27 Authentic Modern Farmhouse Exterior for A Charming Home Makeover

Modern Farmhouse Exterior – In the light of Modern Farmhouse style, can we all agree on something? There’s something about its vintage charm we find irresistible, indeed. Maybe it’s the reclaimed woods. It could also be the classic barn exterior lighting or any aesthetic shabby chic decor which we adore. 

Among these elements, another integral feature often overlooked is the design of the garage doors. The style and material used for them can greatly enhance the overall farmhouse appeal.

Whatever it is, along with the crisp lines and simplicity of the contemporary design, they work out like magic.

What we know for real is that a Modern Farmhouse style is timeless. You can always escalate the look, show out something that is either unique or unpredictable. 

Have you been considering a fresher take on your Farmhouse exterior? Capture what you can express out on your house from various Modern Farmhouse Exterior inspirations below.

Modern Farmhouse colours to pick

Modern Farmhouse colors range from soft pastel to rich earthy tones. Colors with grey undertone mostly dominate the Modern Farmhouse just as much to make the proper worn-out vintage look. It also accentuates the natural tone of the material such as wood and stone.

modern farmhouse exterior colors

On these notes, our Modern Farmhouse exterior colors to-go are:    

1. White Down

White Down is never wrong for its off-white base. Indeed, it is delicate on a warm note. It is perfect as the primary backdrop colour.

2. Grey Mist

Grey Mist is another soft note for a Modern Farmhouse. It entices the view with greige and subtle warm grey hint. Grey Mist is also suitable for backdrop colour.

3. Lenox Tan

A lot of warm notes on beige and we’ll give you Lenox Tan. It gives you a heavenly feel of cosy, and basically easy to match with other colours.

4. Mystic Gold

This color is just what you need to gain that deep, rich tone. You can spice up your Modern Farmhouse space splashing Mystic Gold for accessories or decorative. 

5. Army Green

Another rich, earthy colour that is well-balanced in a Modern Farmhouse decor style is Army Green. The darker colour has a neutral drop which is sensible and vibrant.

Modern White Farmhouse Exterior

The colour white is iconic for Farmhouse style. You can’t go wrong with too much white paint to decorate a Modern Farmhouse exterior. As a matter of fact, there’s even nothing such as too much white paint for this. However, mind your house from a plain, cloying view from the outside. So take some influences from brilliant ideas below. 

Mixed Wood and Brick Siding

modern farmhouse style exterior
Stone Acorn Builders

The combination of wood and brick for exterior design sure benefit you in many ways. White-coloured wood siding brings out the natural tone of the pink brick construction. Moreover, we won’t need a detailed look just to see how well the brick matches to the poolside garden soil. It makes a closer resemblance of the house to nature and takes it to another level of soothing. 

Graceful All-White

farmhouse exterior colors
Gensburg Toniolo Harting Architects

Are you going all out with all-white? This daring look is so picturesque, and it seems out of this world. This all-white exterior builds its character using brick wall construction all around. The openness of this house also helps define the house. It’s got wide windows altogether with dark tone wooden frames. Additionally, yellow lights radiate outward and illuminate the wall, delivering a vibrant warm glow to the house.

Multi-colored Cobblestone

modern farmhouse ranch
Thomas Architects

Arguably, the form of your house tells the world about your personality. If we must agree, then this house should be where the strong-willed people dwell. The robustness of the brick, coloured white, up to the top story is indeed enchanting. What’s more, the cobblestone establishment (mainly a soft natural tone) which got a sturdy and firm impression on the building. 

White and Black Clean Finish

pictures of country homes farmhouse exterior
Bay Builders & Remodeling, Inc.

Nothing defines the shape of the house better than using a bold, black crisp line. It leaves a powerful impact if your house has a peculiar shape that you mean to highlight. Better yet, the consistency of the colour palette makes your house visually harmonious. For instance, the colour grey for the stone pavement would match the black stain finish on the house exterior.   

