29 Space-Saving Barn Door Designs

barn door designs

Barn Door Designs Interior – Have you ever felt that your rooms are too bare that you do not have a separate room from others? I recommend you to have barn doors. It helps you cover the places with the right coverage without cutting a lot of space. It is beneficial for you in organizing the room that it regulates the activities of people coming in and out.

Besides, a house with a barn door design is more attractive, that it functions as accessories not only as of the functional one. It represents the soul of the room. The barn door guides the people to know who you are and what taste you are.  It reflects the idea of its owner. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose the most charming one.

How to build a wooden barn door

It is not that easy to concept an enchanting wooden barn door including barn doors hardware. In barn door design plans, what you need to prepare is the wood. The primary material and some techniques to build the best design.

The best softwood for this design is cedar and white pine. For example, you can make a 12’x8′ Double Sliding Door. Use T&G boards with 1x10x96″. Then, cut 1x10x75 not T&G boards with L shape. Next, fasten the 2×4 boards with all the panels with C-clamps. With 75′ width, rip the 1×10 T&G piece but do not tighten the C-clamps. Put 1x10x75 horizontal straight-edge board to the Side Trim and cut the cross-bucks with 4-1/2″ wide. After that, fasten 1x10x75 panels and side trims inside of the door to keep it straight. Do the same for the other sliding barn doors.

The Ideal Size of Barn Door

modern interior barn door designs

A barn door usually has a standard size with among 36” wide and 96” tall. People prefer 36” X 84” or 42” X 80” with to match with its frames for about 36 x80” size.Yet, here are some alternatives to try. You can apply the new design with 36″ x 80″, 36″ x 84″, 36″ x 96″, 42″ x 80″, 42″ x 84″, and 42″ x 96″ measurements. This interior barn door design size suits the entryways and other rooms for office and bedroom.

Barn Door Design Interior

Usually, interior design is so exclusive so that it has to be strict. However, you can design the concept, as you want, adjusting the theme of the room. With perfect measurement, your door will be so compact and well assembled.

Iron Black Barn Door Design

swinging barn door designs

This design is pretty easy to install with Drilling Two Holes in the door. It uses a combination of Wood, Glass or Aluminum materials. The Upgrade Version Is Much Lighter so that you don’t need to force it too much.

The thickness is about 1 3/8″ and 1-3/4″ or you can custom yourself with 2 3/8″ Thickness. It includes 1 X Square Pull Handle, 1 X Finger Pull Backplate, 2 X Screw (m8x60), 2 X Pad, 2 X Wrench package.

Sturdy Indoor Barn Doors

barn doors

It is a U-MAX Brand with high-quality steel. It is about 200 lb with 36″ – 40″width. The door panel has a thickness of about 1 3/8″ and 1 3/4″.  It is completed by 6 ft(2x3ft) Rail,5xRail Spacer,2xRoller,2xDoor Stop,2xEnd Cap,1xFloor Guide,1xHex.

With two hangers, it helps you use the wheel with ¼” thick carbon steel.  The floor guide helps you move them easily.  It includes two × 3 FT Rails and five × Rail Spacers & Lag Bolts. If you have installation problems, you do not need to find a carpenter to fix them. Just call customer service.

Privacy Hook Barn Door Design

bedroom barn door designs

Privacy is everything. Without privacy, you cannot feel safe. Adding privacy to a barn door is possible. With a quick lock and unlock key, you can make your life more private. It includes two layers of powder coating. The material is solid iron with diameter 5/16”, 4” long, sturdy and heavy-duty.

It represents two designs, both interior and exterior. It usually applied to doors, gate, closet doors, pocket doors, cabin, windows, and so on. With black color, it fits many primary color and materials of the door.

Sliding Barn Door Designs

Have you ever thought about installing a sliding barn door design for your room? Well, if you are not accustomed to, start by making one in your specific room, for example, a bedroom, family room, or living room. It gives you more benefits.

