30+ Charming Cabinet Door Styles to Make Your Room Prettier

Cabinet Door Styles – When you argue with choosing the right cabinet for a particular room, the cabinet door plays an important role, indeed.

Most homeowners believe that the cabinet door plays a visual attraction because of the front position. Further, it shows your room design and styles.

For information,  there are many door styles for cabinets, from the traditional to the modern one. Or, you can choose whether you want a shaker, inset, or flat panel. From those all, your room will become alive and prettier.

So, let’s take a look here. We will discuss the popular door style, type of door until you can make your DIY cabinet door style.

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The fact that it comes up with various options, you might feel overwhelmed in choosing cabinet door style. Don’t worry; we are here to help to solve the problem. Let’s see here is the list of popular cabinet door styles.

1. Raised-panel Cabinet Doors Style

So far, raised-panel is one of the most popular cabinet doors. The raised-panel is where the center of the door has a thick form and is raised to the frame’s front. It comes in a particular pattern introduced and shows the depth and shadow accent.

Further, the style can work best for traditional or contemporary style.

Rectangle Raised-panel Door

cabinet door styles

The rectangle-raised pattern matches the lower cabinet. The pattern shows the classic, and a handle helps with the simplicity.

Brown Wood Raised-panel Cabinet Door

kitchen cabinet door styles

Besides the low part, you can also have the rectangle-raised pattern for the upper cabinet. Carefully choose the wood color for completing the room style.

2. Recessed Panel Cabinet Doors Style

This style is the reverse of the raised panel. The frame will come out, and the center pattern will go down. Most people know this as a flexible design. You can easily change the color and make a new look without changing the door style.

Further, you will find that this style has sleeker touch rather than a raised-panel.

Dark Brown Recessed-panel Door Style

kitchen cabinet door styles pictures

Using this popular door style in the entire kitchen is not a bad idea. Just make sure that the style, painted cabinet door, and room style is perfectly suitable.

Gradual Recessed panel Cabinet Door

flat panel cabinet door styles

This recessed type is perfect when you have a sleek and bright room style. The recess has a gradual pattern. Further, the simple handle is ideal with the faucet.

3. Shaker Cabinet Doors Style

A shaker cabinet has been popular since the 18th century. Homeowners agree that the style will work best for traditional or contemporary cabinet design.

It is known to have a plain rail and recessed-panel pattern. And, now, the popularity is back alongside the modern farmhouse style.

Transitional Shaker Cabinet Door

raised panel cabinet door styles
Vincent Longo Custom Builders

An excellent move with a shaker cabinet when you have an l-shaped kitchen. Further, light wood color and brown flooring can be the perfect pair for the cabinet door style.

White Shaker Cabinet Door Style

cabinet door styles images

If you have ceramic countertops and a white cabinet, using a cabinet door shaker can help you. It will not ruin the style. Indeed, it enriches your tone in the room.

4. Slab Cabinet Doors Style

It will match with a minimalist room design. Why? It is because the style is made from one material that shows smooth and clean surface cabinets.

kitchen cabinet door styles inset

In this small kitchen, the sleek look is essential. Further, the cabinet is the main point and shows an elegant look.

5. Mullion Cabinet Doors Style

The door style knew to have two materials, glass and wood. You will be able to see what is inside. Then, having a lovely ornament with wood.

cabinet glass door styles

You can set the mullion cabinet door style near the window. It will be like the showcase in the kitchen. But, the wooden pattern in the center adds to the beauty of the cabinet.

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6. Flat-panel Door Style

There will be no detail or ornament touch in this door style. Perhaps, this style looks like a slab, but the cabinet’s edges and combinations will be different.

Remodel Flat Panel Door Style

flat panel kitchen cabinet door styles
Agnieszka Jakubowicz PHOTOGRAPHY

In the bathroom, it looks better when a cabinet with no handle set. Of course, You need a recessed handle. Further, choosing dark color wood is not a bad idea for bathroom cabinet door styles.

Indoor-Outdoor Flat Cabinet Door Style

most popular cabinet door styles
David Watkins Home Design, LLC

A nice view needs an excellent design. Just like this outdoor kitchen, the flat cabinet completes the simple and clean look of the design. Also, the flat door style will not give you a hard time while cooking.

Cabinet Door Types

Moving from the popular door style, you need to know that cabinet doors have various types. It is important because the structure can determine your choice. How many types are they? What are the differences of each type? Later, we will answer those questions.

