Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

Modern Farmhouse Bedroom – A combination of contemporary design and farmhouse beauty shows a new look that we often call a modern farmhouse style. This style is popular with its unique and simple look that appears in natural colors and accents.

Besides showing its uniqueness, this style also provides an inviting space with rustic furnishings. Since the modern farmhouse style is comfy and relaxing, many homeowners decide to adopt it to their houses.

Furthermore, take a look at some available designs is essential to provide the owner with some relevant inspirations. Thus, before starting to transform a bedroom with a modern farmhouse style, let us find more designs and get some new great ideas.

  • Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Designs – A bedroom is not only a place for sleeping but also a place for relaxing and spending our free time. Thus, having a cozy bedroom is a dream of every homeowner.
  • On the other hand, if the room is not comfortable enough, the owner will spend less time in there.
  • Among so many available designs, modern farmhouse is perfect for those who love simplicity and contemporary atmosphere.

Therefore here are several designs that represent modern and cozy farmhouse bedroom ideas.

Open-concept Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom
Ken Linsteadt Architects

Multiple windows and glass doors give an open-concept look in this room. It represents a modern farmhouse chic bedroom style with its warm and natural colors touch.

Bright and Exquisite Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom set
Greg Perry Design

Although almost entire rooms are white, this room doesn’t look dull and monotonous. Instead, it looks beautiful and neat.  Also, there is a shiplap wall behind the bed and some rustic furniture that increases a farmhouse vibe.

Natural Medium-sized Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom ideas
Kathleen Walsh Interiors

A combination of white walls and visible wood roof truss brings a natural atmosphere to this medium-sized bedroom. Moreover, this bedroom merges directly with a bathroom, which creates a unique design.

White and Grey Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom furniture
Joseph Farrell Architecture

Lots of fresh air and natural lights become a center of attention from this bedroom. It features a combination of white and grey on the wall and shiplap ceiling. 

Industrial and Contemporary Touches

farmhouse style bedroom furniture
LMK Interiors

As we can see on the wall and furnishings, there is a mix of industrial and contemporary looks. On one side, the wall has a rustic style with a natural wood accent. While on the other, there is gray paint with a sliding door and a hanging photograph.

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Lovely Resting Place

farmhouse bedroom lighting
Tyrrell and Laing International, Inc.

Having a bedroom like this one can bring positive and satisfying feelings. It’s not only great for sleeping but also for resting and watching a great outside view. Furthermore, the room looks open and fresh, with an open-concept idea. 

Rustic Wood Accent

farmhouse bed frame
Magleby Construction

A wood accent in this bedroom wall and ceiling might look old, but it doesn’t bring a lifeless view. Additionally, it looks great with modern farmhouse bedroom furniture and natural light from outside.

Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

brown bedroom ideas
Rockefeller Kempel Architects

Spending time watching the sun or sitting by the window while facing a fireplace is a great thing to do in this room. Moreover, with a combination of a stone fireplace, a shiplap ceiling, and simple furnishings, we can get a luxurious atmosphere in this master bedroom.

Two-tone Farmhouse Bedroom

cottage style bedroom furniture
Dream Home Drafting

White and grey give a natural two-tone color in this bedroom. We can see the wall has full white painting, while the ceiling and floor appear in grey. Furthermore, its farmhouse style comes out exquisitely in the addition of warm and vintage furniture, including lightings and bedding set.

Elegant Wooden Farmhouse Bedroom

modern farmhouse bedding
Sheehan Built Homes

A tall window provides lots of natural light from outside. There is also a shiplap wall surrounding the window. Besides, the white wall and dark wood floor bring an elegant look and relaxing touch in this farmhouse room. 

Gorgeous in Black and White

 farmhouse style bed
Courtney Thomas Design

Neutral colors like black and white beautify this whole bedroom space (Courtney Thomas Design). It doesn’t look too much but seems natural and stunning. Also, this room has attractive details on the plaid rug, floor tiles, bedding, and other furnishings.

