37 Affordable Pallet Bed Ideas That Instantly Elevate Your Room

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Pallet Bed Ideas – Have you ever dream about how your bed should be? We believe that it is not a smooth pie to do, for you have to consider many. They are such as how long, how big, how comfortable, and how charming it is. It is because you spend many times inside the bedroom and all you can do it, making it convenient.

Think about the design; why not try a pallet bed? We do not think most of you are familiar with this one, but it is fancy as its name. It might be suitable for you like to have a simple but elegant style. It enables you to design with less budget and steps than others.

What is a pallet bed? Pallet bed is a platform bed, which is made from pallet wood. You can also use hay as an alternative. It existed mainly in medieval times, but now the modification is things new to apply.

It is close to the ground, so a carpet completes the base of DIY platform bed frame.  The benefits are that it is likely easy to build by looking at pallet bed DIY, and the materials are available in market places even at your house.

There are so many pallet bed designs you can find both online and offline. Some websites serve many preferences, which might be your favorite homemade bed frame. However, offline media such as magazine also gives you more vivid detail of the bed frame plans.

Anyway, those must have given you information on size, color, pattern, and suitable ornaments inside to arc the theme of your room. So, whether you want to build out a pallet, or just want to modify your bed, we’ve got ideas to help you make it happen below.

Contemporary DIY Wood Bed Frame

pallet bed frame ideas

Looking for lightroom? You might have to consider using a bright wood bed as your platform bed DIY. It is the best bed pallet ideas to combine with white walls.  With the charcoal blankets, you can choose the wood pattern and color harmonized with the tile. The important thing is that make sure you select the best quality of wood so that it will not be looked dirty while not painted.

Rustic Pallet Bed Ideas

pallet raised bed ideas

Gold and brownie here bring out the signature of rustic taste. With the dark brown wood, feel the rustic sense. Using dark colors will make your room clean and neat, without so many cleanings. Choose the gold blanket on the bed. Adding some additional lamps can be an alternative. Using the marble tile, you have a complete solid bedroom.

DIY Floating Platform Bed Plans

bed pallet ideas

Looking for unique bed pallet ideas? Why not choosing the hanging one? Yeah, for you liking the natural sense of like a semi-outdoor space, it will be so suitable for you. Using beige wood as the base, you can combine it with while ropes to keep the balance of the bed. It makes the room wider since you do not need to build the ‘complete’ design of the bed. What you have to do is putting a volume bed so that it is not too bare.

Cool Pallet Bed Frames

wood pallet bed ideas

If you want to have a dark room, you can try this one. With light brown wood, it tolerates the black cabinets and walls inside. It is a perfect combination, for you can decorate it by contrasting the tile with the bed. A white blanket can be the best option. Bring in some fresh plant as decoration so that it is not gloomy.

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DIY King Bed Frame Ideas

diy pallet bed ideas

Some of you might prefer the asymmetric design of art. In this pallet bed ideas, see that there is a raven bed with a small space at the edge. Besides giving dimension, it also functions as a space to sit while you are ready to use your shoes or just sitting while relaxing your body in the morning. With the marble blanket, it fits with the decoration on the wall. 

Charming Frame Designs

pallet bed

In this design, the key is contrasting the pattern between the wall and tile as well as the color. However, it can still be harmonious.  Using a light pallet bed, you are ready to pair it with a black blanket. Here, there is a space for putting a plant beside the bed but still conjoined as one. It adds more artsy decoration inside.

Simple DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

diy bed frame

For you like a natural sense, you had better install this one. With the headboard on top, your bed looks so firm. Moreover, to add more volume pallet, build two levels one. Bring in some fresh small plants so that it brings more natural vibes inside.

Pallet Bed With Lights

diy platform bed

White is sometimes so plain. Moreover, while it is in a spacious room. Therefore, in white pallet bed design here, we recommend you to apply more bright colors so that it will be more ‘cheer-up.’ However, a wide room gives you more benefits. Moreover, if you are planning to be a minimalist. Today’s trend is how decorating a room with small pieces of stuff but still functional. Here, you can build like a selective pallet in the middle of the room. The exposure light from the window helps you to get ready while the morning is coming. Put a simple desk, so that you can make it more functional while reading a book or drinking your coffee.

