Rustic Farmhouse Ideas

Rustic Farmhouse Ideas – Are you one of the rustic farmhouse lovers? If so, you are in the right place. Before we travel around the rustic farmhouse, it would be better to know what rustic farmhouse style is and the core elements. From the term “rustic farmhouse,” we can guess that it will be full of vintage things and natural.

 However, nature and vintage style like rustic farmhouses can still be the trend in the current time. By this style, you might find many distressed textures, rough finishes, or even unfinished things. But, those texture and finished things are the main points of the rustic farmhouse style. Hence, here below, you can find your best rustic farmhouse decor ideas.

What Is Rustic Farmhouse Style?

In the rustic farmhouse, you would see the massive picture of natural and rough stuff. The design of rustic farmhouses tends to have a functional rather than form feature. The style will look like it is avoiding femininity and softness itself.

 Further, you can find some reusable wood, unfinished elements, and more natural fibers in this style. It is because the repurpose parts and natural fibers are the core of the rustic style. With a farmhouse style, the color becomes more prosperous and warmer than the traditional rustic or farmhouse. However, you still can add a conventional touch of farmhouse by adding bouquet wildflower, artwork, or even local grass.

Rustic Farmhouse Paint Colors

From above, we knew that rustic farmhouses were filled with natural and reusable wooden fixtures. To make it beautiful, you can start by painting the area of a rustic farmhouse. We will set some options for colors that are suitable for the rustic farmhouse style.

1. Midnight Black

Black is a classical and neutral color. It will suit any style of traditional feeling, including this rustic farmhouse. But, it would help if you put some additional ornament or art in using black. It can be like placing artwork or drawing something on the black wall to make it live.

2. A sage green

This type of color will give a fresh feeling in the room. You can use this color on the living room wall color; of course, the living room has a rustic farmhouse style. Then, the stunning living room will give an excellent romance feeling into the rustic farmhouse.

3. Butter yellow

Butter yellow color is a great choice that will match well with neutral colors such as white. If you apply this color, don’t forget to put some wooden artworks on it. It will make the feeling bright and fresher.

4. Muted navy

If you put rustic farmhouses in the open concept kitchen, this color is the right choice. This color can make another warm feeling that can blend in the other rustic farmhouse furniture‘s white theme. With natural lighting, the color can support the style and make a great impression.

5. A washed taupe

This color type is a natural tone that makes your space look like a farmhouse one. If you apply the color, the wooden furniture will work the best to create the feeling. Then, you also can get a chic touch with monochromatic finishes.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

We have mentioned before that this style might use repurpose things into the style. Combining some farmhouse style and touch, the kitchen will be huge and charming. Even better, the rustic farmhouse kitchen can be well-loved by the family and guests. Let’s see some ideas here.

Open Concept Mountain Rustic Farmhouse

open rustic elegant kitchen
Accent Truss

As you can see that the kitchen is full of wooden color and fixtures. This kitchen is traditional and suits the rustic farmhouse. In the upper, you can block the ceiling with reusable woods. Then, put some fixtures such as a pendant and farmhouse sink to make it beautiful.

L-shaped rustic farmhouse kitchen

l-shaped country kitchen ideas
Mark Boisclair

The feeling of the kitchen is bold and vintage. The farmhouse is from the sink, cabinets, and flooring in the kitchen. The rest, the color used, can picture the rustic. Another interesting thing here is the ceiling that is full of wooden planks.

Mid-sized remodel rustic farmhouse kitchen

rustic farmhouse kitchen cabinets
Barbra Bright Design

You can see the great mixture here. The gray cabinets and wooden tone in flooring and ceiling create a warm feeling of a farmhouse. Then, the stainless fixtures here are not disturbing the style. You also can add some open concept shelves to give a great touch.

Small rustic farmhouse kitchen

small white rustic kitchens
Laura Medicus Interiors

The color combination used here is great and creates a good feeling. The white cabinets and wall can say the sleek tone of the kitchen. Then, the ceiling and floor work to develop rustic touch.

White, brown rustic farmhouse kitchen

Vaulted ceiling rustic farmhouse kitchen
Everingham Design

The kitchen has an open concept, and the white wall and ceiling work great to connect two areas. Then, the beam ceilings are giving a comprehensive look. The island and flooring color are matching each other to create a deep feeling.

Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table ideas

For rustic farmhouse dining tables, you can know it directly from the thickness. Usually, it will be thick along with the table, and the edge is like the truth from a natural tree. With the hand-finished, it has a beautiful touch. Let’s see some recommended dining tables for your rustic farmhouse style furniture.

Medium Square Rustic Dining Table

Brown dining table rustic farmhouse
Griffiths Construction, Inc.

This table can accommodate enough of your family. Besides, the table style can suit with metal chairs. Also, you can combine the brown table with some other color of the chairs such as black.

Wooden Wood Top Farmhouse Dining Table

farmhouse dining table plans
Rustic Trades Furniture

With the table, you can feel the sophisticated feeling appear in the room. The dining table and the wooden floor combined perfectly to create natural things. After that, you can use solid back chairs and bench stools in the same dining table.

Long Soft Gray Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

large farmhouse table
David Michael Miller Associates

As you know that the thickness of the rustic farmhouse table is the highlight of it. This kind of table shows it all. With a medium-wide kitchen, the long table will work as a great dining area. The color also matches with the wall and ceiling.

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Wooden Soft-colored Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

small farmhouse dining table set

The feeling here is calm and soft. You don’t need many items on it by this table, just a simple beverage, and some fruit centerpieces. Even the table’s leg color contrasted with the upper and chair, it still blends perfectly.