Small Modern Farmhouse Bedroom 

rustic farmhouse bedding
John Kraemer & Sons

A small bedroom looks open with several tall glass windows. By arranging the bed to face those windows, it will provide a natural view and a fresh atmosphere. Moreover, the floor is wooden, which is suitable for a modern farmhouse style.

Elegant Farmhouse Design

farmhouse bedroom curtains

As an example of a romantic farmhouse bedroom, this one looks stunning and comforting. It has a combination of wood ceiling, beige wall, and farmhouse decors. Additionally, most of the floor covered by carpet, which make it looks fancy and warm.

Contemporary Farmhouse Master Bedroom

farmhouse style bedroom sets

A large master bedroom looks great with the right arrangement. This one has super large glass windows with chairs near them for relaxing. Moreover, there is a big wood wall with an accent behind the bed. It represents a contemporary room characteristic. 

Vintage Farmhouse Bedroom

JLS Designs

Most furnishings inside this bedroom provide a vintage look. We can see it on the chandelier, bedding set, curtains, mirror, and a table lamp. All of those items of furniture blend perfectly with the room’s tone.

Modern Farmhouse Guest Bedroom 

rustic industrial bedroom
Crisp Architects

Watching a natural landscape through the windows is a special thing offered by this farmhouse guest bedroom. This room has a wood accent on the floor and neutral colors on the wall and door. Also, the choice of furniture is simple but still looks elegant.

Lively Style Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

shabby chic farmhouse decor
Kay Story Interiors

A modern farmhouse with a little touch of beach style decorates this mid-sized bedroom beautifully. There are several ornamental plants and dim lighting to make the room fresh and warm. Besides, to complete the furniture, the owner arranges a white bench and a bed above a fluffy carpet.

Impressive Interior Design Bedroom

bedroom door decoration ideas
Cornerstone Architects

Although this room only includes fewer types of furniture, it still looks impressive with its unique interior design. It has a large window on the corner that allows the owner to enjoy the outside view. Moreover, a wooden accent on the wall provides an aesthetic from inside of the room.

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Coastal Modern Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse bedroom lighting
Julie Coppa Designs, Inc.

A combination of neutral color and blue in this master bedroom brings a modern and coastal atmosphere. Besides, a farmhouse-style also appears in some decorations. In short, this room looks fancy and beautiful.

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Fancy Mid-sized Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse metal bed frame
Magleby Construction

Arranging the bed to face the large windows is a great idea. It provides a fascinating view and lots of natural lights. Furthermore, this mid-sized bedroom looks elegant with a natural tone and simple furniture.

Neutral Color Touch

farmhouse style dresser
Simons Design Studio

Clean and fresh is the first impression that we can get from this room. Its beige floor and walls blend naturally with a wooden wall behind the bed. Then, this bedroom looks brighter with some large windows and natural lights from outside.

Soft Grey Accent

farmhouse style dresser
Saviano Builders

Almost any part of this bedroom has a grey accent, and it looks simple but elegant. However, there is also a wood accent on the ceiling and furniture that create a rustic look. Although this room is small, it connects to a bathroom and makes it more functional.

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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Decorating a bedroom is a fun thing to do, especially using a particular style like a modern farmhouse. There are so many home accessories that can complete this bedroom style, including table, storage, lighting, and many others. However, all of those accessories should represent a modern farmhouse design. If you are looking for some suitable home decors for your bedroom, why not trying to check these recommendations below.

Luxurious White Bedding Set

white farmhouse bed

Choosing this white bedding set can provide a luxurious look in a farmhouse bedroom. It has a fluffy blanket and velvet pillowcases that allow the owner to feel comfy and cozy. Also, it comes in queen-sized and doesn’t make the room looks crowded.

Sturdy Wood and Metal Table

Providing a table in a room is essential to store some stuff. This sturdy modern farmhouse bedroom set combined with wood drawer as a surface. Its small size makes it suitable to put near a sofa or other resting spaces.

