25+ Dazzling Pool Remodel Before and After That Would Blow Your Mind

Pool Remodel Before and After – If you have a pool in the backyard, it is nice to see that you have a valuable house. But, are you happy enough with the old pool?

You must consider remodeling the pool if it has a good structure. A simple change could make a big difference.

Replacing the deck, interior, or adding the water feature makes your pool warm and welcoming.

So, check out some inspirational pool remodel below to support your desire for a dream house.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Pool Remodel?

While talking about cost, you might wonder how much the average cost of a pool remodel is. It can be different for each project done. Mostly, the cost will depend on how far the renovation will be. Further, Your place and pool size also play a role here.

However, the average cost could be between $4500 and $15.000. A lower you get might be for pool resurfacing cost. But, if you expect to have more plumbing and technology upgrades, the highest cost will hit you. In the end, $100.000 will be the cost if you want a complete renovation for the pool and yard.

Can You Redesign An Existing Pool?

You might wonder if it is possible to change the existing pool because the depth, size, and shape are no longer suitable for need, then the answer is yes. However, before you do it, the consideration will be on the pool type, depth, size, and location.

Every pool is changeable, and it is related to the cost spent. For example, most owners would change the depth and shape of the pool. Further, adding sunning ledges, friendly stairs, and other modifications will be something that could be redesigned.

How Do You Modernize An Old Pool?

An old pool will have a damaged pool deck area, and worn-out pool tiles, over time these become a health hazard. When they get to this state it is time to upgrade and add new features. You can start by hiring someone to do a deep pool tile cleaning to see how much can be salvaged. Then move on to resurfacing the deck, adding water features, and lighting, and updating the equipment. Then, it would be best to invest in the area around your pool to give it a nice touch.

Around the pool, you can add new plants, shrubs, and ferns or replace the pool pavers to create a wonderful backyard oasis. Further, if you have a large budget, you can add an entertainment area near the pool. It can be like a bar or kitchen to value your house.

Swimming Pool Remodel Ideas

Upgrading your pool is the main project here. A simple thing to upgrade here could be new pool decks or waterline tile. Want more? Let’s see some of the compilation of pool remodel ideas here.

1. Natural Backyard Pool Remodel Before and After

pool renovations ideas

The backyard had an old pool with an inappropriate deck. Rather than renovate the room, the owners chose to remake the pool.

Adding an overflow spa and diving stone platform gives more value to this pool. But, then, the interior has a black Hydrazzo for making a natural touch.

2. Safety Playground Pool Remodel

pool renovations cost

The origin pool was not attractive enough and not safe for the kids. To make it safe, the constructor built an upper pool that is shallow. To make it great, you must have various ideas for pool remodeling. 

The lower pool is deep enough and has a waterslide. Furthermore, the final touch is the oversize granite that was installed around the pool. Adding seating in some places of the backyard can be the best option.

3. Raised Pool Remodel Before and After

swimming pool makeovers photos

With a limited budget, the pool remodel can be like this. Instead of changing the pool shape, you can demolish the surrounding tile and concrete. Then, replace it with a limestone step. It can create a floating pool.

Adding other pool features can help you much in this case. Fire features must be the choice when it comes to helping the lighting. But, then, seating and gazebo-like will be a nice one.

4. Splash Pool Remodel Ideas

backyard pool before and after

The pool has a unique shape that needs to be kept. But, the other parts must have changed. First, the blank wall turns into a living wall with green plants.

Then, the furniture around the pool gives a modern touch. A good atmosphere appears in this space’s backyard.

5. Indoor Pool Remodel Before and After

pool remodel before and after

Having an indoor pool gives you a pleasant private area. You might not need more accent, but a warm feeling with a nice view will be exciting.

New tile and decking in this indoor pool renovation create warmth. But, then, the color scheme used supports an inviting feeling, even if it is indoor.

6. Pool Remodel Before and After with Overflow

swimming pool remodel before and after

A precise renovation appears in this remodel concept. The origin pool has the usual shape. But, then, it did not line around the pool, which makes it look like a public swimming pool.