Oceanic Fresh Platform Bed Ideas

pallet bed frame

Having a narrow space at the corner? We think it is appropriate to build a low pallet there. Using a slight bed makes you easy to reach whenever you want to take a rest. White is casual at sometimes so that combining it with the blue blanket is wondrous.  Put some paintings next to the bed on the wall to make it more colorful.

Cool DIY Bedframe Design

how to make a pallet bed step by step

If you are planning to design a new bedroom for your daughters, this is the answer. A medium tone pallet is easy to decorate with so many pastel ornaments. With the soft pink as the wall, get more chick impressions with marble blanket.  Put the same tone color for the carpet under the pallet. Soft grey is the perfect secondary color for it.

Warm DIY Pallet Bed Ideas

how many pallets for a full size bed

Want to have an exclusive warm pallet bed ideas? The group of lamps under the bed is the key. Those empower you to stay for hours with a joyful view. With two levels pallet, use the middle part, which is empty by adding lamps in it. It embraces intimacy whenever you enter the room. Dark tone color is suitable for being combined with the navy color on the blanket and the paintings.

White Pallet Bed Frame

white pallet bed

If you think black is gloomy, you are a little bit incorrect. Black is the dominant color. It enhances more energy than you think. Paint the wall black as well as the tile. Paint the pallet white with no headboard, to avoid a heavy look. Put small tables beside the bed to put some small plants on those. Paint a half white and a half unpainted to the table. It shows you how private your room is.

Wood Pallet Bed Ideas

pallet bed frame with storage

Looking for a modern-rustic design? It is what you want. The key here is arranging the gradation colors of the elements. First, install a dark tile. Second, install the combination of dark and medium tone colors for the pallet with the headboard. Third, you can add artificial succulents on the wall. Last, adding some hooks will be beneficial for putting your hats as well as a sling bag.

Two Levels Pallet Platform Bed

twin pallet bed with storage

Having limited decorations? Do not worry; you can still play with the pallet.  Sometimes, limited decorations bring out more comfort inside a room. That is why here, you need to install two levels of volume pallet. Use medium toned colors for the items will make the room lighter. On top of the bed, instead of using a headboard, you can put a mini shelf as storage. You can also put some lamps on that.

DIY Platform Bed with Storage

queen size pallet bed frame diy

Why so? You know, minimalism can always be the alternative for your lifestyle by adopting a DIY pallet bed with a storage concept. Here, build the base with about 30 cm width so that it is enough for the DIY storage bed. Paint the borders white, which synchronize with the wall and the blanket. Add a lamp beside the bed and small plant for a fresher look. You also can add some lamps under so that you can find your book easily.

Simple Twin Pallet Bed

queen size pallet bed diy

This modest design is a cheap pallet bed design. With less treatment, it is easy to build.  In this model, the size is small to medium. Therefore, you can put two pallets inside the bedroom. Light wood color is the perfect model to combine with greenish blankets. The volume bed has made the pallet full. Therefore, you do not need to build a headboard on that.

Greenish Bed Frame Designs

queen size pallet bed diy

Black here means raven. It is not only because of the color, but also the texture of the wood. The wood is likely unfinished one, so it gives a more natural pattern to the pallet. Add more pallets at one side of it so that it is not that plain. Moreover, you can also add some items to it. Add a green carpet on the tile. Choose one with the grass texture, so that you are like in the garden.

Romantic Queen Size Bed Frame Plans

cheap pallet bed

Lamps never give you up with romance.  However, here what makes it look more romantic is the selection of colors. The similar tone color of the pallet and the wall is the key. The wall employs more dark gradations, while the pallet employs the light one. However, they are still in similar tone color. Build two levels of pallets with horizontal direction for the first pallet and vertical one for the secondary. Add some racks on the wall to put some items such as a book, clock, and small plant. With the dark tile, do not worry; enough lamps light your room well.

