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Industrial Farmhouse Decor – Sometimes, it is a great idea to blend opposing style while decorating your house, such as using industrial and farmhouse at the same time. From the history side, industrial and farmhouse are not different.

The industrial has the city side when it mostly uses by the citizen. While the farmhouse is closely like a village-style that uses wood for most furniture. So, how we blend it? Let’s see below as you can have a great idea of decorating the house.

  • So, can you mix industrial with farmhouse style? Mixing two styles in the house is not a strange thing anymore.
  • Home designers are doing that for creating something new. For industrial and farmhouse, it might look different because of years apart, but has some similarities.
  • Both two styles use natural material and are a response to the surrounding.
  • You can mix these styles in some aspects, such as in material and color. Further, to create something good, you can use the furniture with that different style.

For furniture and style, let see some of the best recommendations for creating a pretty industrial farmhouse.

Antique Counter Stool

industrial farmhouse style

The first item to start in industrial farmhouse decorating is by having an antique metal counter stool (you can browse the collection of Westland London). The stool is industrial design with a bit farmhouse touch. You can see that the frame is metal, that sign for industrial and with wood seat. This stool is a simple item to assemble and light enough in weight. Further, with a metal frame, it is also a durable item.

Rustic Black Bracket Shelf

farmhouse industrial decor

It is an excellent decoration that design like a pipe. It will look stylish in the bedroom. Using this shelf to display or put books, framed photos, and other decorative items. Then, you will get beautifully mixed styles on this stuff.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Pipe Shelf

industrial farmhouse design

If you are looking for an additional shelf, this could be your choice and will not put you in a hard time. This shelf is practical, simple, and easy to assemble. You can install this in the bedroom, kitchen, cafe, or anywhere because this is the best.

Country Wall Clock

modern industrial farmhouse

It made from wood and metal that surround the clock. With the color dark brown as the base, it shows us the vintage touch of this beautiful item. The clock is big and thick; be careful when hanging it if you don’t want to screw it off.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Toilet Paper Holder

industrial farmhouse interior design

Fulfill every corner of your home with vintage style include this toilet paper holder. It designed to stand and a perfect touch for farmhouse decor. With this holder, you can earn the style of your bathroom. You can amaze your guest with industrial farmhouse bathroom decor.

Karndean Flooring

Farmhouse decor is characterized by its rustic, down-to-earth charm, and the choice of flooring and carpets plays a crucial role in creating this inviting ambiance.

A key element in achieving this aesthetic is the choice of flooring. Karndean Flooring, with its remarkable replication of natural wood and stone textures, aligns perfectly with the farmhouse style. Its wide range of realistic finishes, from weathered oak to aged limestone, effortlessly complements the warm, earthy tones often found in farmhouse decor. Karndean’s durability and low-maintenance qualities make it a practical choice for high-traffic areas, ensuring that the farmhouse-inspired space remains both functional and visually appealing. Whether it’s the classic look of worn wood or the timeless elegance of natural stone, Karndean Flooring provides a foundation that harmonizes seamlessly with the rustic, cozy atmosphere that defines farmhouse interiors.

Vintage Plants Can with Handle

modern industrial farmhouse decor

Even this is a small item, but it can beautify and be the sign of farmhouse style in the house. This item is perfect to put when having industrial farmhouse decoration. It designs with a handle that ease you in bring it. Add beautiful flowers there and enjoy the style.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Square Tray

the industrial farmhouse

You must buy this tray because it can be anywhere to complete your industrial farmhouse decoration. Setting it as a table centerpiece is an excellent idea. The color and the material show the vintage touch of the item. Don’t miss this decorative item.

Rustic Ceiling Fan

industrial farmhouse living room

This ceiling fan is attractive. It finished in bronze with an industrial touch, steel cage with light, and the wooden barn blades. The ceiling fan with lighting is famous in the farmhouse style. It means that you must have this for your room decor. It will be pretty if you install this in the bedroom.

Mount Ceiling Light

farmhouse interior design ideas

For the industrial homeowner, this light fixture is a must to have. The lighting feature with a unique design that has a removable cage. You will not be in a hard time to install this flush mount. Then, it will suit if you set this in the hallway, kitchen, or bar.

Vintage Fancy Lighting

farmhouse design ideas

Another light fixture is this vintage lighting that suits for hallway or kitchen. The light equipped with a cage made from high-quality metal. Then, the age can cover your bulb from any distraction. With the cage, your bulb will not be hard when replacing it.

Metal Mesh Buffet Entryway Storage

farmhouse style decorating

This buffet is a high-quality buffet made from metal and wood. The material shows the perfection of the industrial farmhouse style that mixed. You can place the TV on the buffet and the shelf for decorative kinds of stuff. Further, you can adjust as you want for the shelves.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Accent Table Living Room

farmhouse industrial kitchen

This item is to complete your decor in the living room. Put this beside the sofa is the perfect place. It made from durable metal. It has a shelf to put your favorite books. On the top, you can place a decorative item as the sweetener living room.

Wall Mounted Coat Rack

what is farmhouse style

It is a craft-handle for the coat rack. It finished with wooden style and antique brass hook. If you have this, you can add the farmhouse or vintage style to your house. You can easily organize it by maximizing your space.

Metal Leaning Ladder Rack

vintage industrial decor

Put this ladder rack on the corner of the room for storing a towel or blanket. It will compact to any room. The size is 60-inch tall and 17-inch wide. For high-quality accessories, you must have this one.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Bar Serving Cart

industrial style decoration

For more industrial touch in your house, you must add this one. The trolley has some multifunction features. It can be a place for bottles, hanging glasses, or other spicy. For the top part, you can use it as a food tray.

