you get waterproof and easy adjustable lighting.

Furthermore, you can use this for every plant phase. You can use it as long as the plants grow better.

6. GalaxyHydro 180W LED Grow Room Lighting


If the previous fixture is a bit expensive, you better use this LED grow light. This light might be a cheap alternative, especially the larger one. Further, it can work for every plant type. If you have various plant types to grow, this lighting might be your choice.

However, it is better to have a good lighting combination. With this only fixture, you won’t get a maximum result.

7. TaoTronics LED Plant Grow Room Lighting

It is the top-selling LED grow lighting. You can use this light even if you are a newcomer. Further, this LED light can work well in every plant’s phase.

With this light, you can cut the budget because it is pretty cheap. However, it doesn’t produce a full spectrum. So, you can use the light for the short plant.

8. Wing Digital Dimmable Grow Light System


A complete lighting set will help you to grow plants better. This light comes with a hood for the cooling system where it is essential in using HPS lighting. Then, the fan will put out the heat from the place around the bulb.

What makes it perfect is the full spectrum lighting. It is because it has HPS and MH bulbs. Further, you can customize and dim the ballast by yourself.

9. Econo Magnetic Light Grow Room System

For HPS light systems, this fixture is one of the top-selling products. A strong product which can give you a maximum result from the plants. Further, you will not get much heat from the light.

The heat is not as much as other HPS systems. Then, when you hang it, it has an adjustable rope that will help you.

10. Grow Light Kit Omega PRO-V Ballast with Reflector Shade

A cheap HPS spectrum lamp that helps you in growing plants. You will get a magnetic ballast, reflector hood, and light bulb in a package. The ballast is fire resistant and will make you find it when using it.

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To improve your crop result, you need to follow tips, grow setup steps, and recommend here. For lighting, you better use LED grow lights for plants in a Grow Room area. It could be a bit expensive, but you can use it for all the phases of the plants and maximize the result. Moreover, all the garden tools and setup are your Grow Room life. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Grow Room now.

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