The shape has changed; the constructor added some small overflow pools indeed. Because of the pool in the backyard, building a patio for relaxing is a great move. Further, some seating will be great for chit-chat.

7. Natural Rock Theme Pool Remodel

pool remodel before with rock and after

When you leave home for a while, then comes the unwanted pool backyard. The surrounding pool needs a change. So, here comes oversized granite for making a warm feeling.

Changing the sanitizer system can make a difference. The pool will have clear water supported with a natural blue interior.

8. Before and After with Outdoor Entertaining Area

pool remodel before and after photos

The backyard is in casual mode. It all lacks hospitality and will not be suitable for guests. But, you can see the difference after that.

The pool shape might not have changed, yet the surroundings are different. A new landscape can make you enjoy the area. Further, adding pace to sit and chit-chat are great ideas.

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9. Infinity Edge Pool Remodel

before and after rectangle to freeform pool remodel

A big renovation and change are needed in this pool. If it is not, the dreary feeling will always be there. Fortunately, the change in design makes it a great place to enjoy.

An infinity view makes it outstanding. Moreover, you can enjoy the human-made thing, the pool, and the nature stuff at once there.

10. Before and After Pool Remodel (Cheerful)

rectangle pool remodel before and after

A vintage feeling is a concept for the origin pool. It is like in the 1960s because of the shape and the stuff around it. In fact, the change makes it outstanding.

The shape is no longer a rectangle; it is now like an oasis in the desert. Then, adding some colorful seatings. It can change the mood to become cheerful.

11. Great Escape Area of Pool Remodel Before and After

pool resurfacing

Actually, this pool is not old. But, this 2017 pool needs some new touch. So, the renovation did make it fresher.

Remodel the backyard and around the pool to make it different. You can enjoy the view from the lounge chairs. If you see the back part of the house, the color scheme gives you the sea vibe.

12. Family Pool Remodel Before and After

remodel before and after

Rather than a pool, the previous pool was much more like a pond. It would be best if you did not allow this thing to happen to your backyard. So, this area needs to have renovation first if you find a house like that.

Turn the pond-like into a family pack backyard. All the family members can enjoy the site. Further, adding a pergola next to the pool is suitable to be a relaxing spot in the night summer.

13. Waterfall beside the Pool Remodel

renovate before and after

Living near nature is a great option. You can see the green and new things every day. However, it would help if you still looked at the pool there.

Having a mini playground will be great around the pool, but you can add more to enjoy the freshness. For example, duplicate the waterfall near the pool for a relaxing sound. Further, your kids can play there as well.

14. Ordinary to the Oasis Pool Remodel Before and After

pool renovation before and after

Actually, the original pool is good enough for a house but doesn’t have a strong personality. So, it would help if you had the touch of the pool to remodel here.

From the hot and sunny pool, remake it into a shade backyard. You can build a green-plant wall to keep it private. Then, adding the gazebo and hot tub on each end are great ideas.

15. Contemporary Pool Remodel Before and After

inexpensive pool ideas

Even the origin pool shape and ornament are pretty new, but the fake rocks ruin everything. It blocks the landscape in the backyard.

After renovation, it all changed into something open and fresh. The tree makes it look like an oasis. New decking, landscape, and adding overflow on the poolside make it all upgrade for having mirror effect.

16. Modern Pool Remodel with Courtyard

pool picture ideas

A dated pool has transformed into something modern and bold. The interior lighting helps the sleek pool. Then, it all has courtyard suites with contemporary houses. You can also set your bedroom near the pool. Using a sliding door, you can make a borderless area while open.

17. Boring Pool to the Contemporary Spot (Remodel Before and After)

renovation before and after

It needs to change when you have a wide backyard pool but with old and unpretty stuff. Concrete paver stone and overgrown bushes need to get a renovation.

