30+ All-new Condo Kitchen Remodel Ideas for Space-saving Solutions

Condo Kitchen Remodel – Living in small spaces such as a condominium will be challenging, especially for the kitchen area. But, most people would say it is one of the good things.

The original kitchen design might not fit you well, but you have a choice to do the renovation. From the floor to the ceiling, it is still possible. Better to look for home remodeling expert to do your renovation. Talk to experts about your desired plan. They can give you a good quote and designs. Especially if you want to renovate the floor an Indianapolis Concrete Artisans professional will be able to help.

Thus, the limited space of the kitchen can not stop you from being creative. In fact, You still can manage to enjoy the modern technology and nice design in the kitchen.

So, if you now live in the condominium and want to remake your kitchen, you got the right place. We provide you with some of the best models and designs of the condo kitchen remodel.

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When Is The Best Time To Remodel A Condo Kitchen?

There is no exact time to wait to remodel the condo kitchen, but considering the climate and season, we must put the first. In summer or spring is the best time because your kitchen will have less traffic use. Also, because people tend to go on vacation, then you won’t use the kitchen.

However, with that time, the cost of construction will be a bit expensive. In addition, many homeowners want to renovate the kitchen simultaneously, and constructors will have busy schedules.

So, if you want a lower cost, during wintertime, it will be good. But, it would help if you considered having a substitute kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Remodeling Condo Kitchen

A significant benefit will be to remodel the condo kitchen. Although, it can be frustrating if there is something wrong after the renovation. Therefore, it is better to look at the advantages and disadvantages before you dive into the project.

The Pros

You will gain a lot of advantages by remodeling the condo kitchen. First, a beautiful kitchen will stay in your house. Second, the kitchen will increase the value of the home. Further, if you plan to sell the house, you will get a great return from the kitchen investment.

Then, you might get improvement while cooking. All the set is in the right place. It makes cooking fun and safe.

The Cons

The first might go to kitchen remodel price. You must make sure that all the cost project is worth it. Furthermore, consuming time is also another problem. The renovation will take much time. So, finding a way to prepare food is the solution.

Estimate Costs for Remodeling a Condo Kitchen

Some factors will determine the cost you spent on kitchen remodel. We can start from each part of the kitchen. What is the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel?

You might say that new countertops, cabinets, or kitchen appliances can take half budget. No wonder because it is an essential part of the kitchen.

So, how much does it cost to remodel a condo kitchen? The design, space, and finishes can cost $25.000 – $30.000 for a mid-grade finish. You should add 20 percent more to the budget to make sure you will not run short of money. Furthermore, the cost will go higher for a high finish look. It probably is about $50.000 to $100.000. Some homeowners opt to contact a home warranty company to help cover the cost of repairing older appliances rather than buying new ones.

Condo Kitchen Remodel Ideas

As you look for a condo kitchen remodel, we have prepared the best ideas here. You can see and determine the model of whether the condo kitchen renovation is worth it or not. Take a look at the different spaces below.

Small Condo Kitchen Remodel

As you know that most condos will have a small space, even for the kitchen. Yet, the ideas of remodeling will come even in that space. So, let’s see some inspiration for a small condo kitchen remodel.

1. Small Wooden Theme Condo Kitchen

condo kitchen remodel cost

Having a new look from the wooden countertops and white upper cabinets. Then, you can match it with the flooring tone. Don’t worry, with small space; you still can get a dining table on the side of the windows.

For more decoration, some plants on the windows make the small condo remodel fresher. Further, the white rug will help you out of the slip.

2. Small Condo Kitchen Remodel with Large Windows

cost to remodel small condo kitchen

A kitchen with large windows like this is attractive. You can have sunlight directly to the workspace. Then, a compact kitchen in the condo is a great idea.

            Setting up a simple U-shaped kitchen with wood flooring can give a great combination. Naturally, the look of the kitchen will catch the attention. Further, a built-in stove and large refrigerator complete the need of the kitchen.