Coffee Table with Storage Shelf

decorating farmhouse style

For premium furniture, this solid wood surface is a great choice. It made from reclaimed wood that finishes with a smooth texture for adding a unique character to your home. Further, the coffee table gives a warm and elegant feeling for the guest.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Chic Canvas Wall Decor

industrial decorating ideas

This craft is a pretty canvas wall decor. Paper patterned will create a unique view. You can put this in the bedroom. Arrange this above your bed; then, the softy cream color will refresh the room.

Hexagon Design Wall-Mounted Shelves

farmhouse style living room ideas

It is another unique wall decor that can create some feeling in your house. It finished in matte black with a hexagon shave and floating shelf. Then, it also features varying sizes with wire extension. If you have some books, toys, or collection, these floating shelves will bring it up.

Modern Framed Artwork

modern farmhouse interior design ideas

With blue, brown, and white colors, this artwork gives color into the room. Even it is colorful, but the abstract art well combined into industrial and modern farmhouse styles. Put this in the living room to sweeten the room.

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Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Metal Curtain Rod

how to decorate farmhouse style

If you think the window is empty, add the curtain and other items of industrial farmhouse style is a good idea. You can start with the curtain rod. This adjustable rod is pretty enough for industrial decor.

Rustic Staircase Handrail

farmhouse style interior

Every corner and simple thing in the house can be set in the industrial farmhouse style. If your wall on the stairs looks empty, add the handle will be the right choice. It made from high-quality wood that makes the farmhouse decor coming up.

Metal Arrow Bookends

industrial style home decor

A simple item like a bookend can be the sign of a farmhouse style. This metal arrow bookend did the job of creating a vintage touch. Place this on the bookshelf or the wall shelf is a good idea to do. Let’s take this unique item into your house.

Classic Towel Holder

vintage industrial home decor

The pipe in the bathroom is the right place. But, from the pipe, you can create another great item, such as a towel holder. Besides the pipe, you can combine it with flat wood as the shelf. Let’s make your bathroom has this vintage item.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Silver Pedal Waste Bin

industrial farmhouse wall decor

Another great item is this waste bin. Some people may not think that this waste bin will add value to your industrial farmhouse style. You can put this on the toilet. Further, it made of metal and plastic that is strong.

Vintage Wire Back Wall Shelves

vintage industrial decor ideas

This shelf is a very vintage item and can bring you old memory. The wire back is the sign of old. Besides, the soft color also creates a calm touch. Use this to put your books or another decorative item.

Antique Iron Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

the industrial farmhouse

If you already have a kitchen cabinet but not too vintage, put this small item on the cabinet can help. Homeowners could ignore cabinet knobs, but this item can give another touch. The white cabinet or soft color will work well with the knobs.

Contemporary Bedside Table

antique farmhouse

It is a great combination of modern farmhouse decor. The wooden material is the vintage side, yet the model and metal stands are the modern side. It has a large storage. So, you can store books, magazines, and other things on it.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Cottage Candle Holder

industrial modern decor

Putting some candles on the industrial farmhouse style is a great idea. But, you can add another decorative item with this candle holder. You can use this indoor or even outdoor purpose.

Iron Hanging Wall Mirror

industrial farmhouse bathroom decor

For another wall decor, you can set this hanging wall mirror on the industrial farmhouse style. It offers you a functional item yet decorative. On the bottom side, you can store small things such as a key or other pretty item. Further, the style of the mirror came from the perfect blend of antique and modern.

Wood Dining Table

industrial farmhouse wall decor

Don’t underestimate the power of the table. This wooden table can change the whole feeling in the room. By having this, you can say that you use an industrial farmhouse dining room style.  It is because the table has a charming side that blends with great iron. As the name, the industrial touch fully as the soul the table.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Country Iron Bed Frame

modern industrial farmhouse decor

From the bed, you make a bold sign of industrial style. The metal bed frame makes a unique combination of modern and old. Besides that, the bed frame also a sophisticated thing. The simple style, but it is enough to complete your decor.

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Coat Rack Shoe Bench

This furniture is an example of practical yet beautiful in one combination. You can put this in the hallway because the upper part is a coat rack. On the lower side, you can store the shoes. With the iron frame, it is a sturdy and durable material yet gives industrial touch.

Urban Steel Kitchen Sink

As to the complete industrial style in the kitchen, the sink must have the taste. With the steel kitchen sink, you will get the style and useful station. The material is from stainless steel that makes it strong and far from corrosion.

As to complete the industrial design in the kitchen, the sink must be both stylish and functional. A stainless steel kitchen sink offers this perfect blend, providing durability and resistance to corrosion.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Large Metal Shelves

This transparent shelf is good enough to put in the house or office. You can use this large shelves as the bookcase or a display area. Further, the frame material guarantees you to have long-term use of furniture.

Industrial Farmhouse Decor : Magazine End Table

With C-shaped, the table gives you some options on how to use it. You can use it while on the sofa because it can slide-under. Then, related to the industrial farmhouse style, the black frame and wooden finish are a perfect combination. Further, it allows you to read books, enjoy coffee or dessert that served on the table.

Floor Lamp Farmhouse Industrial Light

This elegant industrial light has finished with the metal pole with hanging drum lamp shade. What makes this perfect is the shade with color linen that perfect design for decoration. Then, the material is sturdy and safe enough to put on the living room.

Farmhouse Salt and Pepper Shakers

All the sides of this salt and pepper shakers contain farmhouse style. From the glass material and stainless lid that creates a perfect old style. Then, not only a functional item, but it is also stylish that can use as a table centerpiece.


So, have you decided on the best decorative item to put on your house? All the above gives you an idea even for the simple and unnoticed area. However, all the things are pretty and stylish.

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