Raw hinged barn door designs

laundry room sliding doors

It is suitable for you to have no enough space for your clothes or any item in your rooms. You can put your jackets, hats, or baskets around the small area inside the door. The basic pattern of the wood makes it natural. Moreover, the solid combination of dark and light color makes it simpler but posh. It helps you to organize a neat room.

Dark Rustic Sliding Barn Door

black exterior barn door hardware

If you have a bare basement, try to add more accessories there. Instead of putting a door with a luxurious design, using a dark rustic one makes the room look wider but intimate. A dark style is compelling to combine with a light color of the wall as well as the floor. The contrast of those colors makes it artsier.

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Grey Barn Door Design

grey barn door

Grey is classy. If you have a vast room, it adds more attraction. If you have a small or medium room, it makes the room seem more comprehensive.

A steel barn door is suitable to install in a kitchen. Instead of using a full design of steel, choose one with a spacious pattern. A black metal hook makes it easy to handle the goods inside and avoids a monotonous tone.

Walk-in Pantry Closet Barn Doors

pantry door ideas

Having so many utensils? Why not arrange them in an appropriate arrangement? It helps you to keep them well saved.

Therefore, you do not need many cabinets. You put it there, and you can choose a glass design.  So that, the expanded open space, add an extra-large island in your kitchen.

Coastal Rolling Door Designs

barn door decorating ideas

Choose a soft blue color and abstract coastal theme to combine with offset shiplap walls and ceilings. With white walls, it widens the room and looks fresher with a blue barn door. Design your room with luxurious lamp accents so that the classic tone is well avoided. It makes the transition of your places fantastic.

Modern Sliding Barn Door Designs

Sliding barn door design is usually perceived as a conservative design. It is because some houses with this door mostly existed some years ago. But now, you still can manage them to be more modern and stylish with modern barn door ideas. Try some below.

Glass Barn Doors

frosted glass barn door

If you are looking for more natural and fresh touch, why not consider a bath barn door design? It fits the creation of a villa or inn as your private home. With the flower and stone floor, it represents so many natural vibes. A baby blue barn door design matches a concrete tub and sink.

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Exterior Barn Doors With Glass

barn door with glass

I highly recommend you to make a glass barn door design instead of a wood one. This glass catches the sunlight every morning and dusk. The potting sheds make it more functional and artsy. You need to arrange them correctly. Using a medium natural color as a border makes it harmony with nature.

Midcentury Barnwood Door Style

solid wood barn door

If you are living in a midcentury house, it is good to combine a dark and light gradation. With the natural pattern of the material, you do not need to add more ornaments. Add stainless hardware on that, so it is more substantial and elegant. With a beige wall, it adds more midcentury taste.

Abstract Wood Barn Door Design

unique doorways

If you have a casual dining room, it fits a simple conceptual design. A North Hollywood residence is usually designed in a place with a more straightforward pattern than others. A natural color combined with grey looks contrasting but still harmonious with the casual floor and desk. It feels more enjoyable to sit in a simple design.

Modern Kitchen Barn Door

barn door slab

If you have a large and long modern nest, this is the best design ever. The combination of dark and medium color makes the room look not tedious. Adding a carpet with the same tone color of the barn door makes the room so compact and thematic. It is like the door of a hidden place for you to stay.

Minimalist Sliding Barn Door Design

bathroom barn door

Today’s trend is about making the room to be minimalist. If you are going to have one, choose a beige background for the wall, floor, and door. It adds more warmth and modern but elegant taste. Choose a single beige barn door without a pattern so that it represents the modernity and the minimalism.

Wood Barn Door Designs

Nowadays, as people tend to go back to nature, wood barn door design is the favorite. With good quality and treatment, a wood barn door design is the best choice. Mix and match the color and the pattern yourself, so that it is fixed already to apply.

Farmhouse Barn Door Design

farmhouse door

Design a contrasting design represented in a rustic style. A doorway with vintage and solid character is on your way. The sliding with many features of savings in space combined with traditional style enables a barn door design for bathrooms, pantries, and other small rooms.

To add a more extensive impression, use two barn doors for an eccentric entryway.