3. White L-shaped Condo Kitchen Remodel

small kitchen condo remodel

It is an excellent example of a trendy condo kitchen. You can set all the colors of the wall and cabinet in white. Next, install the under-mount sink, stove, and refrigerator in the tight space.

An excellent triangle system can be applied in the small kitchen. Furthermore, you can add eating space on the island. Finally, having a good floor plan can help you so much in remodeling. 

4. Transform the Traditional Condo Kitchen

kitchen condo remodel in arlington va

A clear transformation is there. The origin kitchen doesn’t have any kitchen island. But, you can remodel it by putting all the workspaces and appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, and oven on the wall side.

Then, adding the colorful backsplash can change the view of the kitchen. The most important transformation is the floor. A good touch by having wooden flooring. Furthermore, you can use the kitchen island for additional workspace or the dining area.

5. Small U-shaped Condo Kitchen Remodel

condo kitchen remodeling

Soft and fresh tones are in this small condo kitchen. With retro or traditional style, the kitchen is filled with brown and white color. On the wall, brick accents set a strong feeling.

Further, you can add some plants on the peninsula. Some pendant lighting over it can give you light during dinner.

6. Small Condo Kitchen Remodel with Hood

kitchen condo remodel in washington dc

You can see the change from the wall side. There was a cabinet in the upper. The kitchen also looked narrow with all the appliances. But, a significant change has been made.

The upper cabinet was removed and replaced by the hood and two lightings. Then, it has a brick backsplash to add texture to the kitchen. The appliances also have chrome color and make them look sleek. What a lovely condo kitchen remodel before and after you see.

7. Cocina Small Condo Kitchen Remodel

how much does it cost to remodel a kitchen in a condo

The transformation here is on the color, additional appliances, and flooring. Starting from a cabinet that has brown wooden color changed to dark blue and gives a strong accent. Then, all the walls were painted white, giving a clear view.

The constructor also adds a hood over the stove and a new oven. Finally, with an under-mount sink, the look of the kitchen has been completed.

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8. Compact Galley Condo Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel cost condo
Tali Hardonag Architect

A small kitchen with a nice view from laminate flooring. The other appliances also support the view and make the work compact. With an under-mount sink, the shaker cabinet gives a sleek touch.

Besides, you can also add more color to the backsplash. Even though it functions to protect the wall, it is also helpful in giving color to the condo galley kitchen remodel.

9. Warm Condo Kitchen with Wood Floor

condo kitchen renovation toronto

Friendly and simple will always appear in the wooden accent kitchen. The floor gives a strong view and touch. Then, with the wood construction island, just add the colors.

Further, installing pendants and recessed lighting in the kitchen is good work. The recess is for the workstation, while the pendant can give more over the island.

10. Contemporary Condo Kitchen Remodel

80s condo remodel open kitchen bathroom
Jennifer Gilmer Kitchen & Bath

The kitchen is filled with brown wood accents. It gives a warm and expensive tone to the kitchen. Further, quartz countertops and tile backsplash took the kitchen to another level.

Beach Style Condo Kitchen Remodel

Those who live near the beach will have the coastal theme in the kitchen. But, if you are not living there and a fan of the bright and airy style, you can apply the beach ideas. It has a characteristic that is full of white and wood features. Further, traditional elements also fit in this style.

1. Sky blue Backsplash Condo Kitchen Remodel

condo kitchen remodel in newyork

A beach-style kitchen goes light, and blue can represent it. You don’t need all over the kitchen to be blue, just some of the parts. For example, on the backsplash, cabinet glass, and pendant lightings.

Then, you can still add warmth in the kitchen by using the wood material. Using brown color on the floor and white paint on the cabinet are the best combinations.

2. Colorful Florida Beach Condo Kitchen

kitchen remodel pictures
Regal Design

If you love color and pattern, you might love this idea. With a blue brick-patterned backsplash, the kitchen looks so bold. Then, with an open concept kitchen, the view will look fresh.

3. Cool Chicago Condo Kitchen Remodel

small condo kitchen remodel ideas
The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

A nice view from the open concept kitchen. It is an L-shaped kitchen where all the wet workspace is placed on the island. Then, with quartz countertops, just add the warmth of the kitchen.