1. Partial Overlay of Cabinet Door

As the name is given, it has a half-covered and half-open frame. It creates the border of every part in the cabinet. Thus, this type is the standard cabinet door used by the manufacturer.

Transitional Kitchen with Partial Overlay Cabinet Door

cabinet door panel styles

You see that the upper part is a cabinet door with glass. You can see what items we keep there. Further, you can set it like a showcase for rare items.

Partial Overlay Type with Mullion Style Door

cabinet door styles shaker
Tiek Built Homes

You can have the partial type with various styles. The Mullion style might be perfect because it has a combination of glass and wood. Further, the wood can be an additional ornament to make it pretty.

2. Full Overlay Cabinet Door Type

This type usually comes with slab door style. It all covers the cabinet and doesn’t expose the frame. Then, this style will work with a minimalist design.

 White Traditional Full Overlay Door Type

cabinet door styles names

A white can show the minimalist alongside a luxury tone. You can use this type and style for a bedroom or bathroom cabinets.

 Elegant Brown Full Overlay Cabinet Door

popular cabinet door styles

Even it has a dark tone, but the color makes it elegant. The cabinet works perfectly in creating sleek designs. Then, the wooden floor works well with all the cabinet door overlay styles.

3. Inset cabinet doors type

The inset cabinet will fit into the cabinet frame and need a knob to make it out. This type could work with a traditional style room because the door has been used for years and centuries.

Lower Inset Cabinet Door Type

types of kitchen cabinet door styles

Even if you only have one inset, it’s still a good move. You can use it to save and arrange the cutlery stuff. Then, using the contrast color between door and knob is not a bad idea.

Grey Door with White Countertops

brookhaven cabinet door styles

A traditional style will come with dark or plain color. You can use various colors, like white kitchen cabinet doors, but not leave behind the classic style. Then, the inset door type will complete the class.

4. Glass Front Door Type

As the name, the door will use glass as the front material. Above all, a glass front set to combine with another type or style of the cabinet door. Yet, don’t be afraid to bravely use all glass because you can use it as a showcase.

Square frame Glass Door

wood kitchen cabinet door styles

The typical glass door will come like it. It has a frame in the center and makes the door into some pieces square. But, you still can make the cabinet as the showcase.

Haze Glass Door Type

cabinet door styles inset

You can use another type of glass for the cabinet door. Using haze glass is a great idea. You can’t see what is inside, but it can be an interesting touch in the kitchen.

Classic Glass Door

different cabinet door styles

It looks the same as a typical glass door, but you can see how classic it is. The style of the frame is different. Then, it has a carving touch for a classy thing.

Kitchen Cabinet Inspiration For Your Home

After knowing the popular style and type of the cabinet door, it is time to see another exciting topic. You have to combine both style and type for the doot. It seems interesting because you have to match the particular room style.

1. Country Farmhouse Cabinet Door Style

bathroom cabinet door styles
Buchanan Construction

A nice touch when you have different cabinet colors in the kitchen. Yet, you must carefully choose the right color. Wooden color and raised-panel doors are great for country farmhouse style.

2. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Door

most popular kitchen cabinet door styles

Modern style can be simple or bright touch. With an inset cabinet, the yellow and dark countertop works well in the sleek kitchen style.

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3. Contemporary/Minimalist Kitchen Cabinet Door

modern cabinet door styles

Sleek and minimalist are great while working with white and modern style. Choosing a flat panel cabinet door is the right move. Then, with some plants and accessories, the kitchen is perfect.

4. Coastal Kitchen Cabinet Door

custom cabinet door styles

This coastal kitchen has a traditional feel. Then, with recessed-panel cabinets and white color, it creates a sleek and luxurious thing. Don’t be afraid to try the idea for convenient cooking.

5. Mediterranean Kitchen Cabinet Door Idea

cabinet door overlay styles

The kitchen dominates with classic style and stuff. Next, the cabinet has an inset door on the island and a glass door on the other side. Further, a classic style always brings the warm.

6. Traditional Kitchen cabinet Door

Nowadays, the kitchen style and design have many options. For traditional, you might find it pure traditional or mix with modern. Otherwise, it is a great style to apply.