Finally, here we go to remodel the backyard entirely. Soft gray mosaic tile use in the pool line. It all shows sleek features. Then, the open dining area makes it enjoyable and entertaining.

18. Florida Pool Remodel Before and After


A primary pool comes into the house. An eclectic blue fills it but feels artificial. Later, it all turns into an inviting Florida pool. The new hue blue replaces the interior to make it more natural. Then, you can line the pool with stones. Even though it is a rectangular-shaped pool, the pool still shows modernity.

19. Sunny Yellow Pool Remodel Before and After


An expansive backyard with a pool is always attractive. It is because you can set everything there. Your option for renovation will be widely available.

So, here comes the sunny yellow modern pool and backyard. The concrete paver and green grass make a special effect for it. The surprising thing comes. Further, a yellow shade umbrella and water accent make an oasis-like house.

20. Waterfall Swimming Pool Remodel Before and After


The uninviting landscape in the pool and backyard is a problem. The simple and welcome thing that you expect will not appear. With some touch renovation, the stylish and welcoming feeling is there. Adding some raised platforms makes a big difference. It can be a place for dining or relaxing.

Pool Renovation Ideas

After you see the before and after gallery, you can start thinking now to remake your pool. You might not be able to do the whole renovation because the cost will be impressively high. However, here are some ways you can use it to improve the pool.

1. Change and Replace The Vinyl Liner


It is dated enough if you still use a basic blueliner. It is time to replace it with something fresh and up-to-date. This way is the essential thing you can do to improve the pool. Further, you can see closer if the liner is out to check for damage or rust.

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2. Find A New Shape

This idea might be hilarious, but you still can make it. Your pool can be short, so it is time to extend on one end. Moreover, it is possible to add curves to one end of the rectangle pool.

3. Add Spa Next To the Pool

Adding the spa spot can be your favorite renovation. Having this kind of spa is more straightforward than others. Then, you can save some money with this way of renovation. Moreover, you can make it easier to clean and keep it covered. 

4. Add Slide for Water Park Look


Adding a slide to the pool will be suitable for the backyard. You can create a water park theme in the back. It will be perfect for the weekend. Further, in installing the slide, you must take a look to determine the footprint. The measurement with the pool deck is essential.

5. Replacing The Pool Deck


An old style of pool deck such as concrete finished must have improvement. With pool deck renovation ideas, you can have pool maintenance at the same time. Nowadays, natural stone is one popular idea. This pool decking re-do is worth enough for pool improvement.

6. Get The New Pump And Filter


Your 20-year pump needs a replacement. The pump would look tired, undersized, and will be effective anymore for the pool. Instead, you can replace it with a dual-speed pool pump that will save energy more. Further, choosing a heat pump might be advantageous because it won’t burn fossil fuels and has zero emissions.

7. Amazing New Sanitizer System

Nowadays, most new pools are built using salt chlorine generators. Add salt to the pool; then the engine creates chlorine from the hydrolysis. Out there, there are many devices available and will be worth the pool.

8. Add The Water Features


The sound from the water stream will add an unconscious natural feeling in the backyard. So, it is essential to add water to raise the mood. You can add the water feature as the small wall on one side of the pool. Or, you can make some form such as a mound or rocks to accommodate the water feature.

9. Get It Shine with LED Lighting

Pool lighting has been popular for years. But, it was where people tended to use halogen and fiber optic lighting. For now, LED lighting is the way. Using LED lighting is efficient with energy. Moreover, you can add a dramatic view with this lighting.

10. Incredible Fire Features

You already add natural vibes in the backyard from the glass, stone, or even wood. It is not impossible to have a fire near the pool. Some fire features such as fire pits, tiki torches, or fire bowls will significantly improve the pool. Further, with Fire, the feel of drawing people in will appear.

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It is always lovely to see a new landscape in our house, especially in the backyard pool. You can do all over renovation from size, pool theme, or reshaped existing pool in remodeling. But, if the budget is restricted, you can change to some part of the pool. Having water or fire features can have a significant impact.

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