Further, you can add a hood to this condo kitchen. It will add the pattern and view from the kitchen. Paint all the kitchen in white to prove fresh air will come in.

4. Indian Rock Beach Condo Kitchen

condo galley kitchen remodel
Bee Studios Design

Adding the ornament from the beach is a great idea. Your beach-style kitchen will look natural. You can add starfish, shell, or even sandbox. Further, colorful backsplash such as blue and glass tile will add the pattern to the kitchen.

5. Breezy Beach Condo Kitchen Remodel

remodel condo kitchen ideas
Moreau Design

For a limited space like in a condo, an L-shaped kitchen will help you. You can set a shaker cabinet over the countertops with calm and neutral gray color.

Further, stainless steel appliances will make the kitchen look sleek. For the eating area, you can set the peninsula with a bar stool.

6. Open Up Beach Condo Kitchen

remodel kitchen ideas
Angie Keyes CKBD

An open concept kitchen really can change the whole room. The room will look spacious and great for arrangement. This kitchen tile and ceramic things.

Granite countertops make the work easier. But, then, the backsplash just makes the identity of the beach that is lighter.

7. Coastal Galley Condo Kitchen Remodel

average cost to remodel a condo kitchen
Angie Keyes CKBD

A compact area in a condo is essential. It is like this condo where there is a kitchen, dining area, and living room in an open-up space. Then, for the kitchen, it has gray flooring to make a warm accent.

A unique ceiling is here with a shiplap ceiling that covers all over the open-up space. Further, a navy accent color used on the island fills the freshness of the kitchen.

8. Condo Kitchen Remodel with Nook

pipers pointe condo for sale kitchen remodel
Design Studio West

To save space, you can make it from the appliances you use. Use a 30 inches refrigerator, pull-out pantry, and tray storage in the kitchen. Then, for the eating area, you can use the island with a stool.

9. Condo Kitchen with Wall Shelf

condo kitchen remodel samples
Omega Construction and Design, Inc.

Having a wall shelf as additional storage can be your choice. Install it on the other side of the l-shaped kitchen. Besides, this shelf also can be a showcase. You can set some great and antique cutleries there.

10. Sea Marsh Condo Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel condo ideas

With a calm color accent here, you can feel welcome. Light wood floor and stool in the kitchen match well in supporting the tone.

            Then, for a bright thing, you can set some motif on the wall near the windows. The light will come through the window and make the kitchen just like near the beach.

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Minimalist Condo Kitchen Remodel

The minimalist style will be more focused on the function rather than the look. But, you might find it sophisticated because of that reason. Further, it might use a neutral color, but rare material and color also appear on the list.

1. Small Modern Condo Kitchen

estimate for a condo kitchen remodel
Dovetail General Contractors

            Wooden tone plays an important role here. From the floor to the ceiling, the wood aspect fills the room. Then, in the galley kitchen, you can use one sidewall as working space and another one for storing appliances like a refrigerator.

2. Eat-in Condo Kitchen Remodel

how to remodel a vacation condo kitchen
Gilmans Kitchens and Baths

The kitchen looks so minimalist even it has an open concept home. But, with the light brown wood color accent, the kitchen can bring warmth. Further, it completes the sophisticated tone that they try to show in this condo.

3. Chicago Modern Condo Kitchen

Imperial Kitchens and Baths, Inc.

The architecture of a building is known from the clear design with a clean and masculine definition. You carefully choose the color in the remodeled kitchen. First, you can choose a bright color like a white cabinet there to brighten the kitchen.

            Then, dark flooring can show how it is grounding. Finally, add bamboo ornament as texture in the room. Furthermore, a great combination while the dark floor meets the hardwood material.

4. Seattle Minimalist Condo Kitchen Remodel

Nip Tuck Remodeling

            Enlarging the kitchen and living room is the crucial solution for a small area condo. Then, compact storage also can help you in managing the stuff. Further, you can welcome the guest with an open-up style even in the beautiful and warm kitchen.