Colorful Plants Decor

A small artificial plant is perfect for a modern farmhouse bedroom decoration. It will be better if the plant has a natural color and more lifelike. Moreover, this home decor can bring a fresh and green view into the room.

Stylish Desk Lamp

farmhouse bed furniture

Adding this type of table lamp in a bedroom increase an aesthetic farmhouse look. It has a linen shade, wooden base, and trendy pull-chain. In detail, this beautiful lamp has an elegant design and perfect size that can save more space on the table.

Creative Hanging Artwork

farmhouse wall colors

Hanging an inspirational artwork on the wall can increase your mood and beautify the room. However, it doesn’t have to be huge. A small one can also bring a rustic and farmhouse charm. Also, it is better to pick the one with a wood frame and meaningful words.

Enchanting Vintage Chandelier

modern bedroom flooring

Vintage chandelier is a key for having a farmhouse style in a bedroom. It looks enchanting and antique with dark colors. Besides, it is perfect to use in any location indoors.

Two-tone Window Curtain

country girl bedroom

Soft color curtains are attractive, especially with two-tone style. This one has a combination of brown and ivory. It blends well with the room neutral color and provides perfect coverage for the window.

Unique Landscape Artwork

modern bedroom accent wall

Besides an inspirational artwork, hanging a landscape art is great to make the bedroom becomes more artistic. These three pieces of wall decorations made of canvas material and has a solid wood frame. Also, hanging them all on the bedroom wall would be captivating.

Romantic Electric Candle

Adding an LED candle in a bedroom provides a romantic atmosphere. If we compare it to the traditional ones, the electric candle is timeless with a timer setting. It also easy to operate and perfect for room decoration.

Classic Wood Clock

Besides painting the wall with neutral colors, hanging a classic clock can also increase a rustic look in a farmhouse bedroom. This analog clock is wooden and contains roman numbers. Additionally, it has a Parisian design that is stylish and functional.

Rustic Digital Clock

Besides the analog clock, using a digital clock for a modern farmhouse bedroom decoration is excellent too. This one made of wood material and comes in up-to-date design. Moreover, it is very functional with some contemporary features, including time temperature, alarm setting, and voice control.

Natural Rug

A coastal-inspired rug like this one provides a natural look that is perfect to use in a farmhouse bedroom. It is handmade and has an earthy texture. You can arrange it near a sofa or beside a bed.

Contemporary Chair

modern country bedroom furniture

After collecting a rug, it’s time to get a comfy chair. You can choose the one that represents a combination of modern and rustic. As we can see, this chair has those two characteristics that appear in the fabric accent and solid wood legs.

Striped Pillowcase

modern country bedroom

If your sofa has a plain and neutral color, try to mix it with a striped pillowcase. However, this pillowcase still comes in a rustic look with cotton linen material. It provides an excellent decoration for your farmhouse bedroom.

Small Wooden Storage

modern bedroom windows

Adding storage in the corner of the room is great to fill the space, especially in a farmhouse bedroom. This small storage is wooden and has adjustable shelves on one side and a sliding door on the other. Besides, it is very functional to store small stuff.


A farmhouse aesthetic provides simplicity and comfortable space. Applying this style in a bedroom will bring an enjoyable experience to the owner. Besides, combining modern and rustic views can create a natural and fresh atmosphere. It lets the owners feel relax and comfortable while resting in their bedrooms. While decorating a bedroom using this style, there are several things that we need to consider. It includes applying modern farmhouse decor, choosing suitable furniture, and getting the right material.

Having a modern farmhouse bedroom at home provides a neutral look and rustic decoration. It is perfect for those who love contemporary design combined with a country atmosphere. However, it is also important to fit the room design with suitable home accessories, such as vintage and classic furniture. Therefore, if you are interested in this unique style, you can consider to apply it in your bedroom.

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