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Royal Bedroom Ideas – Many people have a dream of living inside a palace or a mansion. If not, at least the others must love how cozy a royal bedroom design can look. So, how can you make your room look royal?

Well, choosing the right colors should be a good start. The warm and neutral colors are perfect to achieve a royal look. However, colors are not the only essential thing.

Using the royal bedroom set is a quick and excellent way to improve the royal look. For example, consider choosing the ones with a high bed and thick comforters instead of regular ones.

These two tips are just the basics. To help you further, we have collected 44 royal bedroom ideas in this article. These ideas may help you to know the royal bedroom characteristics better.

Royal bedroom ideas evoke a sense of opulence and regality, transforming a sleeping space into a sanctuary fit for royalty. This concept typically incorporates rich, luxurious fabrics, ornate furnishings, and exquisite detailing. From sumptuous canopy beds draped in velvets and silks to intricate chandeliers casting a warm, golden glow, every element is carefully curated to exude sophistication and grandeur. Elaborate tapestries, plush carpets, and gilded accents further enhance the royal ambience, creating an environment of unparalleled elegance and comfort. By paying meticulous attention to every facet of design, royal bedroom ideas offer a retreat that exudes timeless charm and a touch of majesty.

Coir door mats, on the other hand, provide an inviting touch to any entrance. Crafted from natural coconut husk fibres, these mats offer durability and a rustic aesthetic that complements a variety of styles, including the opulent atmosphere of a royal bedroom. Their textured surface effectively traps dirt and debris, ensuring a clean interior. Additionally, coir mats are known for their eco-friendly properties, making them a sustainable choice for conscious consumers. Whether adorned with intricate patterns or left in their natural, earthy state, coir door mats offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing addition to the grandeur of a royal bedroom’s entryway.

Castle Bedroom

castle bedroom ideas

This bedroom makes you feel like living in a castle. The amount of details that were put in this royal bedroom is extraordinary as a medieval royal bedroom.

Moreover, its blue and gold color combination works splendidly in making the royal look.

Princess Bedrooms

royal princess bedroom

Although this design may look expensive to pull off, the result looks very amazing. The unusual princess bedroom furniture is the ones that make it stick out from the others.

The red and gold colors make this royal princess bedroom even more glamorous. Also, the classy chandelier and the statues successfully emphasize the royal design.

King’s Bedroom

Do you want to feel like a king? This is one of the best king bedroom designs we found. The high bed, bed frames, and the various decorations on it enhance the royal experience.

Moreover, the brownish-gold tone in this design works stunningly with the royal furniture.

Sleeping Beauty Bedroom

sleeping beauty bedroom ideas

Royal design can also be combined with rustic design. This is one of the best examples of it. Although it mostly uses wood as the material, the furniture and decoration add a royal vibe to it.

Undoubtedly, this is an ideal solution for you who wants to experience royal design without going over the top.

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18th Century Bedroom

small master bedroom ideas

The Victorian and 18th century designs still amaze so many people. If you are one of them, this is a great idea to use.

It brilliantly combines the bold red tone with such exquisite details. Moreover, the paintings on its ceiling bring this design to a whole new level.

Royal Master Bedroom

cozy bedroom ideas

Unlike the previous designs, this royal bedroom looks brighter. Thanks to its beautiful chandelier and extra lightings.

Not only it looks brighter, but the open bed concept makes it also refreshing. The similar color choice for the furniture also supports it very well.

Small Royal Bedroom

bedroom theme ideas

Although it seems simpler compared to the others, this idea still makes it to our list. Why? Well, it successfully achieves the royal vibe without the need for large space.

Moreover, the furniture and material choices make this design easy and cheaper solution. Undeniably, this is the perfect royal design for small bedroom.

Royal Themed Bedroom

elegant bedroom ideas

Not only this bedroom makes you feel like a royal, but it also looks very cozy. It brings the design to a whole new level with various carving details.

Furthermore, it utilizes the pattern on the floor to add depth to the design.

Glam Bedroom Ideas

glam bedroom ideas

If you want a bedroom that looks both modern and royal, this is it. It perfectly combines modern furniture with awesome details.

Since this design doesn’t have many decorations, this can be a great makeover idea. Replacing some furniture from a modern bedroom will do just fine.

Elegant Bedroom Ideas

modern king bedroom ideas

This bedroom design amazingly recreates a refreshing vibe of a hotel. It is a great idea for people who wants both comfort and class.

Furthermore, its contemporary side makes it easy to clean. It makes this design a perfect modern bedroom remodel idea.

Royal Bedroom Interior Design

amazing bedroom ideas

People would admire the meticulousness of this bedroom design. However, some people may dislike the carvings on the bed frame. It may feel uncomfortable when you sit on the bed.

Despite that, this royal bedroom design will work well in most modern homes.