5. Red Minimalist Condo Kitchen

Küster Design

A bright color sometimes works to enlarge the area. But, this red kitchen makes your condo compact with an eat-in concept.

You can use the island for workspace and also put the sink. Further, the wall side can fill with a stove, refrigerator, and white cabinets. The white cabinet neutralizes the dominant red there.

6. Minimalist L-shaped Condo Kitchen Remodel

Schultz Miller

Updated the kitchen with flat-panel cabinet, under-mount sink, and stainless steel appliances improve all over the visual. Then, the brown wood floor matches with the countertops on the kitchen island. This kitchen has a minimalist style but appears in a sophisticated way.

7. Minimalist Miami Condo Kitchen

Interiors & Architecture Photography by Ken Hayden

With two tones in the kitchen, dark brown and white, it creates a significant aspect in the house. When you are bored of having meals in the dining area, you can make it on the kitchen island. Further, the flat-panel cabinet used here makes it sleek.

8. La Costa Condo Kitchen Remodel

Edwards Contracting & Management

One of the signs of having renovation is from the feature use. While in the condo, you can use the pull-out pantry in the cabinet. You still can store a lot of stuff but in a small area.

Then, the kitchen will look bold in the dark color tone. However, you can still add white items for the countertops.

9. Modern Atlanta Condo Kitchen

Niki Papadopoulos

Living in the city must have a refreshing view at home. Medium tone cabinets combined with buttermilk tone countertops create a soft style.

Then, for industrial touch, you can use a metallic backsplash. Adding some seating for chit-chat will make you enjoy the area.

10. High-rise Condo Kitchen Remodel


When you have a kitchen near the window, you might have a combination view. A Design kitchen with a brown floor and dark tone cabinet will be perfect with a city view outside.

Then, near the kitchen, you can set the dining table. You can enjoy food, a sleek kitchen view, and a city view in one place.

Traditional Condo Kitchen Remodel

Even in the small space, you can still make the kitchen in various styles. One of them, you can remake the kitchen into a traditional design. Having an old-skull touch is not bad because you can feel the classic touch.

1. Avondale Traditional Condo Kitchen

Troy Spurlin Interiors

You can feel this retro feeling in this kitchen. Elegant green appliances fill the kitchen perfectly. Further, you can still use white tone color for the cabinet and sink. Having some open shelves is a good idea for giving texture to the condo kitchen.

2. Luxury Remodel of Classic Condo Kitchen Remodel

Summer Thornton Design, Inc

A timeless design is in this kitchen. The dark wooden floor and open-up island show the classic area of the kitchen. Then, on the stove and countertops, gold touch list ornaments make it expensive.

3. Traditional Los Angeles Condo Kitchen

Tim Barber Architects

This brown color also can be a sign of traditional style. The soft but welcoming tone appears from the tone combination. Then, you can set rugs to avoid slipping from the wet kitchen.

4. Black White Traditional Condo Kitchen Remodel

Granada Tile

The chic and graphic look is the core of this kitchen remodel. The multi-colored floor goes side to side with the color tone in the wall and ceiling. Then, putting the traditional wood island just creates a new space for the workstation.

5. Safety Harbor Condo Kitchen Remodel

Lindross Remodeling

The traditional here comes from the color scheme and appliances used in the kitchen. Then, granite countertops, gray backsplash, and stainless steel appliances are enough to make your kitchen work for food and view.

Re-designing a kitchen can be complex. You need to sort the plumbing, heating and many other appliances to ensure your new kitchen functions correctly. Luckily, if you need a plumber sutton coldfield, then 2nd City Gas and Plumbing are on hand to help! They provide expert plumbing services, so you can get that new kitchen up and running in no time!

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Those all designs are lovely, aren’t they? You can take the inspiration from above to transform your kitchen area into something new, friendly, warm space and work better with you. But, then, it all depends on you whether you choose a modern, beach style or even a warm traditional idea. However, make sure that you have the right decision before the renovation, not waste your time and money.

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