Sleek Lines Sharp Edges

modern farmhouse front porch
Linc Thelen Design

We don’t see why you can’t make the most out of your Modern Farmhouse with just using two basic colours. This Farmhouse has a modern simplicity as it applies the quintessential white and grey to draw more attention to the shape. Furthermore, the colour block helps clarify every edge of the Farmhouse, making it classic yet modern. The application of sleek lines and sharp edges are also visible for the windows and balcony.

Nearly Symmetrical 

modern farmhouse architecture
Bay Builders & Remodeling, Inc.

The beauty of the Modern Farmhouse shape is in the simplicity and the material used. This symmetrical-shaped house such as this one truly captures the idea of low-key modern. Every section of the building is well-proportioned. Moreover, they successfully highlight the beautiful shape by bold black lines. The evenly shaped rectangular windows are eye-catching and thus add character to the house.

Typical Modern Farmhouse

farmhouse exterior color schemes
BCN Homes

This typical Modern Farmhouse combines materials with various textures and characters to the house. From white wooden siding, natural tone wooden door, stone pillars to the mixed material roof. Further, by applying white as the base colour, all the tone would simply blend into a trendy and neoteric house.

Modern Stone Farmhouse Exterior

Hard-rock elements are sometimes necessary if you want to step up your game in a Modern Farmhouse. It contains the beauty of nature and gives a deep character to the building. So, these are several styles you can steal to apply stone for Modern Farmhouse exterior.

Vertical Siding and Roof

farmhouse exterior ideas
Jane Group Inc.

You can try to merge stone walls with vertical siding to create an impressive look for a Modern Farmhouse. Keep it up with vertical metal roofing to match with the Modern Farmhouse vertical siding. Moreover, the whole scene creates such a gorgeous plot for a huge country two-story cottage.

Rustic Stone Chimney

traditional farmhouse exterior colors
FRAME design co.

This house has a strong character with the prominent use of rustic materials. The house makes use of reclaimed barn woods to show the rustic beauty of natural elements. Alongside with the woods, the house features a gorgeous stone chimney. Both rustic elements blend together with the modern shape of the house. 

Barn-style Modern Farmhouse

farmhouse siding exterior ideas
ZeroEnergy Design

These two-story country cottages have two separate buildings. One has wood siding while the other has brick siding, but both have similar tones. Barn style decor gives major influence on this building, so it has visible barn features such as barn doors. They show a strong bond with nature, and overall making it cozy and homely.

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Stone Brick Wall

Bobby Berk

As it is imitating dry landscape, this stone brick wall is great for a unique Modern Farmhouse construction. For the second level of the building, the house uses wood panels as the vertical siding in a neutral colour. Another thing worth pointing out is the window with an industrial hint giving a rich character to the building. 

Pink Stone Brick

Stone Acorn Builders

Brick Farmhouse exterior and matching it with the wood siding is a stunning way to get a Modern Farmhouse style. The colour of the brick stone is natural pink, giving a hint of blush to the off-white wall. Not to mention how it gives a rich texture to the building, making it aesthetic and on the whole well-balanced.

Stone Walk Path Paving  

Stone Acorn Builders

While you’re at it, give the most to your Modern Farmhouse by decorating your yard just as much. Stone paving for the walking path on your front yard emphasizes on modern simplicity to the house. 

Transitional Farmhouse Exterior

Transitional is the term for the mix of traditional and modern styles in your house design. You may also incorporate transitional elements to your Farmhouse. Take a little bit of this and some of that, but don’t overdo it. These are transitional Farmhouse ideas for your house exterior.

Modern Ranch Farmhouse Exterior


This is a remodel of an old barn-style Farmhouse to a transitional Farmhouse. The use of glass for the front of the house supported by dark tone timbers makes it uniquely catchy. Furthermore, the house has a rustic sense for the exterior with the dark-stained reclaimed woods siding.

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Wood and Metal Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Glo European Windows & Doors

You can adopt this wondrous transitional Farmhouse exterior by observing the focal points. The first is its Farmhouse style exterior siding using cedar in a vertical arrangement. Secondly, the zinc metal component in black, which is kind of industrial, balances out the raw feels of the cedar siding. Lastly, the long rectangular forms that are visible, drawing up the pieces of the house like a puzzle. 