Farmhouse Bed Design

pallet bed kit

For you like a farm taste, this is you. Install the pallet near the window, so that while you wake up in the morning, you can feel the fresh air and the warm sunlight enter the room. Therefore, you do not need to add a headboard on it since the top part is faced with the window. The space at the bottom part can be the place to put some baskets. Adding some hanging succulents make it fresher with the combination of decoration lamps on the wall.

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Three Levels Wood Pallet Bed Frame

cool bed frames

For you who have a son, you should try this pallet bed ideas. Choose the light pallet with lamps under the second level. Add also some lamps on the headboard. Add small plants on top of the headboard. Add a word art on the purple wall. You can also add a small rack beside the bed. Choose a medium tone color for the tile.

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How to Build a Pallet Bed

How to build a bed frame? Building pallet beds is not that hard. You have to prepare for some materials; you can get in your home or the nearby market place. Moreover, we do not think you have to hire a professional except for some treatments. If not, you can still DIY by looking at some preferences online. Also, of course, if not, you have to follow a DIY pallet bed tutorial below. 

Prepare for the Materials

how to make a bed frame

Before installing the base, firstly, you have to prepare for some necessary materials. They are four pallets with 5” in width, glue, nails, screws, bolts, hammer, drill machine, and measurement tools.  Those vital tools and materials will help you to do many treatments since before and after the bed installation. 

Create the Base

bed frame plans

As creating the base, you have to consider what size you want to your bed. Also, of course, it fits the size of the bedroom.  After determining the size, you have to make a strong base for your foundation. Start making two holes using a hand drill machine. Then craft the pallet boards using four to five full pallets with 2” wide and long. Then, you conjoint those pallets using screws and drill till it fit each side.

Use Wheels for Movement

bed frame ideas

As to help you move the bed, you have to add wheels on it.  Choose the duty and furniture ones so that it is comfortable enough to use. Drill them to the four corners. Make sure to measure the equal distance one to each other.

Decorate It with Some Paints

platform bed diy

After installing the wheels, you have to decorate the bed using some paintings. First, you have to determine whether the color is bright or dark. Consider whether the room should be pop, retro, vintage, or others. You have to consider the texture of the bed; the woods.  If it has a natural pattern, do not think more than two combinations of colors are suitable. 

Make It Tidy

build a platform bed

After that, the last step is making the bed tidy. You may fold the bedsheets at the corner of the DIY bed frame, so it is appropriate. Make sure you put the suitable blankets and pillows so that it is enchanting enough.

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Places to Find Free or Low-Cost Pallets

However, it is easy to find the pallet, but sometimes it does not suit your budget. Therefore, here are some tips for finding places offering excellent quality of pallet. Moreover, it serves enough amount and size according to your necessity, since usually it also distributes to the customers for some industrial concerns.

Go to Local Market Places

Why local? It is because usually big generators do not serve pallets for current productions. Some might use some with a limited amount and internal project only. Therefore, outsiders are not capable of reaching them. Senior residence usually is comfortable to compromise your pallet.

Ask for Local Shopping Centers

Many retailers can be your best partners. If you ask them, they might share some with you.  If not so, ask them for local shopping centers so that you have some preferences on them. You need to consider how well the quality and how much you have to pay them. Therefore, you can compare and look at your budget.

Find a Distribution Center

While it is hard to find the suppliers, why not trying to find a distribution center. Commonly, it earns many good pallets with many specifications. Therefore, if its customers do not need some, you can get those with less cost. You can start by arranging a referral further up before doing so to anticipate things might not appropriate with your expectations.

Consider Outside of Businesses

Some construction sites sometimes use many pallets and keep them left when they are not suitable for the plan or just get them done.  Therefore, you can ask the site management if they are safe to keep. Some also do not have enough room for them. Be sure to ask.

Visit a Local Pallet Manufacturer or Recycler

While it happens for having non-standard pallets, some pallet recyclers please you to keep them. Ask them the types, so that they make sure they are what you need. At last, they might give it to you free.

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Organizing a bed is very important in your life. A comfortable mattress makes you sleep well during the night. Therefore, it elevates your energy to start a brand new day with a new spirit. We hope you can be more productive each day by considering building a pallet bed frame since it gives you more benefits. Pallet Bed Ideas.

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