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White Rustic Barn Door Trim Designs

rustic barn doors

This design is suitable for a small house.  With a dark floor combined with a light wall. You don’t need to add a posing style to the barn door. With rustic whitewash design, all you need is to choose the marble design with no firm and solid pattern. It holds a significant role in building the harmony of the corner of the room.

Solid exterior barn door design

modern barnyard

Today’s trend in farmhouses is making it to have a healthy and stable design. It reflects the identity of your farmhouse. Sometimes, you need to create a new and fresher look barn door designs for sheds. It seems reliable but modern and classy. Terracotta is the rare color previously, but now it is so enchanting to choose as exterior sliding barn door designs.

Modern Sliding Barn Door Designs

Gaming is part of our lives today. To protect the screen porch, you can use a barn door which has more than functional roles. With light color, all you need is to fit in the barn door with the walls and rug. A salvaged barn wood includes the shiplap wall in the space of a large lounge in the middle of the room.

Diy Barn Door Designs

Sometimes, employing a professional in designing barn doors seems so straight forward. It is because usually they do what they want to do based on the design wanted. However, if you’re going to create your taste, you can hire them, but you design the details yourself. Here are the steps to create a barn door designs diy.

Crawl Corner Barn Door Styles

If you have a crawl space for storage or anything, it is better to design a simple design. Start preparing the materials, the sizes, and some pieces of equipment. Choose white paint to paint the borders. Use the wood as the material with the best quality. Pick up a piece of 1/2″ thick plywood. Cut it down to 27″x27″ with 3′ long x 1/4″ thick x 4″ wide. Now, you can assemble the black hardware with the plywood as well.

Light Barn Style Door Designs

Having a small room in the basement? Why not model it as a closet track? With a barn door, it looks neater. It eases the people entering to enter the room during a hurry. Choose a light color to adjust with the sink tone color. Add a black ornament to help you slide the door.  With enough lighting, your room will be so awesome.

Vintage TV Barn Cover Design

People usually protect a TV by putting it in the cabinet or the desk. But not only there, to make it safer and more elegant, but you can also use a TV cover instead.  Measure the size of your TV so that you can adjust the materials you need. Adjust the color with the TV cabinet and the theme of the room. In this barn door furniture, you can use a grey with a flower as an ornament.

Double Barn Doors

Double barn doors have many functions. First, it cuts the space off the room so that it makes the room wider. Second, it creates a particular angle so that it focuses on which part of the place to be a highlight. Therefore, try to design some.

White Design Barn Wood Doors

Like to have a warm family room? By using double barn doors. It makes your space easy to search. With baby blue walls, white looks a right combination. With square patterns, your room will not be a monotonous one but performs better. Use metallic black hardware and hanging lamps.

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Home Theater DIY Double Sliding Doors

It’s beneficial for having a theatre room. But sometimes, it’s too classic to design one. The design reflects the spirit of the place. With a stainless material design, it does not also seem traditional. Moreover choosing a grey color, avoids a posh model. Add a marble carpet with a lighter shade from the door.

Barn Door Window Coverings

This design is unique for it has two functions both as a door and a window. The most important thing is adjusting the height and wide of the model. Therefore, you can choose them as prominently a door or a window. Use the same tone color so that it fits the rugs and others properties as well.

Transitional Kitchen Barn Door Design

If you want to have an ‘eat-in’ island, this is such a chick. It enables the members of the family to be in and out freely without any distractions. Therefore, it will be safer and more comfortable to organize. With white and a half part of the glass door, you can overview the room inside and out quickly as well as look after your children while there.

Simple Bedroom Barn Door Design

If you have limited space for a bedroom, using a barn door is effectively helping you to make it more comprehensive. White it opens, you can overview the next room, let’s say a powder room. A sky blue is the best nuance to match with raven floor and navy cabinets. Well, you can make a retro nuance instead.


Barn door style designs help you to organize and beautify your room virtually and artistically. More than a door, it reflects the identity of the place, the nuance and the owner’s taste. It creates a story behind each detail to choose, whether the size, color, or pattern. So, pay attention to the details to make your barn door designs work.

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