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Modern Neutral Grey Farmhouse Exterior

Fergus Garber Architects

The remarkable symmetricity, the homeliness of the colors, and how well the garden setting matches are quite a work. The tone is simply the one you can use for your situation. Further, the tone neutral grey is enticing, yet having white bold lines truly makes it more exciting.

Modern Patches of Red Farmhouse Exterior

Andrade Architecture

The grey two-story Farmhouse has a restful, relaxing sentiment to it. The pop of red colour for the window frames display a fresh, modern vibe to the building. Overall, this transitional Farmhouse is distinctive yet engaging.

Suave Midnight Blue Modern Farmhouse Exterior

House Sprucing

The welcoming colour of this Modern Farmhouse cottage may enthral you. Since it is taking on cold undertones, this house consists of materials which colours altogether blend in from white to midnight blue. It has an engaging look of mixed siding between horizontal stone brick stacks and vertical wood siding.

Chic and Daring Modern Farmhouse Exterior

Hyrum McKay Bates Design, Inc.

The chic of soft shades such as beige on the wall properly suits the grey hip roof. It also has exciting details like the traditional poles and silo. The daring red colour pops out for the silo which matches its colour to the house’s front door. 

Modern Geometric Farmhouse Exterior


Aside from horizontal or vertical like a typical Farmhouse, you can apply other geometric patterns such as this one. The colour black and white gives an aesthetic contrast to the house. It shapes up the house well and uniquely. 

Classy Farmhouse exterior

Stylish and polished. If you love the kind of lux vibes to your Farmhouse, you can elevate it with some inspirations from ideas below. It could be the colour, the material, or certain pieces of decor. We give you a hint: exterior lighting matters!

Elegant Vintage

David Watson Architects

This large Farmhouse got its elegant charm from the splash of vintage siding and ornaments. The vintage porch lighting and the glass double door at the front are the examples. The antique impression of the house makes the whole scene so rich and valuable.

Soft Beige and Wood Beam

David Cannon Photography

It is taking care of the details on your exterior, which increases the charm of its character. This beige two-story Farmhouse got a stunning front porch to the detail. Then, the wood beam that supports the vinyl roofing at the porch adds an enticing feature to the design.

Cool Undertone, Warm Glow

Argonaut Window & Door, Inc.

Whenever you use colours with a cool undertone, you can add a warm glow to embellish the view. Instead it displays a neat, tasteful facet of the house. Since the tones and materials of this house are polished, they contribute to the classy feel of this Farmhouse. 

Stylish Traditional Farmhouse

Wyrick Residential Design

This traditional Farmhouse exterior preserves the barn-style garage doors, yellow bricks and an old-fashioned window. However, with the combination of modern elements, the house looks all peachy and sophisticated. Modern windows, metal roofing, and contemporary lighting are examples of what give this house an amazing vibe.

Washed-out Blue

Visbeen Architects

Modern Farmhouse sometimes has that iconic washed-out color with a splash of bold color beside it. This washed-out blue on the peaked hip roofing shows the authenticity of the Modern Farmhouse. Accents on the windows, pillars and stones also contribute to the washed-out blue theme. So, it is a creative and classy take on Modern Farmhouse style.

Farmhouse Patio

Westlake Development Group, LLC

Spread out the elegance of your Modern Farmhouse to the patio. The soft tone of blue with grey undertone matches to the deep blue metal roofing. The shade of the stone counter also gets the same idea with the house exterior. All in all, your extra space outdoor should just be as harmonious as it is indoor.  


In conclusion, a Modern Farmhouse is something between vintage, country style to modern design. It includes a certain color scheme with wide variations of materials to use. Some major things to adopt from a Modern Farmhouse exterior is how it is modest yet calming, sensible and natural. Modern Farmhouses are pretty much typical. Still, you can make it as unique as you want it to be.

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