Luxury Bedroom Designs

master bedroom ideas 2021

This design must need great attention to details. Every inch of it is full of decoration. Furthermore, it even customizes the built-in TV to look like a painting.

The carpet merges well with the bedding. Also, this design makes the cupboard to blend well by having tall mirrors on the doors.

Royal Round Bed Design

royal round bed design ideas

This royal bedroom design offers a different approach. It modernizes the royal design by using concise layout and a darker tone. For example, it doesn’t have much furniture and small details in it.

It successfully mixes marble and ceramic materials into the royal design. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent design to pick for people who want to keep the contemporary look.

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Classic Bed Design

royals furniture ideas

Some people don’t want their royal bedroom to go over the top. This is a solution for them. It achieves the royal vibe with such straightforward layout.

Although it looks very simple, it still looks very comfortable. After all, comfort is all we need in a bedroom, right?

Modern Royal Bedroom Design

royal bedroom interior design

Large windows, sufficient lighting, and bright color palette are the focus of this design. Those things make it feel both comfortable and refreshing. Also, the pattern details throughout the room accentuate the royal vibe.

Royal Floral Bedroom

exotic bedroom sets

For those of you who love complicated floral patterns, this is an excellent pick. With it, this design replicates the relaxing atmosphere of Southeast Asian tourism spots.

Although it looks amazing, the type of bed that it has may be hard to come by. Therefore, it may be better to custom build the bed frame to pull off this design.

Boys Royal Bedroom

royal decorating

Some parents also need to decorate their baby’s bedroom. It tries to apply the royal design without making it too complicated. Also, it utilizes soft blue color very well, this is a great idea.

Moreover, it uses little to no decoration, which is good for the budget.

Royal Teen Girl Bedroom

royal teen girl bedroom

Teenage girls usually don’t like overly complicated designs. Fortunately, this design uses minimal decoration to apply the royal style.

Moreover, since it doesn’t have much furniture, it is perfect for small rooms. Its simplicity also makes it easier to clean.

Royal Bedroom Russian

royal bedroom russian

Russian architecture is famous for its complex design. The designs also combine bright and often contrasting colors.

Not only this design resembles Russian architecture, but it also shows its glamour. Without a doubt, it’s an ideal pick for people who love such designs.

Japanese Royal Bedroom

japanese royal bedroom

Japanese home interiors often feel simple yet peaceful. Although simple, this design implements a royal style in such a unique way. It uses a unique lamp design and subtle natural painting on the wall.

Moreover, it mostly uses wood and bamboo to keep the revitalizing vibe.

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French Royal Bedroom

royal bed frames

If there is a large space to use, you might want to take a look at this. This design allows the bedroom to function as a living room as well. Moreover, it utilizes classy furniture and colors perfectly.

Undeniably, it’s a great idea to take when you need both royal and romantic bedroom.

Royal Caribbean Rooms

royalty room

For the space-saving purpose, you can make a two-story bedroom. This design looks both modern and glamorous. How can you achieve such a look?

This design utilizes subtle lines on its walls and ceiling. Furthermore, the small details, like the different coloring of the stairs, may enhance it.

Luxury Italian Bedroom

bedroom decoration images

Italian interior design is magnificent. Its smart lighting and minimalism are the main focus of the design. Similarly, this bedroom implements those two aspects properly

This royal bedroom design utilizes neutral colors and clever lighting to create a cozy vibe. The luxury Italian bedroom furniture makes this bedroom minimal yet luxurious.

Fantasy Royal Bedroom

fantasy royal bedroom

Taking an inspiration from an unreal image can also be a great idea. This allows you to create even more unique designs.

Undeniably, this design is perfect for you who want full customization. It makes your bedroom looks both vintage and unique.

Royal Bedroom Anime

anime bedroom background

Interior drawings from anime can be a great source for inspiration. The layout and decoration of this bedroom design look gorgeous.

However, its color choice may not be suitable for all people. Therefore, may suit teenage girls better.

Royal Bedroom Decor

As we said earlier, the decoration plays an important part in the royal bedroom interior. However, some decoration works better than others. In this part, we have prepared some of our favorite decoration for your royal bedroom design.

Royal Bedroom Background

luxury bedroom sets

The background plays important part in any room. For a royal bedroom, the background should accentuate the luxurious vibe.

This background, for example, works really well with the design. Why? Because it blends well with the furniture and the tone of the room.

Royal Bedroom Wallpaper

luxury master bedroom furniture

Wallpapers can easily recreate the vibe in the room. A royal bedroom will need this kind of wallpaper with such complex patterns.

Although it’s important, wallpapers work together with the furniture. If combined properly, they will achieve the desired design.

Royal Bedroom Door Design


Royal bedroom doors often look very different than ordinary doors. They have meticulous carvings that add extra value to it. Therefore, they are often priced more than casual doors.

Although pricier, its aesthetics value makes it worth it in the end.