Large Casual Rustic Farmhouse Dining Table

large rustic farmhouse table
Rustic Trades Furniture

With this table, you can treat the guest nicely with all warming hearts from the vintage style. Even the table color is brown, but you can combine with white and gray chairs. That combination works to create a rich and sophisticated tone in the room.

Rustic farmhouse lighting Ideas

The comfy visual of rustic farmhouses can give you a luxury thing while taking back to a particular time. To complete the feeling of the past day, you might need lighting as the supporting element. With the element of wood and metal, you will enjoy the sophisticated rustic farmhouse feeling.

Mini Pendant Lighting

farmhouse pendant light
Studio 76 Kitchens and Baths

If you have the island in the kitchen, the lighting will suit to lighten the island. The lighting style will support the rustic farmhouse decor. Further, you might let the light on in the day because it gives decorative touch.

Metal Chandelier Kitchen Lighting

vintage rustic farmhouse chandelier
The Good Home – Interiors & Design

The simple touch of metal is essential in the wooden room. You can still use this lighting even in a room surrounded by white color. Further, the chandelier can shine beautifully over the nice dinner.

Contemporary Pendant and Small Flush-Mount

farmhouse lighting flush mount
Wes Hanson Builders, Inc.

In the bigger area, having two types of lighting is not a bad idea. Contemporary lighting can lighten the dishes area. Then, the flush-mount can help to lighten the rest. These two types of lighting will work the best in the rustic farmhouse style.

LED Contemporary Pendant Kitchen Lighting

industrial farmhouse LED lamps
Smith & Vansant Architects PC

You might see this type constantly appear in this recommendation; it has its reason. This type is simple yet fully supports the style of the kitchen. So, you can install this lighting over the sink, countertops, or even the island in the rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Pot Rack Kitchen Lighting

rustic farmhouse style light fixtures
MGM Builders

Another great lighting for rustic farmhouses is the pot rack style. It will be best if you have this to show the bold of the kitchen. Further, this lighting type will support the site decoration in the kitchen, such as some signs.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Chairs Ideas

Another important piece of furniture in the rustic farmhouse style is the chair. The chair or seating will be huge and different in any style. It will stand out independently, and everyone can see it. Having a nice seating and suit the style will be a great touch in the rustic farmhouse decor.

Casual Armchair Seating

casual rustic farmhouse chair living room
Cotner Building & Remodeling Company, LLC

In the rustic farmhouse living room, all the fixtures must support the style. So, this simple yet sophisticated armchair can do it more. With the wood touch in the framework, the natural element is not left behind.

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Industrial Dining Chairs

metal chairs rustic farmhouse
Saint-Onge Design

In the rustic farmhouse dining room, you can add an industrial touch to enrich the look. The metal touch of the chair will be a good pair of wooden tables. Further, the vintage feeling will look strong here.

Mid Century Dining Chairs

outdoor farmhouse chairs set

With the great view of the yard, the wood material furniture is to put on the outdoor space. This rustic farmhouse patio gives highlights on the dining table and chairs. The pairs can show the nature of the style. Further, the pairs might be one of the best farmhouse outdoor furniture.

Transitional Kitchen Armchairs

white elegant armchairs rustic farmhouse
Lapis Ray Interior Design

Through the chairs, it can create a soft feeling in the room. You can use these types of chairs in the dining room to comfort while eating. Then, even not for eating, you can receive guests here.

Plaited Rustic Farmhouse Chairs Ideas

hand made rustic farmhouse chairs

The chairs are unique because they are made from the plaited material. Putting the chairs on the dining table is a good idea. Furthermore, you can also set it in the living room or private area to enjoy the view outside.

Rustic Farmhouse Decorating Ideas

In some actions, before you can see some focal or pinpoint of the rustic farmhouse style. But here, we share some decorative things and ideas to beautify the style. By having and arranging the decorative things, you can design a perfect style and having joyful space.

Vintage Coffee Table

antique coffee table rustic style

Beautiful curves and ornaments here add beauty and are still functional. With the distressed painted, it creates a simple and old style. Further, you can set the table in the living room or even be the end table.

Embossed Vases

flower vase rustic farmhouse decor

The next decorating idea comes from the vase. You can add the vase on the dining table or the end table of the living room. The color gives a refreshing touch. Then, the fern carving gives the more touch.

Weave Wall Shelf

vintage shelf rustic farmhouse decor

This shelf is eye-catching wherever you set it. You can set it over the simple reading table to put the book. Or even more, you can set this in the kitchen for the spices area. Furthermore, the metal material is the sign of the vintage thing.

Toolbox Decor Ideas

rustic farmhouse kitchen decor

In supporting rustic farmhouses in the kitchen, this toolbox is a great idea. You can set this in the kitchen and put seasoning there. Then, the metal material and written word on it show the style. What a beautiful farmhouse kitchen decor.

Distressed Candle Holder

The last decorative item is the candle holder. You can put this as the centerpiece of the dining table. In contrast, it is a decorative purpose, but you can also use this in particular moments. The romantic stuff comes from solid wood with black paint.

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With the trend rustic farmhouses are popular nowadays, styling your house with its elements can make some difference. You can raise your house value if you have unique and beautiful items such as rustic farmhouse decorative things. You need to remember if you would like to remake your house into this style, it is unnecessary to have a big renovation. A few touch and nods sometimes more than enough. However, the rustic farmhouse style is exciting in every step.

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