9+ Terrifying Hot Tub Brands to Avoid and Ones to Buy Instead

Hot Tub Brands to Avoid – Believe it or not, hot tub brands to avoid are out there, offering something that looks great but breakdown easily within some period.

A hot tub is supposed to be valuable for hydrotherapy in the form of a bubble bath, massage, spa, and others. 

However, if you buy this facility from the wrong brand, it may not be as practical as you expected. 

For this reason, knowing each unreliable brand in the industry is crucial before investing in this expensive water feature in your home.

Things That Make a Hot Tub Brand Bad

hot tub brands to avoid 2017

A lot of well-known brands have infused their hot tubs with futuristic features so that the customers can make the most of their experiences. 

On the other hand, some brands just cannot translate what they claim into reality. Usually, here are the factors that make a hot tub brand terrible.

  • The brand receives many negative reviews from its customers, showing that there is something awful going on with its hot tub.
  • Hot tub brands that do not come with a service agreement are most troublesome. 

For a home appliance that can break down anytime, not offering this contract is a red flag for a company.

  • Not receiving any positive reviews from its previous users indicates hot tub brands to avoid since reputable ones will have a long list of happy customers.
  • The brand does not provide a good warranty that covers repair costs or assurance that they will fix your hot tub’s issues even after the guarantee period has passed.
  • Terrible hot tub brands typically have poor quality insulation which is very important to make sure that you can enjoy this water feature for a long time.

Aside from the above list, bad customer service is another hint of unreliable hot tub brands.

Although it is a bit tricky to determine if a manufacturer has an awful reputation in serving its users, you can still count on online consumer reports and ratings.

10 Hot Tub Brands to Avoid If You Don’t Want To Get Upset

Now that you already know some factors on hot tub brands that raise a red flag, it is time to take a peek at the actual products to avoid.

Aside from the above keynotes, this list of worst hot tub brands is also based on the overall performance, efficiency, price tag, and consumer reports. 

1. Futura Spas – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid

hot tub brands to avoid 2019

Receiving a 2.5 rating for three years straight, Futura Spas is the first terrible hot tub brand on this list. 

Whether you Google it or check the consumer affairs, the score is similar.

This brand may claim to offer a 25-year warranty, but you will end up paying for repairing flawed parts although the guarantee period is still valid.

Many consumers of Futura Spas hot tubs also complain about broken cabinets and busted fuses on their units. 

You can find the other good reasons to stay away from this brand below.

  • The hot tubs are made of despicable quality stuff
  • Futura Spas hot tubs are not user-friendly since the control panel is confusing 
  • Some areas of the tub come with rough plastic and there are weak filter pleats too

Moreover, the customer service of Futura Spas is not helpful as well. Overall, their hot tubs are dissimilar from the ones shown in the advertisements.

2. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

best rated hot tub brands to avoid

It is no secret that Jacuzzi is among the top-rated brands in the market. Their hot tubs are well-known for their energy-efficient and excellent performance. 

Compared to other awful hot tubs in this list, this brand is a lot better. However, you should not forget that their product rating is 3.5 according to consumer affairs.

Then, what makes this good-performing hot tub brand receive such an average score? Unfortunately, the quality of Jacuzzi hot tubs is not followed by good customer service.

If you check Jacuzzi hot tub reviews online, you can easily find that this brand has terrible customer service.

Many users have complained that the after-sale service of Jacuzzi Hot Tubs is bad. 

They often do not substitute the damaged parts with the new ones even though the product is still within its warranty time.

Other reasons that make Jacuzzi one of the hot tub brands to avoid are as follows.

  • The heater of the Jacuzzi hot tubs does not work properly.
  • Jacuzzi made their hot tubs of poor quality material and there are some defective parts too.
  • Offering limited energy-efficient options, users may find it restricted to get the right Jacuzzi hot tubs for their needs.

3. Life Spas – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid

spa hot tubs brand to avoid reviews

Although this California hot tub company declares to be a top spa brand in the industry, its consumer reviews show otherwise.

With almost 45% of unhappy consumers, Life Spas is one of the least trustworthy hot tub brands in the market today.

Many users of Life Spas hot tubs complained about how terrible the water heaters are. Some said that the water tends to start boiling due to overheating sometimes.

Just like other hot tub brands to avoid, you can easily notice inconsistent reviews about this manufacturer online. 