Traditional and Modern Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Various traditional styles will enrich your choices for kitchen cabinet design. You can have like this kitchen which is having a modern touch. Moreover, the cabinet dominates with a beautiful inset, full overlay, and glass door.

 Wooden Cabinet Style


Raised panel cabinet doors are an excellent choice for the traditional style. Further, the bold frame on the wood is a strong point here.

7. Louvered Door Idea

Using the louvered door style gives some texture to the cabinet. The same with the raised cabinet door panel styles, the bold wood is a great point there. Furthermore, choose the best color that suits your kitchen style.

8. Rustic Country-Style Kitchen Cabinet Door


You will get tired of using rustic style, even if it is for the cabinet. It is nice when having a glass door for the upper cabinet for showing you stuff. Then, the lower part chose inset, recessed-panel, or raised panel cabinet door.

9. Urban Rustic Cabinet Door Style

You can add texture to the cabinet by using raw wood. It will look sophisticated, and urban rustic comes up prettier.

Blue Urban Rustic Cabinet

deVOL Kitchens

As the raw wood on the cabinet door, your job is choosing the right color. With blue that is the same with the wall is a great touch. Then, the door type, you can select the flat panel one.

Authentic Reclaimed Flooring

One characteristic of urban rustic is the lower part will be darker than the upper cabinet. Just like the kitchen, the cabinet door stands out with the navy and texture from the wood.

10. An Eclectic Mix Door

By looking at this kitchen, it is okay to mix your kitchen style. For example, you can use an inset, shaker, shelf, or raised panel door for the cabinet. Need to remember, it all must connect.

11. Modern Cabinet Style

 You can see the modern here from the pattern and style used in the kitchen. The cabinet uses wood material with a unique texture. With a simple handle, the panel still looks warm.

Which Cabinet Style Is Best For A Kitchen?

From all various and different kitchen cabinet styles, you should choose for your kitchen. Therefore, it all depends on how you want the kitchen to look. You can use timeless options such as shaker cabinet style. The shaker is a good choice because it can mix in any kitchen style.

Or, you want something new, choose the flat panel cabinet. It is the latest trend since it gives a sleek and broad effect. Raised-panel will be the top choice for traditional style kitchens. So, don’t worry; we here to help you determine the option.

Which Cabinet Style Is Best For A Bathroom?

Even the bathroom is not the center point of the house; it still must have your style. You can start styling it from the cabinet use. Generally, shaker or flat panel cabinets are the top options for cabinet bathrooms.

The bathroom things might need ample space for saving. Those two styles, flat and shaker, will provide the space you need. Further, those styles will not go out of date for years.

Customizing Your Cabinets

All the choices above will make your cabinet prettier. However, you can still create a personalized touch on it. In customizing, you can start with some elements below.

1. Personalized the Color

Going with natural wood color is not bad. But, you can go brave with another bright color touch. You should carefully watch the style used in the room for matching it.

2. Choose Supporting Material


As color is the first element for customizing, the cabinet material also needs to support it. So, choosing the paint-grade material will be the best. Because it provides the best cure for the cabinet.

3. Cabinet Accessories

The accessories here mean the simple finishing touch that completes your cabinet style. For example, shelves, end panels, and molding can personalize to improve the cabinet look.

4. Hardware Cabinet

cabinet styles

A beautiful and aesthetic touch comes from the hardware of the cabinet. The hardware such as knobs, handles, or pulleys stays in the front of the cabinet door. Find the one that matches your style.

Finding Your Perfect Cabinet Door Style

Since the door is replaceable, you can find the perfect cabinet by ordering. Before making the order, you must consider some aspects so that you find the right thing. First, knowing the cabinet size and dimensions is the essential thing.

The dimension also can determine your cabinet door style. Not every style will suit directly to the cabinet. Then, you can start ordering the cabinet door. Find a marketplace that is easy and user-friendly. After that, a lovely cabinet door will dress the room.

Tips for DIY Cabinet Door Installation

Mostly know that every DIY work will face more effort. Don’t worry because the installation step might be the same for all types. The difference here can be the hardware or personalized feature of each style.

Those personalized things might make it complicated. Yet, cabinet doors DIY can give the most satisfaction when it is finished.

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By proving all the styles and types above, we hope to help you create the perfect space. Even if your room has a farmhouse, modern, rustic, or contemporary style, the cabinet has its way to complete perfection. However, customizing or DIY cabinet doors is not forbidden as long as you can match them well.

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