Luxury Bedroom Sets

The bedroom set often decides the bedroom’s style. To create the royal style, the bedroom often needs royal bedroom sets.

The royal bedroom sets usually have similar exquisite details on each furniture. Moreover, they normally use warm and neutral colors. This one is an excellent example.

Royal Bedding Sets

The bedding also plays an important role in achieving the royal look. Royal bedding sets usually have thick upholstery, high bed frame, and extraordinary details.

However, the most important thing in choosing a bedding set is comfort. So, no matter how royal it looks, it’s not a good pick if it’s not cozy.

Royal Bedroom Furniture

The furniture in a royal bedroom often adopts a similar theme. This large royal bedroom furniture set is one of the best combinations that we found.

Although you only have this in the room, it feels more than enough. Its magnificent details already stand out from the crowd. So, no need for further decoration.

Royal Bedroom Colors

Royal bedroom ideas without proper colors to apply have no use. Certain colors look more royal than the others. In this part, we will present some of the best color combinations for your royal bedroom sets.

Royal Blue And Gold Bedroom

royal blue bedroom decorating ideas

Combining blue and gold can create a revitalizing and elegant vibe. Also, it makes you feel peaceful and comfortable.

Although the exact color matches may be hard to find, the result won’t disappoint.

Royal Purple Bedroom

Mixing different purple colors can add a romantic vibe in the bedroom. If that’s what you are looking for, this is an excellent inspiration.

This design successfully applies purple tones in unique patterns. Also the soft lighting improves its romantic atmosphere.

Royal Blue And Grey Bedroom


Blue and grey color combination can create a masculine royal vibe. This mix will perfectly suit most modern homes today. Moreover, keeping the design simple will enhance its nature.

However, this design may not look as good when combined with lots of lighting. Therefore, make sure to use just enough light source.

Royal Blue And White Bedroom

Although it seems very common, blue and white colors can be a unique pair for the royal interior. The combination can produce a calming aura in the room.

Moreover, placing the patterns on the floor and ceiling will make this room more comfortable to see.

Royal Blue And Brown Bedroom

While blue create a relaxing vibe, brown adds a formal side to it. Combining this in a royal bedroom makes the room much less stressful.

Furthermore, adding chandelier and paintings with the same tones can enhance it even further.

Royal Pink Bedroom

Pink can work surprisingly well for royal bedrooms. Undeniably, the soft shades of pink will ease anyone’s eyes. Hence, make them fall asleep more easily.

The soft cushion on the beddings will further improve the comfort in this royal bedroom.

Royal Blue And Yellow Bedroom

Yellow can be a nice accent to the shades of blue. It can accentuate the refreshing vibe of any blue color. Furthermore, the combination will be much more attractive when combined with exquisite details of royal bedroom sets.

This design will remind people of the amazing architecture of tourism spots in Hindu countries.

Royal Purple And Gold Bedroom

Romantic vibes can also be achieved by using the purple and gold combination. However, purple furniture is quite harder to find than the other colors. Therefore, people often add purple decoration instead to create the desired vibe.

Combined with stunning royal bedroom accessories, this color combination will blend perfectly. It is one of the simplest yet gorgeous royal bedroom ideas we found.

White Royal Bedroom

We often find this white royal design in mosques other places of worship. And, as we know, places of worship can feel very peaceful.

Replicating the design for a home interior is not a bad idea. It can make you feel more relaxed and even more comfy than ever before.

Black Royal Bedroom

Black can also be a great color to use for a royal bedroom. It adds combines masculinity, formality, and elite vibe in the room. Furthermore, it won’t look dirty easily when compared to other colors.

The black bedroom will be perfect for people who love gothic and classy styles. It’s one of the greatest royal bedroom ideas we discovered.

Royal Blue Bedroom

Blue is one of the most common colors to use in royal bedrooms. Therefore, we made a special part in this article to talk about it. Here are our top royal blue bedroom ideas.

Royal Blue Bedroom Decor

It is one of the best royal blue bedroom sets that we found. Not only because of the color combination, but also because of its royal blue bedroom accessories.

The bench and the metal frames are our favorites. They make this royal bedroom work in most home designs today.

Royal Blue Bedroom Walls

The wall and ceiling designs of this bedroom look majestic. It perfectly recreates the glorious 18th-century interior designs.

Moreover, the blue color adds a revitalizing aura in such a complex design. It is perfect for people who love the great attention to details.

Royal Blue Bedroom Curtains

This flowery blue curtain offers convenient use. Its semi-transparent part allows you to see the outside even when it’s down.

Furthermore, its complex pattern makes it a perfect curtain for any royal bedroom.


To conclude, although royal designs are often hard to pull off, the results look amazing. Hence, they worth the effort.

Although we have provided a bunch of royal bedroom ideas, feel free to explore for more. After all, the ideal design is the one that suits you the most.

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