In general, Life Spas receives less than 3 stars in terms of consumer rating. 

  • Life Spas do not deliver hot tubs as the advertisement and the delivery service is not timely as well.
  • The hot tubs do not perform properly and they come with bad quality materials.

Besides, you should not forget about the customer service of Life Spas as it is an important part of buying a hot tub from wherever you are.

It is safe to say that this is the worst factor of purchasing Life Spas hot tubs. Its customer service frequently overlooks customers’ complaints and is not helpful. 

4. Laguna Bay Spas – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid

hot tub brand reviews 2021 to avoid

If you are looking for the most energy efficient hot tub brands, Laguna Bay Spas should not be on your list.

This brand often provides its customers with defective products, making it receive a rating of 2 stars. 

It shows the huge number of unhappy users of Laguna Bay Spas.

A lot of users experienced defective tubs and heating problems with their products. Besides, the customer service of Laguna Bay Spas makes it even worse with its terrible performance. 

In case you are still not convinced yet to stay away from this brand, check the following drawbacks of Laguna Bay Spas hot tubs below.

  • The hot tubs come with a control panel that is hard to understand.
  • Many customers do not like the hot tubs’ ill-fitting cover and weak jets.
  • Leaking issues are something common in Laguna Bay Spas hot tubs.

5. Thermospa – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid

brands of hot tubs to avoid

A list of hot tub brands to avoid will not be complete if it does not mention Thermospa since this is the one with the lowest ratings in terms of customer satisfaction.

Thermospa does not work with local dealers, making it troublesome for most customers. Besides, a huge number of users also complained about late delivery from this brand.

Even one of the customers stated that his hot tub gets delivered to his location after three months of ordering. 

If you check on Better Business Bureau, Thermospa’s rating is B too. Their hot tubs have no great construction both externally and internally as well.

For your reference, here are the other disadvantages of Thermospa hot tubs to take into account.

  • Thermospa hot tubs are prone to leakage issues.
  • It is difficult for customers to use the hot tub due to unclear instructions.
  • You will not find adequate information online regarding the pricing of Thermospa hot tubs.
  • Some users complained about the production of foam in the tub.

6. Dimension One Spa

mira hot tubs brand reviews to avoid

You will not find any customer reviews when checking the website of Dimension One Spa.

However, in third-party consumer sites, you can notice that the rating of this brand is only 3.2 stars.

Many users reported that the customer service of Dimension One Spa is not responsive, particularly when they are trying to replace defective heaters or other parts.

In addition, a lot of users also complained that their hot tub shows a sign of leaking issue although they have been using it for a few weeks only. 

You can check the other reasons why Dimension One Spa is one of the hot tub brands to avoid below.

  • There is no instruction at delivery and the hot tub requires frequent repairs.
  • The hoses, pump, and motor of the Dimension One Spa hot tubs are poorly designed and some users notice a leaking issue after a few uses. 

7. Aleko Inflatable Hot Tubs

unbiased hot tub reviews brand to avoid

Although Aleko Inflatable Hot Tubs has both good and dreadful reviews from its users, it is undeniable that most of them are on the bad side.

The most mentioned issue with this brand is that the consumers often received defective hot tubs from Aleko.

Some people found that their hot tubs cannot stay warm for a long period while others complained that the product takes much time to heat.

Similar to other hot tub brands to avoid in this list, Aleko provides poor customer service as well. You can find other downsides related to this inflatable hot tub below.

  • Aleko Inflatable Hot Tubs frequently come with malfunctioned heaters and the product itself often does not even turn on.
  • This brand only offers a 3-month warranty which is very short for a hot tub that can be easily broken down.
  • The product is often not inflated evenly, making it look bad.

8. Coleman and Bestway Inflatable Hot Tubs

Hot tubs from Coleman and Best Way are the next ones to avoid. This brand does not meet the overall expectation of many users and is considered the worst in the market.

When purchasing an inflatable hot tub brand, you must be expecting that the product can heat water quickly. 

However, this will not happen if you get the Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs.

This brand takes a very long time to heat water compared to others. Besides, users also reported that the Coleman hot tubs have weak jets. 

Here is a list of the drawbacks of this maker.

  • Coleman Inflatable Hot Tubs are very slow to heat water and have poor quality jets.
  • The Coleman hot tub is made of bad quality material in general.

9. Caldera Spas – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid

Although Caldera Spas is a highly well-known company, it does not change the fact that many people are disappointed with their hot tubs.

Caldera Spas do not provide you with the best customer service. Besides, their hot tub models typically need continuous repairs and maintenance. 

In detail, here is what consumers say about the Caldera Spas hot tubs.

  • Some users complained that they have to maintain their hot tub every night so that the filter will not get clogged or the whole tub started to be malfunction.
  • A consumer stated that the customer service office of Caldera Spas refused to listen to his problem and even hung up the call.

10. Hot Spring Spas – Hot Tub Brands to Avoid


It is no secret that Hot Spring Spas offer several hot tubs with amazing features. You can even get a high-quality warranty when buying from this brand.

However, some specific reasons make this company is in the list of hot tub brands to avoid. 

The main reason is due to their terrible customer service that makes people wonder if they do not exist. 

Hot Spring Spas may have a great market reputation, but they are indeed lacking in terms of listening to complaints and solving issues. 

Other good reasons to stay away from Hot Spring Spas are as follows.

  • Some consumers reported that they need to wait for more than two months for a call back from the brand to fix their hot tub’s issues.
  • You have to make sure that your models have no problems so that there is no need to contact Hot Spring Spas’ customer service.

Aside from the above-mentioned hot tub brands to avoid, there are also a few other ones that often received bad comments from their customers.

Sundance Spas, for example, are frequently linked to bad quality hot tubs despite their great market reputation. 

Meanwhile, there are also Saratoga Spas and Arctic Spas that you need to avoid as these brands have awful customer support services.

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Reliable Hot Tub Brands to Buy Instead

Fortunately, you can still find some dependable hot tub brands in the market. These reliable names acquire good consumer ratings and overall high-quality performance. 

Without further ado, let us take a look at the list!

1. Bullfrog Spa

One of the best hot tub brands in today’s market is Bullfrog Spa. When investing in this name, you do not need to worry about getting ignored for your complaints.

It is because they have great customer support service.

Aside from responsive customer service, Bullfrog Spa is also popular for its energy-efficient hot tubs. 

Besides, you can find the Bullfrog Spa hot tubs in a variety of price ranges, making it easy for any homeowner to pick a model that suits their budget. 

2. Masters Hot Tub


Similar to Bullfrog Spa, this brand offers a range of different hot tub products that vary in price. 

You can easily find a product that is affordable and suits your budget without worrying about this brand’s reputation.

Masters Hot Tub receives a rating of 4.3 and becomes one of the most reliable brands in this industry with its noise reductions system.

You can expect a reduction of the pump and motor vibration from Masters Hot Tub. 

There are also cool features to enjoy, such as a fusion sir sound system, mobile compatibilities, and Wi-Fi connection in this brand.

It is indeed not one of the hot tub brands to avoid since Masters Hot Tub will reward you with peaceful surroundings when in operation.

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3. Marquis Spas


If you are looking for the best hot tub warranty, Marquis Spas may make an ideal brand to consider. 

It is budget-friendly and features constant clean technology.

Hot tubs from Marquis Spas mostly come within 1 to 5 years of the warranty period, making it pretty dependable. 

Users also praise how clean and fresh it is to soak their bodies in this tub.

Marquis Spas also allows you to install LED lighting and an audio system in their hot tubs. You can also enjoy a huge range of customization choices to make the most of your tub as well.

More importantly, the customer service of Marquis Spas is not disappointing as well. 

You do not need to worry since this brand takes care of its users properly unlike some hot tub brands to avoid in the above list.

4. Essential Hot Tubs


The last good option for trusted hot tub brands in this list is Essential Hot Tubs which offers a high-quality product with a rating of 4.7 stars. 

Most users love their comfy seating and how efficient the heating system of this brand is. 

Another good point about Essential Hot Tubs is their filtering system that can make you worry-free about cleaning water anytime.

In conclusion, you should be careful when choosing water feature products and make sure not to invest in any one of those hot tub brands to avoid if you do not want to get upset in the end.

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We hope you can confidently go to the market with all the information provided and find your dream spa. Of course, you need to do a little more research to find the best spa for the family. You must try to find the best spa with the desired hot tub function and the best spa for the overall aesthetics. Good luck on your journey to pure relaxation. Finally, we hope you find the spa you were looking for.

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